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Stop watching CNN, you literal potato.

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... you spelled "liberal" wrong.

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Literal works.

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... aaaand ZOOM, the humor goes sailing right over your head. Congrats.

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^^ Sleeper bot activated.

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The last time my hubby saw him in concert was around 2016. Apparently he was a Trump hater and he did something with a pig and blood and a pic of Trump, something like that. And about 1/3 of the people got up and walked out. We're in Texas though, so.....

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Right on. Waters is a rabid TDS mouthpiece.

Whiny rich liberal rock stars. Dime a dozen.

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I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say Putin is "our guy." Putin is a straight up gangster. His KGB experience clearly colors how he runs Russia. It works in Russia because they've always had authoritarian leaders. More importantly, the transition from absolute autocracy of the Soviet system could never go straight to liberal Western democracy. That's why Yeltsin failed and why Russia's economy collapsed allowing oligarchs to crop up all over the country in the 90s and early 2000s. It was a shit show. Russia needed a strong man to slowly allow society to integrate more freedoms. We're talking several generations of transition time is needed for it to happen organically. Putin is the hero they need, not the hero they deserve.

But, he is for RUSSIA not for us. MAGA means its our responsibility to take care of our interests. Putin's simply trying to stave off globohomo. He's trying to reinforce the Russian people so they can resist it and not be taken over, and he plays the game at all levels: spiritual, religious, demographic, political, and yes, on the battlefield.

Personally, I think the world will be in a better spot when more nations act in their own interests. I want to see globohomo destroyed, and if Putin's helping with that goal, fantastic. But we should also understand, we WILL lose our global hegemony in this process.

Our country is gravely damaged right now. Multiple generations will be required to fix it, if it can be repaired at all. We will decline. The dollar will lose its status as the world's reserve currency. We will lose out on trade deals as the global south develops. We will become much poorer. That is going to be the consequence of taking out the NWO. Now, I'm more than comfortable with that to maintain my freedom and to pass along that freedom to my kids. But be aware, Putin isn't going to rebuild the US. He cares about Russia. We need our patriots over here to rebuild the US. We need hundreds of new Trumps and DeSantises, and we need them urgently.

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Could not disagree more. The point of Putin has always been the template to rid ourselves of the NWO, Putin has experience there. Everything else, I am a cup half full guy. Our country will have a glorious return to prosperity once this web of treasonous thieves are exposed and hung, they were burying the USA. Time to dig out.This country does not have to have global hedgmony to be successful, you are giving me your New World Order state of mind when you suggest sticking up other countries is the only way to go. It's time to find another way, a more successful way, and perhaps our past history has the answer for our future path. Certainly following the British down the plank has not been the way. When all is said and done even China will thank us for resetting the path forward for independence and a national identity to be proud of.