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I don’t watch many videos posted here (too busy), but this is a good one

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I could do without that annoying podcaster commentary

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Uninterrupted segment:

'Naïve’ to think Russia will lose war, says Dr Jordan Peterson


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Thank you. I couldn't stand the commentary from some random internet persona.

TrishaUK [S] 3 points ago +4 / -1

Yup only in good company.... NO ON LIKES PIERS MORGAN! haha

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He’s talking about the podcaster it cuts to when it stops showing the Peterson interview.

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I thought he was kicked off his show already? Must have got him mixed up with some other clown

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Piers smugness is overwhelming, can't stand him.

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Very annoying

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So many videos on youtube are like that. It's frustrating. I don't need some bonehead trying to dumb things down for me.

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I enjoy Peterson a lot but it really bothered me when he said there was no election interference. When so many hang on his words I found that very irresponsible especially considering he is Canadian. I hope he one day back tracks that. He has become way more open to conservatives and God in the past 2 years. So there is hope.

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He also took the “vaccine”.

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He told us we should take the vaccine "to escape their tyranny so they'll leave us alone" ... I have to say I pretty much stopped listening to him at that point.

I understand people make mistakes.

I just can't get past that he was THE GUY I went to for to understand the psychology of tyranny.

He of ALL people should have KNOWN that capitulating to tyranny leader to more tyranny.

I learned that FROM HIM.

I can very easily forgive him for not knowing about the physical dangers of the clot shot ...

But for a guy in his position to say "we should take the vax so that they go away" ....


I want to forgive him. I do forgive him.

But frankly I don't trust him anymore. I don't think he's a liar or a black hat OBVIOUSLY.

But he's shown that when the rubber hits the road ... he's got WAY to much engine for his tires.

Hell he's still telling people to go to college! After HE'S the one who exposed how catastrophically corrupt they are.

I just can't watch him be so much less than the person I thought he was.

He's still great. I still love and forgive him.

But until I see him get serious about his own ideas, I just can't watch him anymore myself.

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He’s a good example of how amazingly complicated human beings are.

DavoutNey 2 points ago +2 / -0

To be fair, he did backtrack it seems:

"I'm vaccinated," meant, to me, "so leave me the hell alone." That didn't work. Not at all. Foolish me. So it's on to the next move."

From a tweet in January

Trumpette2020 5 points ago +5 / -0

He does regret it at least after speaking to some on Canadian govt saying they were saying what was publicly accepted not based on science. That was a real eye opener for him.

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He's only human.

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He regrets it.

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Maybe just another example of parroting a line to maintain profile. You know if Peterson pounded the table about election fraud, he would not be on this Piers Morgan show giving this geopolitical anaylsis. I suppose that's the game and the trade --- like feigned ignorance or denial of one hot button issue keeps doors open to publicly unleash on other hot button issues.

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Ultimately, Peterson’s opinion on election fraud and the vaccine matters not a whit. He is a man not a Messiah.

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He will have to back track, because the proof is coming out all over now, a blind man could feel it with his stick, as my mom used to say about the obvious! haha

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Jordan, in his field, is equivalent to someone like Sagan. A brilliant mind (and weed smoker since the age of 12) and someone who seemingly came to the logical conclusion that Christ is real and God of the universe. Interesting. We'll see.

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I don't think he believes Christ is God. He is very evasive on the idea of his own religious beliefs

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What is his field?

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Psychology. Nothing more than a support system for psychologists.

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Peterson is fervently devoted to Truth as he believes it, irrespective of the personal repercussions. Because of that, I am a huge Peterson fan. More of us should emulate his example.

Does he err? Is he wrong at times? Unquestionably. Nevertheless, he does his best to adhere to objective truth, in my view. And for that, he's paid a considerable price.

Tremendously admirable.

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Holy shit. J Peterson is on … about everything.

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1776 Morgan smug POS

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Very good Fren -Thanks

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But guys I've been taking cold showers in the dark to "own the Russians" and you think we won't win?

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Thank you for this.

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Peterson for PM, please!

playful 4 points ago +4 / -0

People who think election fraud isn't real will never win an election because they won't take the steps necessary to ensure a fair election.

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Let’s see how Pierre plays out - it’s looking promising

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It'll be interdasting to see how this plays out.

the planned votes on joining Russia to be held in Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions between September 23 and 27. In his earlier speech, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin pledged to support the referendums in terms of security and said Moscow would respect whatever outcomes they produce.


Burrito_Bandito -7 points ago +1 / -8

do you really believe Putin/Russia has ANY inkling of care about election integrity? seriously, especially in a region they literally just launched a critical war in?

the putin nuthugging around here is getting out of control. he is NOT your friend nor gives a single fuk about you or America. Neither does globohomo but that ls besides the point

NoMoreMB 2 points ago +2 / -0

The Noam Chomsky quote, that leftist is wrong. EU goes along with US becuase NATO/allies. China doesn't because China is our enemy. China is waging a drug war in the US (fentanyl crisis) - and China always considered themselves the #1 society in the world.

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There's some Chinese propaganda in there, intentional or not, when he claims that China's civilization is over 2000 years old, and ours is about to end. China deliberately slaughtered their ancient civilization in their "great leap forward." Their current civilization isn't even 100, and has never once yet been tested by any major crisis. The United States however is nearing 250 years old, and has been tested over and over again by numerous different crisis.

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Moreover this civilization is based on Western civilization which arguably started in ancient Greece, some 2500 years ago.

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The level at which Peterson thinks and forms opinions is amazing. I don't agree with anyone 100%, but his ability to think, conform to new information and change his mind is what makes him impressive.

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Good stuff, thanks for posting.

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Great share, thanks OP!

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Spot ON!

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Jordan is pretty good at exposing the naked king. He just went way up in my estimation. I'm not terrified at all. Maybe I'm just too stupid.

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Not bad and this is the HEAVILY edited bullshit segment that Morgan aired on his shit show too. Imagine what he cut out….we’ll never know?

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The commentator here is Dr Steve Turley, who I used to watch regularly when my head was in Normieville. His show has evolved, so it's possible he's more Q aligned than he was two years ago. I hope so because he's good.

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But is drafting 300,000 reservists really a move for a country winning though? Shouldn’t his active military be enough? I will preface this with I know nothing about warfare

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Wow! Jordan Peterson is a powerful speaker; he pulls no punches, and brutally exposes the globalists.