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I've got it into my head that i NEED to lose weight. I bike every other day, i eat two pieces of grey bread with a protein-rich topping like peanut butter and two bananas every day, i drink three 300ml cups of 3K-Protein shake every day. I'm losing weight alright but i fear that i'm crashing. I've lost 4kgs in two weeks. I'm down to 55kgs at ~167cm. I'm doing SOMETHING wrong and i don't know what. Maybe it's not weight loss that i need to focus on but turning the "blubber" that i do HAVE on my tummy and my hips into firm, muscular mass?

I ran across this recipe recently and I'm a little obsessed with it.

You chop up an onion, put it in a glass jar, and add sugar to fully coat all the bits. Soon it will make a syrup which you can take or give to a child to cure a cough or cold. Take/give one teaspoon at a time. Don't keep it around for more than 48 hours. After that you would need to make a new batch.

I want to try this so badly ! Only I haven't had a cold for many years.

Any advise on how to work around it? From what I researched on my own I keep getting conflicting information on stretching it and doing light exercises to not doing anything at all.

Also the time it takes to heal seems to be between 3-6 months and I think I’m at month 4 now and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

Do I just need to cold turkey quit upper body workouts for 3-6 months? Since almost every sort of upper body exercise causes a slight twang of pain. Or are there ways to work around this?


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Tons of data. Iodine kills syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, tuberculosis. It tricks cancer into killing itself. It destroys viruses and kills parasites, it even kills antibiotic resistant superbugs, bacteria that causes gum disease & cavities and abscess teeth and more.

Iodine: Bringing Back the Universal Medicine (5 min video introduction) “Iodine is on a seek and destroy mission of anything that doesn’t belong in the body”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C578IZRtKEg

Iodine Medicine:

KILLING CORONAVIRUS ON CONTACT https://lynnemctaggart.com/killing-coronavirus-on-contact/

Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses http://www.drlowe.com/thyroidscience/reviews/derry/Derry.flu.iodine.9.19.09.pdf

Iodine Replaces Vaccines and Antibiotics https://drsircus.com/iodine/iodine-replaces-vaccines-antibiotics/

"Iodine is by far the best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic of all time." Dr. David

Derry https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=1413057

The end of antibiotics and the rise of Iodine as an effective alternative


Taking on Superbugs, Syphilis and Gonorrhoeae with Iodine

https://drsircus.com/iodine/taking-superbugs-syphilis-gonorrhoeae-iodine/ Iodine for Whole Body Health & Healing

https://www.nuferm.com/2018/02/15/iodine-for-whole-body-health-healing/ Iodine: The Universal Nutrient

https://www.curezone.org/upload/PDF/Assa_Iodine/Anaiodine6.pdf Iodine Nutrition -- More Is Better https://theiodineproject.webs.com

Iodine History:

The History of Iodine in Medicine Part I: From Discovery to Essentiality


The History of Iodine in Medicine Part II: The Search for and the Discovery of Thyroid Hormones


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Iodine Medicine https://drsircus.com/iodine/iodine-medicine/ Iodine Supplements and Dosages


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Main Reasons Iodine Supplementation is Essential

https://drsircus.com/iodine/main-reasons-iodine-supplementation-essential/ Dr. Sircus, Applications for Diseases

https://support.drsircus.com/hc/en-us/categories/200036409-Applications-for-Diseases Magnesium Deficiency as a Cause and Essential Treatment for Cancer

https://drsircus.com/general/magnesium-deficiency-as-a-cause-and-essential-treatment-for-cancer/ THE END OF CANCER: A HIDDEN CURE WITH DR. MARK SIRCUS



I'm hoping to get some other people to consider this and tell me if this is crazy. It sounds unlikely but I think I may have been vaccinated without being aware of it.

The first thing to note is that it is possible to administer inoculations via micro-needle patches, in fact I remember getting one as a kid for whatever thing it was. I have also seen stories about possible developing it for the CoVID vaccine.

I think that while at a clinic for a work physical I may have had one of these used on me against my will or knowledge.

The reasons are that a) on the paperwork I filled out ahead of time I had to say I hadn't had the vaccine, so they knew I didn't have it, b) the nurse practitioner that saw me was acting very strange, like afraid of me or afraid to touch me, asked me if I'm sleeping alright (after I thought maybe that was a dig at me for not getting the vaccine, like 'how do you sleep at night?') which I've never had anyone ask me in a physical, c) she didn't do any of the normal things, just blood pressure and stethoscope on my body, long time on BP cuff and the stethoscope all over my body in places they never check, other places they do check she didn't like the back, d) after she was done I felt pain where she touched me with the stethoscope e) while it may be psychosomatic, there have been symptoms I've had since that are associated with the vaccine, though they have been slight, like stiff neck and head ache one day a week later, and also general strange feeling in chest.

