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Shanjaq [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Personally, whenever I see discussion about the Jesuit Order in various places, the proponents seemed unreasonably zealous and dogmatic. I guess I don't blame them, being that the Order is apparently behind the biggest crimes in recorded history, it doesn't help that the subject matter is an arcane old touchstone of your stereotypical impotent-raging crackpot who suspects everything that moves... Honestly this documentary gave me a surprisingly level-headed introduction, and a lot of things "clicked" as my mind has already been primed with decades of digging and nowadays hanging around this forum. The conclusions are up for debate, but the catalogue of info is useful and allows expansion into a few "blank spots" in the Big Picture I had been meaning to expand into.

A few things that stuck out to me: The "Literal Hitler" was never excommunicated and the Wall St. crash & buyup of US corporations by the Order's coadjutors who later financed him. The book "Utopia" by Thomas More, being the original template for Marxism->Communism, to my surprise I recall seeing it on my folks' bookshelf. Then there's this comment that reminded me of what's being done to the US with CRT and the barrage of divisive media hoaxes, etc.:

Ludwig: "...do you not admit that the Jesuits have good points?" Stalin: "Yes, they are systematic and persevering in working to achieve sordid ends. But their principal method is spying, prying, worming their way into people's souls and outraging their feelings."

I feel like the whole "iT's ThE jEsUiTs!!1!" approach has done more harm to the spread of this info than good. Maybe it could be worked into the information dissemination program similar to how Q's research findings were: "Share the message, not the messenger." Use a layer of indirection when communicating about it, point out the systems it uses and how they manifest in daily life, without pointing the finger because normies (and even seasoned researchers like myself..) are already primed to terminate the conversation at any mention of the source/destination of the investigation: start in the middle and work your way to the ends...

SOTUisFUBAR 2 points ago +2 / -0

Eye opening on many fronts, yet again, more questions lol.

Great doc though, thanks for sharing. Just finished watching it, and much of it is very plausible, but the thing that I find most plausible is how misdirected and hidden our history actually is.

CKE2019 1 point ago +2 / -1

Just watched it. Now I'm really worried for President Trump. I knew Fauci is of the Jesuit Order - makes sense now.

Shanjaq [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Another thing that jumped out was the synchronicity of Today's impromptu showing of a Patton speech at the rally, then later as I was watching the documentary I see this part ~ 2:05:35 :

the book "Target Patton" is saying that he wanted to end the war in 3 months: "Why not do it now while our army is intact?" but they needed a "Cold War" as a diversion from investigations into their backing of the Catholic dictators of Europe, so they had him removed...

Excerpt: Patton had survived 3 previous attempts on his life, he also survived the 4th, but was hospitalized. ... While in the hospital, a refined form of Cyanide was given to him "that can cause or appear to cause embolisms and heart failure".