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A little confusing but it’s still Simple Maths!! Don’t hate on some of the errors if there are any 😂😂, instead try to understand the why rather than my typos or something

  • Trump was elected a 4 year term

  • Joe Biden “won” after election night in 2020.

  • Last states were certified some week or two later (I believe Wisconsin or Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania were the states in Limbo) so let’s push the “confirmed win” out a couple of weeks from Election Night. (This couple weeks will be important later)

  • If Trump were to announce tonight that he would be running in 2024, then that would be under the 2 year mark from where Biden was “confirmed winner”.

  • BUT, if Trump announces it LATER, then that would fall OVER that 2 year mark, thus ALLOWING Trump to potentially finish these remaining less than 2 years AND be technically allowed to run again.

  • But if Trump announced to today or sooner, then he would technically be conceding to THIS CURRENT 2020 TERM and then running again in 2024. And if he concedes this election now by announcing his 2024 run, then he wouldn’t be able to fill in the 2 years if need be.

  • Flip side. If he DID announce his run today, (basically conceding to 2020) and fraud was found and he would be reinstated as president, he would only serve these remaining 2 years and not be able to run in 2024.

  • so it’s best he holds out to AFTER a full 2 year mark to not risk conceding 2020 but also be eligible to state that he’s running in 2024 without technically conceding 2020

Wow, what a mouthful! I hope you guys understand my theory haha