It's important to note that prior to being seen I wasn't thinking about this at all, at no point was I worried that they would do something like this, I'm not paranoid about stuff, so it's not like I conjured up in my mind ahead of time, it was the pain in my pec muscles after she had that scope all over me that made me aware something was off, and on the drive home I thought, maybe they're starting to secretly test new vaccines out on people without their consent or knowledge with like one of those patches. Another thing to note was that she did use the scope over my shirt and I didn't feel anything at the time, only after she was done, like a minute later.

What do you think? Am I just being paranoid? Or is this something they might try? Surely they wouldn't go over the shirt right?


the pain came on suddenly 30 minutes after exercise. I was doing bridge poses the night before and I thought at first it was gas. But it hasnt gone away.

The pain started below the stomach (the real one, in your abdominal cavity, not the gut people call stomach), and sat there stable forever, and now the pain has spread to just below the sternum.

If feels like someone has punched me as hard as they could in this area, but the pain isnt going away. Its a dull ache.


It was gas.

It wasnt moving at all, so I did somethign I used to do as a kid and exhaled all the air possible, and thne sucked the gut in on top of that to look like an anorexic model. Then I perssed inward and it hurt like a bitch, so I laid down and took a 30 lb weight and slowly rolled it over the area, which hurt a lot. But it got some "gurgling" going and started moving things. Started getting rid of gas shortly after. And today feels normal again.


Anyone here have thoughts on whether vaxxed people will continuously shed and whether that is enough to cause significant reaction in unvaxxed? Or have suspicions of getting sick from this with yourself or others you know?

I'm think that I'm having a reaction to shedding. I've been feeling like shit lately for around 3 weeks. Some flu like symptoms, weird feelings, and no resolution. Also more tired and caffeine doesn't wake me up like it normally does. I just moved to Dallas and at the gym and complex I stay at I can imagine a lot are vaccinated, since a lot of them are voluntarily wearing masks. And there is a decent population density where I'm at. I'm thinking of that because the symptoms were noticeable yet didn't really get in the way of doing anything, but they lasted a long time without change.

After the first symptom I started hitting high daily doses of vitamin C, which is normally enough to make symptoms disappear quickly for me. Wasn't working and I added in zinc.

I can only really think of shedding as an explanation for this, given it's an inconsistent pattern for the flu, or COVID (which I had before, at least I am pretty sure I did). COVID would get resolved in 2 weeks, and a flu would either get worse or better, rather than hang around consistently. The only exception I can imagine is getting back to back flu infections from different strains, somehow. On the other hand, I had suspected I had symptoms from vaccine shedding when vaccines became popular a long time ago, because I had another weird mild illness, though that one resolved itself more quickly. I feel it's kind of unlikely I'd get sick again; presumably I'd get immunity if it happened.

Stop eating fast food if you havent already.



I think its day 13? I havent been keeping count. Heres the previous thread

On day 4 and the next four days I developed a pretty gnarly sore throat that got progressively worse as the days passed. I have a gnarly chronic cough that could rival a 70 year old chain smoker. During my sore throat my cough got even worse. Also got minor headaches randomly throughout the days, none of them lasted long and they were easy to ignore.

Since the sore throat went away I have felt minor improvements in my chronic symptoms. I can breathe deeper and my sinuses cleared up a bit. I could breathe through both nostrils just fine when usually my left is a little clogged. My cough has also improved enough that my even my family noticed i havent been coughing as much. Ive also lost 10lbs since i started. As far as energy goes i feel pretty good and my brainfog doesnt feel as cleared up as it was when i woke up on day 3.

Main reason for this update is i ate some fish tacos a couple hours ago and my stomache is killing me for it lol. I still plan on continuing to eat 100% fruit as best as i can and will continue to update you guys on my progress

EDIT: Two things I forgot to mention!! The first being I had 2 nights on a row where I was sweating through the night. The second one is a big one. Two of my teeth have been really sensitive at the very bottom the past year and a half or so. Not sure if it was gums receding or enamel breaking down, all I know is that if I touched them at the bottom it hurt like hell. Well I found out yesterday I can touch them now, and even though they're still a little bit sensitive they don't make me flinch in pain.


Thanks, need it pretty bad lost the bottle on a business trip

How do we know depression even exists as a clinical thing? or is it that the clinical thing is just a label for self-indulgent "everything sucks" mentalities? Cant you just cure depression by having people stop thinking they're the entire world and that their small problems are so big? If their problems don't really matter because they're so small, then they can overcome it.

Like when rich kids commit suicide in america and poor kids in africa go about their lives smiling and living.

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