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Holy Spirit, please lead my hand.

Genesis 36

You had grace on the house of Amalek; knowing they were descendants of giants of the house of Canaan, let them have generations; else how could David slay goliath if no such giants survived the flood? They were on the boat with Noah, i believe You have shown me. If you can have mercy on even such, which biblical history has not painted them in a good light. Given many accounts place them being big and monstrous to Israel. Yet here we see from so long you spared their generations. It could lead one to believe they still exist in the human genome somewhere. So many see You as a tyrant because You judge justly. Yet so many ignore the abounding of Your grace; as i myself have done.

You never were obligated to save me yet You did. Even now i witness You deliver me oft from the sins i could and would still commit if not for Your Holy Spirit's protection. Thank You for having grace on this wretch; the chiefest of sinners.

Please bless this bread which is the body of Jesus Christ, given for us. Let us eat it with repentance and gratitude.

Please bless this wine which is the blood of Jesus Christ shed for many for the remission of sins; the blood of the new covenant. May we drink it with knowledge and understanding and wisdom that it was shed for us and very costly.

Let us remember that we are all dirty rotten sinners saved by grace. That we were loved despite our filthiness and we must repent, believe on Jesus' death and resurrection, and be sanctified and carry our own crosses daily to be more as Him.

In Jesus name amen.

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Amen my friend. A beautiful Communion as usual. May God continue to bless you with the scripture you always choose so fittingly for each of our Communions. Bless you again and we'll hear from you next week;; with the good Lord willing.

Jtap [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

My grandad used to say that:

"Good LORD willing and the tide don't rise. "

Thank you for using that phrase in the Holy Spirit. It's the closest thing to bonding I ever had with him. Never got to hear it til after he was already asleep in Jesus Christ.

God bless you with the Holy Spirit, sister. In Jesus name amen.