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GA-Peach-Patriot 9 points ago +9 / -0

Reflection rooms are pretty common. There is no lock on the door and there is a window. As a retired principal, there were plenty of times I needed a reflection room for myself. Lol. So here's an example of why one might be used...true story...we had a severely mentally disabled student who liked to remove his clothing when he got agitated. It was pretty common for him to strip down to his underwear and wander the halls. As he was a very large student, adult sized, and I am slight in stature, stopping him from removing his clothing was next to impossible. He was also violent in nature and liked to throw things. When in this state he was a danger to himself and others. The parent was no help and often refused to pick him up when we called for her help. She said on more than one occasion, when he's with us, he's our problem. We eventually got the student placed in a more suitable environment but a reflection room would have been perfect for this type of situation. My school didn't have any so we would have to evacuate a nearby classroom in order to lure him to a safe place. It's hard to understand if you've never had to deal with such situations.

RoosterHeadBad 4 points ago +4 / -0

I concur with this. My daughter is special needs and she goes to a special needs school. They have one of these rooms as well. It is for the kid’s protection and it is designed to calm them down. Some of these children can become very violent. My daughter is in that category.

LoneWulf 4 points ago +4 / -0

Seems to me they could have painted the room with a more calming feel, rather than make it look like a stark gulag.

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Pink definitely would have been a better choice! It has a proven calming affect. Looking at the picture, it may be a padded room and the pads only come in one color. Hard to tell.

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If people acted up this bad at my school, the cops got called and they were suspended.

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This is solitary confinement, imprisonment... omGGG!! This is so so wrong, wow. Some people need to be fired immediately over this. Anybody still not convinced to take your kids out of public schools yet?

Halya 7 points ago +7 / -0

Yep normal. Just like national guard in camo driving kids to school....so they wont be afraid when hauled into train cars or stadiums.

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Work on constructing schools, and we usually have one or two seclusion rooms Doors are locked with a mag lock engaged by a button that has to be held to keep the door locked. These are for violent children on a temporary basis, and kids can't be left alone (someone has to keep the button pressed while they watch a kid through the window, although I have seen evidence of tape being used).

Of course my question was, if there are kids so violent that you have to lock them up, why are they with the rest of the kids, isn't that dangerous? Silence

031174 3 points ago +5 / -2

I have two sons in school here in Texas.Their rights as citizens,my rights as a parent far outway your needs as a parent of a disabled child.We as parents can agree or disagree with corporal punishment.This is a right also.We use corporal punishment at home.But we decide if the infraction was worth swats.You strike my child,or imprison him in any manner up without my permission and violence will absolutely occur.We both carry phones and can be at the school within 30 minutes.The fact that other parents can not do this,is not my problem.If you are willing to creat a dangerous environment for my children because of your needs,do not think I will relinquish their rights for you.

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I have two sons in school here in Texas.Their rights as citizens,my rights as a parent far outway your needs as a parent of a disabled child.

I get your sentiment here but actually, the law says otherwise. In fact, students with disabilities have more rights than the average "normal" student. PL94142 says every child has a right to an education in the least restrictive environment. This includes violent children with special needs...which is the purpose of this type of room. It is not intended to discipline typical classroom behaviors such as might be displayed by the average student. You have rights as a parent of a well-behaved student but those rights don't supersede those of a parent of a misbehaving student. It's why private schools do so well and another reason homeschooling is bigger than ever.

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It is not intended to discipline typical classroom behaviors such as might be displayed by the average student.

Thats how it starts out, until the principal decides to go overboard to make a point with specific student he doesnt like.

Sorry, I've moved around my entire life and while I've been in some great school systems, I've also been in some pretty fascist school systems. I've seen the rules get abused.

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I am not heartless.I understand the need.It's not so much the room I dislike,but the poor judgement of teachers that we are witnessing today makes me fearful that this practice will meld into something more.Just as reasonable law are twisted by special interest groups.Why not have accessable camera systems throughout the schools.Teachers are not paid enough as it is,much less,having to handle serious behavioral problems.Funny how the needs of the whole are bandied back and forth depending on their current push.The line should in fact be drawn at out children,as they in fact,are the future of our society.

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you know that whole "time out" style of parenting...

this is the institutionalized version of that, they just call it a "reflection room" where they want kids to take a time out and "reflect" on what they've done that got them into trouble.

like wearing a trump shirt...

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regardless if this is legit...

is that how mothers talk these days?


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They put a padded cell in the elementary school in our town 25 years ago. They took it out 25 years ago.

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All the new schools have an interesting design…small windows, block construction, almost as though they could be ‘repurposed’

RoosterHeadBad 4 points ago +4 / -0

Probably designed with school shootings in mind. The oldest concourse at Cincinnati’s airport was built in the 1970s when hijackings were prevalent. All of the windows are very low so that a person could not command an airport takeover from the concourse and have a great view of the surroundings.

MoldyPurpleSpots 1 point ago +1 / -0

I worked in many different schools... I was responsible for cleaning these areas too. I think it is a "easy temp fix" for a sometimes very difficult problem, a lot of these kids will exploit the school system and teachers, My first experience on day one of a school with these was - as I was walking up to the school where I saw three full grown men "required" to subdue a four foot child?! I thought: What have I gotten myself into? later on I observed the kids must have "demons" from home, psychological issues... they were almost always at each others throats.. the Staff and kids like this, the dynamic behind the creation of these rooms... is like that Stanford Prison Experiment but continuously. the back and forth became normal and well worn, you can let the school raise kids like this! and the school IS raising your kids with these types of mentalities.

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clarification; room appears to be something i am familiar with; installed in my school in the 90's, referred to as the "cool-down" room. Recollection; was installed for students with sensory overload problems ie, autism spectrum students.

I visited this room often (undiagnosed high function autistic)

031174 1 point ago +1 / -0

Teachers are in a similar position as are our police officers,medical personnel,business owners.The fact you are willing to cooperate with the "system"does NOT free you of accountability for violation of our constitution or bill of rights.This is truly something those of you in such positions should start considering.

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I’ve worked in psychiatric hospitals, that is an isolation room. Nothing to self harm or injure another.

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I was a bus driver for an inner city school for a year.

One girl mentioned she started to behave after they put her in solitary confinement after a few times.

Sorry, hard for me to find many measures too draconian for some of these little monsters I transported.