Hello all.

When I got out of the infantry I was looking to buy something similar to what I had when I was in. I ended up getting a Ruger AR-556 that was entirely flat top. No front sight post. Are there non-flip front sight posts for the front of the rail system? I am having a hard time finding them. I just bought a custom spacer for my Holosun 403b so I can absolute cowitness.

Basically I'm looking for something that emulates a fixed front sight gas block but for the picatinny rail at the front of my flat top. Same final hight and all that when adjested for the different position.

PCP, olympic style grip would be the best thing.

Maybe something like AirVenturi V10 in worst case


Preface : I'm the only one in my social circle to have a gun, I grew up in a super lefty anti gun area. I'm insecure with knowing so little about gun stuff.

I got a 9mm glock. I have a bunch of range ammunition. Could that actually be used in a self defense situation in my home? Or must I invest in different ammunition? Thanks in advance

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Hey Y'all. I've been trying to find magazine holders for my C308(CETME or HK G3 style rifle), specifically ones that work with MOLLE. Does anyone know if FAL or M14 magazine holders are compatible with it? I have 7 20 round magazines. So I want to have a couple on my body armor when I get some and a couple on my backpack.

Disclaimer: I am not offering to sell this gun on this forum. I am asking about pricing.

I know I won't get 1500. Just wondering what some of you might pay for it were it to go on budsguns or other online selling sites.

It is an AR chambered in .300 Blackout, [Edit: 16" barrel, it is 1:9 or 1:10 don't remember right now, will have more details later.]

Home build, not bought complete. All milspec parts and built for private use. Not a self-milled lower.

Have shot steel and brass.

Disclaimer: I am not offering to sell this gun on this forum. I am asking about pricing.

I want a 22 plinking machine. Don't really care if it's a pistol or a long gun or a turret. I just want to keep pulling the trigger and watching pop cans jump until I start to wonder if this is a shitty action movie with infinite ammo. If i could dump rounds into a hopper to load it, that would be ideal.


Everyone has a favorite build, the ones in my mind didn't always go as amazing as planned, and I have found a few things that have worked surprisingly well, that I didnt expect to turn out as awesome as they did.

Current builds or past builds, only no planned ones. Let us know your favorite/best build every and what made it awesome.


-Is it worthwhile to get into it at this time? I have heard it is difficult to get primers and other components. I have no problem eating the capital investment of a press and other equipment, but if it can help me shoot more .30 carbine, .30-06 and .223 with less cost per round (for consumables) it would be great

-Are there any presses that are good for a beginner and also can be upgraded to be totally automatic down the line? I am a technical person so I would be really interested in automating the process more as I go, but I need to start with something that can be used for that even if I need to spend more. I know a dillon 1050 is a good option but maybe a smaller dillon or another brand progressive would be better for a noob Thank you

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