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  • Endless lies (media control)
  • Endless wars (all wars are banker wars)
  • Endless 'printing' (...hmm starting to sound like Rothschilds?)


Throw your ego away for a minute.

Our country, at least on paper, is a Republic. WE THE PEOPLE will put an END TO THE ENDLESS!!!1 Yeah...well technically, elected officials have the power to put an 'end to the endless' today. Begs the question. Why haven't they done so in the last 100 years?

Answer: Blackmail strings.

The + symbol used so often by Q, is a reference to Godfather logo's puppetmaster strings. Our reality is so Clown World, that our battling politicians are nothing but puppets owned by different puppetmasters, who don't always see eye to eye. Example. The 2008 Democrat Primary was between Renegade Hussein and Evergreen Hillary Blythe, aka Al-Waleed vs. Rothschild.

Nov 2017, Al-Waleed +++ is purged ("One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history)" -Q)



It is not hyperbole to state that the purge of Al-Waleed +++ cut the blackmail strings of half US politicians. Obama himself, is said to have pathetically shopped around for another billionaire to hitch his strings to before ultimately Flipping. I'd assume a plea deal that would preserve his legacy in some fashion (GAW users will hate to stomach that one). But it was logical game theory. His Flipping demoralized fellow Clowns who admired him, promoting more Flips and 'Suicide Squad' offers.

So successful were Patriots at Flipping, Biden and later Kamala were Flipped a month before the 2020 Election. If you refuse to entertain that, digest some reading material and continue. This is why Biden makes a ludicrous amount of gaffes, while his actions have caused NOTHING that causes irreparable harm to the United States. Nor weakens her military.



By now you understand the importance of Comms. Giving the Comms Aware, be they Clown or Patriot, updates on current state of a given Op, is of the utmost importance. 'Deaths' are often used to symbolize this. They've been doing this for a looong time. Quick example of this usage:

  • 12/12/1939 Former King of Hollywood Douglas Elton Fairbanks death
  • +3 days
  • 12/15/1939 Gone with the Wind premiered three day festival

"A transition embodied in the actor. A message sent that the silent age of films was over. That just having a pretty face was no longer enough. This film was promoted to punctuate the changing of an age. ...Wind = Speech. Fairbanks (and countless others) were GONE WITH THE WIND."

We, even as Media-skeptic anons, swallow news of celebrity deaths without question. That being said, understand that the physical well-being of Rothschild is honestly less significant than the symbolic implication of his death. The timing of the reveal of the 'death' of Evelyn de Rothschild(++), the morning of Election Day, is suspect. "A keen horse trainer and owner", horse races have symbolized political races for over 100 years now. Reconcile the meaning of being a trainer and owner.



The timing of this tremendous Comm ensures that it is related to the Election. You have what could very well be the other half of US politicians strings being cut. The blackmail evidence on these politicians, in the hands of Q team. The reality-changing Comm for these politicians were sent so close to the Election, that the Democrat rigging machine could not alter its course if it wanted to.

So what do we now have? We have dozens and dozens of Democrat politicians who no longer have string protection from Rothschild ++, and who Patriots have by the short hairs. Plus, proof of Election rigging as the Patriots newest Trump card. I cannot imagine a smoother transition to the Great Awakening than to have Republican and Democrats (now no longer protected) come together in unison.

Again. All this effort is not being done for you and me to have a comfy transition to Great Awakening. It is all being done for the masses. Q cares about us, but Q's not worried about us. We can handle it.