I had a guy at work say his wife bought one that was the best she ever used, but I've also heard people shitting on them all over the internet. The internet is what it is, obviously, but I like to hear people's honest opinions.

If I bought anything, it would be for target/defense purposes, and it woudl need to be on the budget-friendly side. Keep in mind I'm on the short side, lol.


So I have an ar15 and 2 9mm, if the world goes to shit is there anything else I should have?

I was thinking maybe a shotgun or something in 308

I'm looking for a rifle that can put little holes in paper at 250yds, and also light enough that i can hike with it overnights into the woods. I understand i probably want a heavy platform for target shooting, but if i can get through a dozen shots without discomfort, that's fine. A shorter rifle is definitely better for bushwacking, but not willing to sacrifice accuracy. Being a take-down isn't really a good solution for me.

I'd like a relatively 'hot' cartridge, but certainly don't want an elephant gun. Open to hand loading something obscure. Mule deer is probably the biggest target id want to face with this platform.

Hey friends, I need some help getting my rig up to snuff.

I'm working with a C308 and a Primary Arms 1-6x24mm SFP optic, which is advertised on their website as being appropriate for both 5.56 and .308

The issue that Im having is that even after adjusting my elevation, my POI is low. It started off about 5 feet low and 2 feet to the right at 100 yards, not even on the target board but hitting the burm I use as a backstop. After cranking the elevation to a point that would surprise you, I was able to get it on target and work my groupings into line on the horizontal plane. Yet after essentially cranking the elevation to it's maximum, my groups are still consistently 2-3 inches low at 100 yards. I could very well adjust my aim to compensate and get solid groups in center, but at 3 or 400 yards the issue will obviously worsen.

For the record, this is the second optic that Ive had this issue with on this weapon. I had originally tried a 150 dollar import that I was never able to even get onto target with, the POI on that one was easily 10 feet low after maximum adjustment.

So, solutions and suggestions? The only thing that I can think of is to put a shim on the rail underneath the rear mount of the optic to give some downward angle, but I dont know if it would sit flush enough to remain secured. Plus i feel like it would look janky.

I really dig wood guns. The new wood guns are kinda boring other than Henry. I also really like history. So war guns are going to be my new hobby. Does anyone have some tips for me?