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If anyone is the "voice of the normie" I believe it would be Joe Rogan. Last week, he was on Tim Pool's show, and said that now pretty much everyone believes the media is full of S___. He said "it is quite a big difference between now and Walter Cronkite.

Another guest (Luke? Ian?) said "actually, he lied also. They always lied. It's just that now the people are realizing it. Rogan agreed, and then began giving some of his own examples of how the media had always lied.

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Any person who has a big megaphone AND can put a crack in the program —which may lead to dangerous freedom of thought—is good to me.

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As much as he laughs at Qtards...this episode straight up bringing to light al the Epstein and gislaine stuff and also mentions bill barrs dad wrote a book about cia honeypot pedo and all this other stuff I learned following Q. Tell me he’s not digesting q for normies. If not q at least exposing to mainstream the horrors of the pedo elite.

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Thanks—I’ll check it out.

Agreed...the truth will out. Doesn’t matter if it’s called Q or truth. It’s going to be fascinating to figure out what was disinformation, and what moves some of these people involved undertook. Although we may never know.

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I have never looked at him as a normie. He has always seemed open minded, but stuck sort of in the middle of the road, and questionable. He may have many normie audience members though.

The shit Russell Brand has been saying lately is more of a 180 in messaging, not that I trust him either.

Now let's talk about DMT.

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Joe Rogan is open about his politics. Thats why I respect him. And he can see shit for what it is. Pim Tool on the other hand is too little too late. He always wants to give the BOTD when everyone knows it’s not warranted.

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Rogan is a closet right winger but he play-acts as a normie so that he won’t be censored (as much- Spotify has been canceling some of his archived podcasts that were too based), and so leftist guests will still come on his show.

Brand is jumping on the bandwagon of the Awakening.

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He said "it is quite a big difference between now and Walter Cronkite."

It's weird how people were so trusting especially after Kennedy was murdered. Cronkite was a part of the state apparatus. Operation Mockingbird was exposed by the Church Committee in '75. Yet people didn't seem to care or notice. I'm only a few years younger than Rogan and was a news junkie as a little kid. I'd sit in front of the TV and flip between channels during the national and world news. Every day all 3 networks would have the same exact stories, usually in the same order. The ONLY story that was always different was the feel-good story at the end of the broadcast. When I asked my mother how could this be, she said they share information. But why would competitors share their news? She couldn't answer. I was 8 years old in the late 70s and knew someone was manipulating the news.

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Cronkite was an admitted commie and liar.

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Glad I'm not the only one. I had an interest in politics since I was 6. Not sure who I inherited that from because neither of my parents are. Our grade school held a mock presidential debate and had students represent Bush and Clinton. I insisted that Ross Perot was just as important and since I "knew so much about him" was chosen to represent him in the debates. After going back and forth with the Bush and Clinton kids, I realized they were just repeating and paraphrasing what the talking heads said about Bush, Clinton, and Perot, without ever really listening to any of the men speak. I hated that TV and the other kids made fun of the way Perot looked and spoke kinda goofy. He was a billionaire businessman that earned his chops, and wasn't the greatest speaker in the world but his solutions for fixing the government and economy were practical and sound, and I liked what he had to say. That experience really opened my eyes to how the taking heads define what the people believe, as opposed to actually taking the time to listen to the candidates speak for themselves. '91 or '92, I believe.

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It's weird how people were so trusting especially after Kennedy was murdered.

Not really, boomers trusted into the great lifestyle they had, Gen Y were the first wave of holocaust indoctrinees, Gen X/Millennials got off to a good start with raw internet but were the first to feel the pinch in costs of living and Gen Z were born into servile iPhone / social media slave caste alphabet mafia talking points.

It's hard to care about what "Distrusting" the government means when you have 3 homes and a speed boat, it's easy to distrust them as a basement dweller internet slueth but everyone thinks you're weird, and the concept itself is irrelevant to most zoomers because their brainwashing comes from influencers they think are their friends who have nothing to do with the government.

Anyone with a triple digit IQ can deduce that news companies are for profit entities, the owners will set the agenda to profit themselves, not inform you, anyone who needs more of a push to arrive at this conclusion is already retarded which is apparently most people.

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Some news companies aren’t even for-profit entities anymore. They are for-propaganda entities. They willingly take losses as a cost of getting their bullshit out there. Their benefactors have deep pockets.

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That's right , big conglomerates buy entities like CNN, put out their personal propaganda, operate at a loss, and use that as a tax write off for their prosperous companies. It should be outlawed. I believe "news" co''s should not be allowed to be owned by conglomerates. They should have individual owners with only a board of advisors. If they lose money,then it's really their money...the MSM would change overnight...

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Joe Rogan used to be the king of conspiracy theories way back in the day. He actually is holding back quite a bit

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Hey may have gotten the Bill Hicks “talking to”.

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Do you think Bill was taken out?

Cpleb 4 points ago +4 / -0

Now I do.

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Yes. They live the fast acting cancers.

Arron Russo of the movie “Freedom to Fascism”, I met him at the premiere. He said he was fine until he went to a doctor for a check up or whatever, then he got some super hard to cure cancer. He said he felt it was some booster shot or something he got.

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Nice that they jumped right on Cronkite/it being nothing new. BQQM

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Arron Rogers and his COVD toe.

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Yes, they have lied for decades, but now they are more blatant because these idiots are spouting the same wording at the same time and not even pretending to investigate. They are just bought and paid for shills who pimped themselves out.

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As an old JRE fan, I can tell you that Joe is no longer considered a normie to his normie audience.

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For those interested:
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=I1UNYl6-iaY - Joe Rogan Experience. Tim Pool had Joe Rogan and Alex Jones do his Podcast in a Camper.

https://yewtu.be/watch?v=3IRyjNDVv3s - Timcast IRL - Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Blaire White, Michael Malice & DrewHLive Join The Crew LIVE

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Need to get Bill Maher on board next. He dips his toe in the water every once in a while - I think just to keep it interesting for his base - but I think he can be red pilled without much more evidence. Think of the exposure.

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Lol, got some bad news for you about KID LOVE productions.

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Oh, I'm aware of his tendencies - he's always been a smarmy dude - been aware of him for 20 years. I simply see him as a useful tool to get info out to a whole new audience. Lots of intelligent people have been completely fooled by this media blitz - but, if someone like a Maher introduces some doubt, these people might start investigating on their own. Right now, it's a complete blackout of negative info re jab to anyone who doesn't seek out boards such as this.

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I don't have the capacity to keep finding the nuance in the hearts of those that hurt children, I'm only a man.

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Tim Poole boy is a fucking bitch faggot. Any grown man that wears a babies beenie year round is a joke. Plus he is just dumb.

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Rogan didn't kill himself!