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Precious Heavenly Father, I pray for the physical and spiritual protection of Dr. Zelenko, in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name. Grant it, Lord; that ANY of the enemy's plans against dear Dr. Zelenko be frustrated in confusion, derision and in total failure. I ask also that You, Sovereign Lord, would further embolden Dr. Zelenko and help him to know that he is doing YOUR WORK on behalf of healing and of righteousness. Lord, Bless Dr. Zelenko as a medical crusader AND as a spiritual warrior. Empower him with further tools and capabilities to do YOUR work! This and other prayers I lift to you Beloved Lord God, in the Name of Your precious Holy Son, Lord Jesus our King. Amen!

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Amen! Just mentioned to my husband after I read this tweet to him..."hope Dr. Zelenko has good protection!"

Also, the former CEO of Pfizer is NOW the HEAD of the FDA.

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We all need to start doing this for every piece of information people bring forward that could get them suicided. Prayer is very powerful and in this season it feels 10 times more effective

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Watching this later

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Thx for the share

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By the way..

Dr. Zelenko posted a few days ago on Gettr that his cancer came back. The news didn't make much of a splash. I posted it on P.W but it barely got any traction.



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He's such a hero. God will take care of him.

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We need to tell him to get on fenbendazole and watch Joe Tippins story.

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Takeaway quote for me: Anxiety lives where God doesn't.

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I missed that! Thank you for links. Yes, I agree. he has been heroic in his actions to preserve LIFE! May YHWH be merciful to His son here.

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Talk about connecting the dots.

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US government is a branch of Xi's CCP government.

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Nah, the CCP is controlled by the same people controlling our government. Xi might even be working with Trump (forbidden city meeting), but that remains to be seen.

As the veil begins to be lifted, I think there will be lots of shock and surprise twists, even for anons who have been onboard for the entire saga.

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EDIT: My bad. It's from GAB. Deleted my message as it was incorrect.

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In her previous position as the chief of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Janet Woodcock was responsible for approving OxyContin triggering the opioid crisis.

Dr. Andrew Kolodny, a senior scientist and medical director of Brandeis' Opioid Policy Research Collaborative: “It’s no exaggeration to say that she presided over the worst medical regulatory failure in U.S. history.”


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As a Jew myself, it sure gets dispiriting seeing so many of my family and coreligionists tripping over themselves to board the Covid Express Train -- the latest golden calf.

Dr. Zelenko reminds me we didn't all go crazy.

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It’s always been mind boggling to me how often I see people that consider themselves to be Jews to go right along with mainstream society, “science”, etc. Kind of similar to Asian culture. They’ve became so smart and successful in different areas, yet they follow right along with mainstream society, race baiting nonsense, “science”, etc. However I never thought I’d see so many Jews follow down this path because I always thought that Jews had strong roots in religion/God/the Bible. As a Christian and follower of God’s word… it’s just hard for me to fathom that Jews would follow so blindly without any sort of discernment kicking in.

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You answered your question with Jews having strong roots in Bible, religion and G-d.

A lot of the Reform Jews.... and I was raised as one... just don't.

Judaism got watered down to being "not christianity." Pet liberal causes make their way into synagogues.

I started going to Chabad services. That's a brand of Orthodox Judaism that you'd recognize with the black hats, black coats, etc. (Like Dr. Zelenko). Not ALL black hat / black coat jews are Chabad... there are other sects, but Chabad is one of the best known, and they do a lot of outreach to all Jews, including the secular / reform kinds, trying to bring them back to Judaism.

A couple weeks ago I was speaking with a Chabad Rabbi. And I told him what happened at my childhood synagogue, after I visited after many years. My childhood Rabbi was long gone. he was replaced by a woman Rabbi. I want on a Yom Kippur service. During the service she took a moment to give a sermon... where she ranted against how little Walmart paid their employees.

Yom Kippur is the holy day of atonement. It's when you fast to atone for your sins and the sins of community. For your personal greed, selfishness, arrogance, vanity, try to cast those vices aside and be a better person. And that Rabbi twisted it to some socialist rant.

The Chabad Rabbi I told this story to nodded and said: "You'd be surprised how often I hear stories like that."

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Very interesting and insightful. Thank you for sharing that. Honestly it doesn’t sound too much different than the “Christian Church” lately. So many churches over the last 6 years have cucked out completely. I bailed on my church when they started bringing in guests such as MLK’s relative to talk about how white people are bad and how black people are oppressed and what us white folk should be doing to help fix this “problem”.

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Yes! I had these conversations with many of my Christian friends. Same problems. Getting distracted by the CRT cult (golden calf). Or as I jested to one Christian friend when I was discussing a certain lack of observance in the local reform synagogue. "It would be as if your pastor's Christmas sermon... he talked about Santa Claus instead of Jesus."

From the look she gave me, I think that actually happened.

But it really comes down to... do we read the Torah? the Bible? Or what's hip in the newspaper?

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Imagine being related to MLK and still judging people by their skin. I legit hope this isn't true lol.

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Scott Gottlieb had strong ties to Big Pharma and Wall street and was in the FDA since the Bush administration. Pro-GMO, an "expert at promoting biotech stocks on Wall Street" https://www.naturalnews.com/020029_byron_richard_andrew_von_eschenbach.html

He abruptly resigned from the FDA following scrutiny over ties to Big Pharma. This was just two months after he claimed he would not step down. "Gottlieb has long been criticized for being the only FDA commissioner to ever work for Big Pharma prior to being nominated. Gottlieb also holds investments in 20 different health care companies that manufacture products he and the FDA were responsible for regulating – this being a major conflict of interest." https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-03-06-scott-gottlieb-abruptly-resigns-from-fda-ties-to-big-pharma.html

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God, please bless and protect Dr. Zelenko and his loved ones.
May he also receive the grace of health.

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ALL these FDA/drug links kinda remind me of SEC/Citadel/CFTC. As Epstein said, "We are all in each others pockets"



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These fuckers are fucking around and we are the ones who found out.

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I had to idea about it but that just makes sense. I'm gonna tell about it to some people at work tomorrow and they'll be like "I just got my third shot and it feels great".