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Qanaut 14 points ago +15 / -1

As usual, Clif High presents an excellent lecture on the Weffers. Always a pleasure to listen to Clif. I feel like I'm back at University when I sit down to listen to a Clif lesson.

I wish I could sit down with him and pick his brain about his data gathering and crunching tools. He's got some really sophisticated methods.

I-AM-ANON 0 points ago +2 / -2

Clif = archmage

magavoices 6 points ago +11 / -5

If you like absurd conjecture transformed into statements of fact, Clif High is the guy for you.

I sat through this guy's entire "Khazarian Mafia" video.

I find that he makes ridiculous leaps of logic and statements of fact that are simply unknowable.

For instance, he'd say "everyone has heard of the namestealers", give a little anecdote about the 12th century, and then we're supposed to connect the dots that 800 years later, those same people are today's elites.

I kid you not, in that video he said the Jewish talmud was written for space aliens.

It's a shame that more people don't come forward and denounce this type of bullshit being conflated with the Q movement.

dominickmilford 8 points ago +8 / -0


I mean .... I'm very conflicted on Clif High. Liked him initially, caught him on crossover w/ Patel Patriot ... but what happens w Clif after a while is...

He's an acquired taste. Way too much "fortune telling" for me. Can't handle criticism and is sensitive when asked to simply defend positions.

Meanwhile I post the Trump Interview Part 2 earlier all fucking excited and giddy because part 1 was stickied yesterday and it was an AWESOME comments section so I'm thinking cool I'm in early! I get picked up sometimes maybe I'll get stickied and talk to some peeps!

Excited for some engagement. Write a big old fucking preamble. Shit I even had a subsection in my own 1st comment where linked to this MSN open that tried to clown Trump from Part 1 and EPIC FAILED. Descriptions and thoughts and all.

5 lousy updoots. No stick. No energy. I sound like a suck up little bitch, just talking to myself in my own fucking comments section and trying to 'go ahead and thank mods' like a scrub.

I mean a Donald Trump interview that's 4 hours old is something IMPORTANT or so I thought, maybe foolishly. Maybe Clif High is really where we are gonna find the mission directive... idk...

Well fuck it wasted my night. Gotta re evaluate life LOL. Maybe it's just low energy tonight. Never really had something like that happen so I'm confused... Theres a link up there. I put some time into writing shit even if it's mostly me making fun of me.

Clif fuckin' High....


CantStumpIWin 5 points ago +6 / -1

He’s like an Alex Jones that is right a lot less often.


Does he still sell stuff in the show? Never really got an America First vibe from him.

huntfishpede 4 points ago +4 / -0

If you have been listening to him for the last year or more then you would know that what you perceive as a jump in logic is actually a quick reference to stuff that he has compellingly gone over indepthly in other videos. He was right about predicting a media casualty last October in that we got "Lets Go Brandon" which did slap a lot of normies, late October he thought that did not pan out but it became clear with time that that was the casualty. I tend to take his predictions with a grain of salt and he seems to too for the most part, but I do think his material is good for thought otherwise and there does seem to be something there with his psycho-linguistic algorithm

magavoices 1 point ago +2 / -1

compellingly gone over indepthly in other videos

I missed the compelling lecture on how the Talmud was written for aliens?

He was right about predicting a media casualty last October

So he's a fortune teller?

but I do think his material is good for thought

99% of Jack Posobiec's material is good for thought.

huntfishpede 1 point ago +1 / -0

Supposedly the Talmud is written about space aliens and their requirements for their followers. Clif did a whole video on Mauro Biglino who is supposed to be THE translator for the Vatican who has read a vast amount of the oldest versions (Aramaic and Greek) of the old testament and that it is not about "God" but gods and that Yahweh was like a space alien king/elite/ruler who had dominion over the Jewish peoples while there were other space alien elites around the planet doing the same thing. It was compelling for sure when you branch out and look into Mauro Biglino and the whole alternative interpretation of the old testament. To me it is just as possible as the interpretation churches like to feed us, but I do not study ancient languages so I have no way to verify which interpretation is correct.

I would call Clif a modern day fortune teller based on the algorithm he developed and its purpose. It is something that is up for interpretation and not to trust blindly in, and he seems to operate that way too. What remains to be sussed out for me is whether he genuinely did see the rise of Bitcoin coming and he for real gambled on it or if he had DS connections that gave him a confident heads up.

I agree on Jack Posobiec that 99% of his stuff is good food for thought, I always approach him knowing he is likely Mossad if the Q post about him and Alex Jones are not deliberate misinfo.

You are trying to dig at me but you don't understand the vast quantities of info I attempt to consume and distill into fact; but usually there are no facts and just claims. If you can't see it, touch it, smell it for yourself, how can you really know? I generally approach everything as bullshit and only continue if I am entertained/interested. Clif High is very entertaining and interesting to me and I make no claims to his validity but I do think his insights are interesting to consider and that he may be telling some truths like his idea of a solar system model where the sun is moving through space and the planets trail behind in a spiraling fashion. It just makes sense too when you think about the positions we see planets in the earth's sky, but even with this, it sounds good like the accepted solar system disk does, however, I am no geometry/trigonometry and astronomy expert who can verify for themselves.

Make_CA_GreatAgain 3 points ago +3 / -0

Critical thinking is the Q movement.

He also met a giant psychic mantis (assuming in hyperspace while on a DMT trip???). He reached into its bug mind psychically and determined that the mantids don't like humans because we are psychically annoying to them, and that this authoritarian top-down centralizer ethos and population control fixation is being impressed upon humans psychically by 'the bugs". The WEF / ELITE type people are psychic slaves of the bugs. The cult are their primary conduit. They opened doors they shouldn't have.

Honestly, Clif's stories are fascinating and he seems genuine -- but bring a 55 gallon drum filled with grains of salt. He's out there in wtf territory and makes no apologies for it.

rherrell 3 points ago +3 / -0

Amen brother, the guy is a nut case.

dandy_wieners 3 points ago +5 / -2

Oo oo oo! Clif says gas will be around 15$ in jan/feb. Lets see if hes right. Thisll be a good prediction