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It's not "having sex" it's rape. Period. We are talking about predators.

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We need to make sure that mind set NEVER gets a hold here in the USA. We must stand up and protect ALL children from predators, especially the extra sick, perverted ones who use their religion to hide behind to do unthinkable things to children and women. SICK.

Lord, please keep all children of the world safe from these horrible people. Give people who are afraid the strength to stand up, be the voices for the children, help us all to fight evil that is coming at us from every angle. Through Jesus Christ, from whom all goodness flows, Amen.

igoape 1 point ago +1 / -0

Not only the muslims but also the Jews.

Their "holy" book the talmud says it is quite OK to have sex with a goyim child under 3, the word goyim mean cattle, which is how they see us, beasts to do their bidding.

Its OK to kill a goyim but its not OK to kill a goyim just because they have read the talmud, is OK to "persuade" them to kill themselves though

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