As being a recovering fat ass. For the last 2 months, I have worked on strength and composition of my body.

I haven't been able to do a Pullup/Chinup for the last 18 years. I used a basic technique of reverse pullups on an increasing fulcrum using Olympic rings/TRX type.

To take a break from work and sitting on my ass I get up and do quick exercises I decided to see If I could do it.

I did 5 chinups/pullups in a row.

Damn I was impressed and very happy.


I kind of feel like Uncle Buck when he explains his quitting process, but I'm looking to quit soft drinks. I know it's not good for you, and the recent woke coke has reignited my drive to quit, but I usually find myself coming back to it. Is it better just quit cold turkey or would it be better to progress through a series of drinks until I reach water? What helped you? Thanks.

Im reading ride the tiger by julius evola and the writing is very complex. I understand what im reading but ita just because i can contextualize it, but i still feel like I am missing out on what the book is actually saying.


There's this shop up the street that is offering 650 for donating blood. Pretty juicy offer.

Aside from being denigrating to one's humanity (selling your blood), are there any health risks to giving away plasma?

Wanting to get supplements for my health and I have been told to "buy them from a reputable source". Does anyone have a recommendation as a reputable source? Walgreens? Online somewhere?


hello so im kinda on a health kick you might say. Im taking care of myself much more and ive been doing some lifting and its great im not going to lie. Im almost into the 200 club on bench (10 pounds away from 200 and 20ish away from body weight) Im working on other things too. I noticed tho. I got a gut coming along.


Whats the best workout to get abs? I also do incremental push ups increasing the amount each time i do them as well as planking for core strength. Sorry for the poor grammar I will most likely be working on that too at some point haha. I would be looking it up on youtube and stuff but, last time I did something like that it seemed like product placement with already fit people and just seems dishonest over all.

TL:DR - how get abs?

ps- also anything to help with improving ones jaw lines would be great too.

Looking for American Made medicine balls or at least something not made in china. Looking all over it seems most are made in chine or the manufacturing country is not listed. I found a few and the prices are pretty high as expected. My wife is looking for a 10 pound ball and I'm looking for a 20 pound ball. Since we need two of them the price is going to be fairly brutal but maybe that is what's required to compete with slave labor china. Anyway, help would be appreciated finding a fitness company to support so we can start buying American made fitness equipment.

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THE END, Also the CDC had to put out a statement saying that "No Vodka does not kill China Virus" I beg to differ. I have on good authority that nobody in Russia has China Virus.


As a runner I oftwn have powerade or gatorade alongside water after a run. However, due to Coke's racism and hatred of election integrity, I will be dumping powerade after I finish off my supply. Does anyone know of any good alternative sports drinks? I sometimes have gatorade, but Pepsi is pretty woke too.

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