#Hello everyone.

I am not sure how aware you all are aware of other communities on communities.win but patriots.win will be partnering with c/health for a month long fitness challenge.

What does that mean? Well... all I want to push each and every one of you to be the best you. Come to c/health to share some health diet tips. Come to c/health to find some quick workouts.

What is the challenge? What do you need it to be? Are you a 400 lbs fat ass? Lose 5 lbs a week. Are you a skinny geek? Let's start building you up, put some muscle on those bones.

There were two "fat" mods who said "but but but feds....... Thanksgiving is in less than 30 days. And what about Christmas parties?" To that I say what about it. If you cannot control yourself and make yourself a better person regardless of the time of year then what is the point of you ever being in shape? Even more than that; make yourself a better person.

So in the comments below comment what you want to do to improve yourself, encourage others and together we will keep each other honest and on track.

#Some tunes to get you started and going

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Does anyone know if this is safe to do and what the best brands of various supplements are for this? I've read some amazon reviews saying you should take charcoal with wormwood+black walnut and zeolite if doing a total cleanse. There's so much stuff on amazon with thousands of reviews I can't tell with brands are legit or not. Thanks.

I woke up yesterday with extreme discomfort in my wrists. It got a bit better throughout the day, then last night the pain was waking me up pretty much every hour. It got so bad that I just gave up on sleep altogether. I do the same workout 5 days/week and have been doing it this often for the last 8 weeks. I’m in the plank position quite a bit, but I’ve never experienced pain like this before. There’s very mild swelling and no discoloration. Obviously, I’m taking a break from my workout until I heal. Anyone else experience this or know what to do to speed up recovery? I’m using ice, heat, and ibuprofen. TIA.

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I can't really decide if balance board work and calf raises are helping. A good hard run usually leaves me with some achy ankles still. Been years since I didn't have to worry about ankle pain when running hard.


So where I live, it's extremely hard for me to get Ivermectin. What else do I need to have with me? Vitamin D and C? Zinc?


Title says it all. I’ve been using booze to self medicate from boredom, depression, social anxiety for 20 years.

I’m sick of it.

And on top of not wanting to rely on it any more, I’m trying to clean up my life like everyone else in this forum to be a stronger Patriot. And save money to move! I prob spend $300 a month on it.

In the past I avoided AA, but 1. I’ve come back to God. And 2. I do think of it as an addiction now and not to proud to ask for help.

That being said it might take me a bit more to find a group with all the Covid restrictions still in place in my dumb (soon to be former) blue city.

So I’m open to AA, but also asking the sober Pedes here for advice.


Immune support?


Okay a bit of a short story first to illustrate why I'm asking this and what for.

As a kid I was always strange and autistic and bullied all the time. I still had absurdly strong imagination and could conjure up imaginary friends to help me out with anything, whether it was studying or playing. So things were generally still fine.

As I got older, this faded but not in a severe manner. I got absorbed in hours of homework, drama, exams, etc. but I could still "return to my world" when there was nothing else to do. Even at senior year of high school, I could still have a blast playing with toys and writing novels.

And then 2 things happened that I suspect really fucked me up for good:

  1. I got a surgery for my deviated septum. They put me under some anesthesia knocking me out cold. The surgery failed, my nose was worse off than before, and I suddenly lost my "spark."

Everything became dull and It was incredibly difficult to "return to the imaginary world" as I had. I became really fogged up and started failing my classes.

Post surgery the shitty doctor did so much sinus draining that I thought my brains were going to be sucked out of my head. It left me really traumatized. He then "retired" a few months later thus losing any legal liability for any harm he caused me. I complained alot about brain fog but all the doctors I visited brushed me off saying those side effects only last for a few days at most. I clearly was not the same person after this surgery.

  1. Then to got to college I had to get a vaccine. I can't remember what it was for but it was probably for meningitis of tetanus or something. This is where shit really compounded. I became very depressed and plagued with OCD and violent hallucinations centered around the theme of "religious heresy" and "reversal and corruption of all things I like." It became near impossible to reach my previous levels and imagination and when I did, it would be become automatically "tainted." I'm sure you can see where this is going.

My identity I built was centered around my strong imagination and when I lost it I became severely depressed. I didn't think things could get any worse than that, but then the OCD appeared and my imagination became worse than lost: it became "tainted." So even in the few moments I could get it back, my mind corrupted it to the point of making me physically vomit because of how horrifying the "tainting" was.

3 years later and around $2000 spent on supplements, and I still haven't fully solved this issue. I am fairly religious and profusely recite long prayers everyday which has actually helped to some degree but not fully. I'm still searching desperately for some alternative health solution or hidden knowledge as to why this is happening.

I'm sure there are many other factors going on too like fluoride, microplastics, accumulated vegetable oil induced oxidative damage, etc. I'm pretty sure I got zogged heavily but I am not sure what to do about it besides keeping up good health, exercising, praying, etc. which I have been doing for years.

Would appreciate some help if any and I apologize in advance for the long post. Thanks.


I am fat. I'm 5'7", I weight 195lbs. None of it is muscle - I only bench 80lbs.

I am trying to tackle diet and exercise but I cannot make heads or tails of the nutritional "science". It's either tailored for olympic athletes / competitive body builders or full of polarized opinions and no one has insurmountable evidence on either side.

  1. If I start working out and want to lose weight, will I also gain muscle in the process? Some people are saying I can only gain muscle in a calorie surplus. I do not want to be in a calorie surplus because I am fat. I do want to be stronger in general.

  2. How many grams of protein per day to not lose muscle / gain muscle while losing weight? People are saying numbers like 120g-180g for my body weight. But if I ate that much protein, there's NO WAY I'd be in a calorie deficit. Unless I just did it purely on protein shakes and wanted to shit water all day.

  3. BCAAs? Pre-workout? Are these entirely necessary or are they more advanced for when you're working out later? Do you even "get" protein to your muscles if you aren't consuming these?

  4. Do you eat before or after a workout? Apparently it "Doesn't count" if you wait too long after a workout to get your protein.

  5. Is there any good source of information for this? Body shaping channels/sources for the fat man, not for elite pro optimizers?

It's all so convoluted.


After your body goes through a ton of calorie intake, consider fasting for the equivalent of all those extra calories (500? 1000? 2000?!) This means to water fast tomorrow all day and all night. That way you won’t go off track all those gains and weight loss strides you made before the holidays. You can do this!


Ever since March of this year my kids (3yrs and 1yrs) have come down with a cold and a cough every month like clock work. We have lived in the same house for 4 years. Its driving me crazy trying to figure it out. We eat cleaner than most and we have filters on all our drinking and shower water.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? My husband and I are largely unaffected. I only got one cold last month for this year and hes gotten maybe 2-3.

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