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I didn’t find the answer within me but only in the One who said, “I AM the Way, I AM the Truth, I AM the Life.

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The Kingdom of God is within, because we invite God to come in (he stands at our door and knocks).

The Great Awakening is about manifesting that inner kingdom in the world. God’s Kingdom on earth.

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Guess what? You are also "I AM".

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John 14:20.

20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.

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God being IN me doesn't make me " I Am" - which is the English translation for God. I am not God. Only HE is God.

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You have much to learn. Blessings on your journey.

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I get what you may be trying to say here but I'm not exactly sure that that's what Confucius point may be saying, in Christian lore the small man or the humble man actually does look at others, the way to truth is actually outside of yourself..... A superior man or a haughty man or a prideful man will literally just look at himself and the answers don't lie there. Statistically speaking when human beings look inside themselves for answers it ends up in disaster.

I think journalism is not an inward action I think it is an outward action....... Journalists must be neutral this by definition does not allow for inward reflection. As a journalist you literally must look to others for the truth because that is where the truth lies. It just doesn't necessarily come out of their mouth or out of their words on paper, it comes from watching patterns collecting data over periods of time and allowing other people to formulate their opinions....... Journalists if they are honest cannot add their own sauce to "the sauce".

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The University Is the Root of All Evil

The fault lies in the jurinalists' "education." Don't be misled by the selective use of "dumbed down." That should apply to all college graduates, no matter what their GPAs are. Its fundamental stupidity is that is work without pay. The student therefore lives like a child and graduates with the mind of a child. It must be replaced with highly paid professional education.

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Q the ‘Confucius say’ jokes 😂

But in all seriousness, I like what you wrote and it’s a great reminder for us all to be better journalists.

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Thank you for this! At work (hospital) and simply wondering if I’ve gone crazy bc NO one considers getting the vax as a possibility for major complications. No one recognizes this and I don’t understand. No docs, no nurses, no one. I feel like I’m in the Twilight zone !!! Only thing in the medical record is if patient has had covid. No record if been vaccinated. I ask the patient and of course indeed vaxxed. WTheck! Why? I mention this to a colleague and it’s blown off... like everyone forgot that a foreign substance “not authorized” has been injected into millions of people. Sorry to rant. This post reminded me of my prayer to God, “am I looking at this all wrong?”

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Praying for you to stay sane in the midst of the surrounding madness fren. 🙏

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Thank you! Much needed!!❤️

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My Schnauzer is a better journalist than the MSM

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I guess I'd interpret Q's words as more that we NEED to be better than the trash MSM and corrupt fact checkers.

It's why it's so important that anons here do a better job of verifying sources and content. Q told us that "we are the news". It's true. And when it's done right, it's a sacred responsibility.

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Confucius is dead Jesus lives.

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I like this quote. Now think about our culture and the emphasis on "influencers". These are the people whom we seek out to tell us what to do or what to like. Do we need this? Not according to Confucius! The mantra long ago was "Do your own thing." It made a lot of people mad, but probably Confucius would concur.

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God bless Rush. I miss that man.

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Quote status? Stolen. Thanks for sharing, gonna use this when I go off on political tangents

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It's sad a lot of people miss the point of this because of religion.

Knowledge and reason are tools God gave us to not be deceived by evil.

Contemplating existence is key to effective prayer. Unfortunately modern Christianity loves to turn people's brains off.

Salvation is by Christ alone but the refining of the soul, the chiselling of the spirit, that requires initiative by the self to truly understand the faith. Christianity and philosophical alchemy are inseparable.