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18-Jan-2018 11:39:17 PM CST

Q !UW.yye1fxo



The 'CURE' will spread WW.

Have FAITH, Patriot.


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This is exactly what I thought when Omicron broke, a few weeks back:


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Interesting theory, but I'm skeptical that they would allow therapeutics to become readily given out to everybody.

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What if cures already existed? What if you could find them anywhere, like the vet or a hardware store? What if the same people who sold you the vax slander these treatments all day, everyday?

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Like there was a plan or something

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I would agree, however I think this entire thing was a white hat operation. Covid on through to the vaccines.

Which means the DS lost long ago but we're watching the movie version of what they were going to do, but condensed. The book version was 1000 pages but the white hat screenplay withered the film down to 90 pages/minutes

And yes, I realize what I'm saying is that any deaths caused by this event makes the white hats culpable. It gets murky that's for sure. I have theories on that also but that's another thread.

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I can go with that.

I just get leary when discussing deaths and getting into that "greater good" area .

But I do believe that what Trump did saved us a decade of lockdowns that would have segued into the reset, no doubt.

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The “4-6%” are the casualties, not the truth deniers as we have believed thus far.

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Event [scare] necessary

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So that would mean white hats are in control right?

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Lord I hope so. Sounds almost too good to be true. HOPIUM!!

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God wins

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I like this

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I agree. It's very likable.

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Just multiply your father by millions who have been duped and it won’t be safe for the cabalists to walk down the street anymore

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I consider my adult children bellwethers. Sadly, they were fully into the jab and are both double vaxxed. Thought I was a bit nuts and have thought that for some time - since I fell down the rabbit hole in January 2018.

Fast forward to Xmas 2021. They are not getting the booster and my GME obsessed eldest child is starting to understand that the people running that scam are the same people running the COVID scam. They are also reluctantly seeing that the powerful are all controlled most likely through bribery and blackmail over pedophilia. They don't even dismiss the idea of election fraud, and in the case of Kim Fox (our Soros backed prosecutor), my younger agreed with me when I said "there's no way she was legitimately elected." Handle with care is my motto, but we are getting there.

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The problem with this is, this was never about a virus. As long as the media is in DS control, there will be no end to the madness.

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too bad you can't "catch a virus" is omicron fake like other variants?

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it has crossed my mind. I hope so.

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"America regains its physical and mental well-being." Easier said than done.

I don't expect I'm the only one who was so disgusted with my fellow man that there will be some who never re-enter my good graces. ever.

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Mine too. I'm with you. I can forgive them but I want nothing more to do with them for they have shown their true colors. And for me to forgive them I want a damned apology

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No, the narrative will just be new variant new reason for boosters end of.

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But this assumes the general public aren't braindead retards

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I could be wrong about this, but from an article I read a few weeks back. There was a strong possibility that those that had gotten the jab will never receive natural immunity against Covid. Meaning, they will keep getting it over and over. Those that don't get jabbed, however, will get Covid once and than have lifetime immunity.

I wonder how Omicron factors into this?

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I love the hopium! Too bad the vaxxed are waking dead already

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So I listened to Dr Peter McCullough on the Joe Rogan podcast. He claims that the infectivity of Alpha was a 3. Delta was a 10. Omicron is a 4. Based on this, Omicron will not supplant delta as the dominant strain. The only reason people are panicking is because they don't know it's mild and it ignores vaccination.

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The virus was here before the clotshots, I'm so fucking sick of retards saying retarded things.

The bioengineered cold was meant to kill and maim large swaths of the world, but it was made in China.

So they had to do it another way, injections that get your body to produce the spike protein.

There's no reason to be stupid folks

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The bioengineered cold was meant to kill and maim large swaths of the world

Are you sure? I think it was meant to usher in lockdowns and vaxes which had been planned long ago.

In this case it worked perfectly.

IMO this is bigger than the Chinese Communist Party. They are just another tool of the top cabal.

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I love y'alls optimism but come the fuck on.the covidians will never admit they were wrong, big pharma will never be outed, and this shit will never be over until we physically put a stop to it

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Well the they’ll kill themselves with the boosters. It ends one way or another.

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I agree. Maybe it just hasn't happened in my circles yet but I read the posts about sudden apologies coming from people who were too arrogant to even look at the data we shared with them the past two years let alone listen to our genuine concerns for them and I think that maybe Talpiot program has entered the chat and these stories are fake news (I hope they are not). Wish I knew some of you to verify as it would sure give a lot of hope.

In my real world there have been zero conversions known to me or any fellow Patriots I know since about 3-4 months into this thing. People drew their lines in the sand deep enough to also bury their heads, cover their eyes and fill their ears and are prepared, it seems, to boost themselves until they go down with their ship.