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NZ Herald Business section (Paywall link):


Searched for by quote.

Market close: Mainfreight chair sells $75m of shares - 11 June 2021 —

Global marketer a2 Milk’s recovery ran out of puff after falling 18c or 2.93 per cent to $5.97, impacted by a competitor’s comments in China. Feihe, China’s largest infant formula maker, said sales would drop sharply in the next one to two years since many women cannot bear children within six months of coronavirus vaccination – and thus delaying births.

This could be part of market manoeuvres, as an r/conspiracy redditor writes in this comment below. Note the tone seems to be dismissing the idea that the vaccine could have an actual impact on reproduction (extra context: Reddit has a tendency to thumb its nose at the the Murdoch family-owned News Corp publication, due to its biases and its paywall system. NZ Herald is a News Corp publication):


Nice way to tell half the story.

Here’s the full article. Chairman announces covid vaccine will hurt sales and stock price plummets, next day he does a stock buy back on his newly discounted stock.

This article goes more in depth, and how there is actually expected to be a baby boom in China, and these stocks are set to soar.


Well, what they might not realise is that you could tell the truth and take advantage of the truth at the same time.

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You are the real MVP for finding the source.

On topic, it appears the chairman is just trying to make a quick buck - drive stock prices down, buy them back, and then profit when the mythical baby boom occurs. He doesn't really know or care if the vaccine causes infertility - people are choosing to delay pregnancy anyway. The baby boom isn't going to happen, but he could still make a quick buck if the delayed pregnancies do happen after he buys back the falling stock.

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Did you check the last link?


Note all the rubbish after .html..........

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Huh. No, I did not get any tracking rubbish, although I'm using Vivaldi which is rather good at blocking those off for me.

It's also not my source, it's theirs, although I doubt they have the technical know-how about trackers to post it for nefarious purposes.

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Also, China didn't have mass vaccination, so sales of baby formula in China might be up, but sales in the rest of the world might be down.

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Don't worry, all the she-males trying to nurse their babies with man boobs will buy it....

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You post. You are responsible for providing source.

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We're not asking you that. We're asking you for the newspaper and date of publication.

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So where did you find this pic?

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Post the fucking source or gtfo, I get searching off a headline or proving out a theory based on personal research but this is shit at best

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and thats fine but a sticky with no sauce? mods asleep or what put down the herb

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People get a bit too full of themselves. Believe it, dont believe it , don't give a fuck.

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Wheres link??

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Wheres link??

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Holy cow OP had a genuine bread crumb

The guy who made the quote is real


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Doesn’t change the fact that OP reacted like a chnt after getting called out for his lazy and low effort posting.

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Divide and Conquer

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Yea fuck this guy, he had no clue and told us all to eat a dick when asking for a smidgen of proof

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Hey someone that can get their own voter ID. Well done.

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I wouldn't go that far, I am a smooth brained ape that likes shiny metal, Kinkos and DMVs are harder to find than sauce.

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god damn!

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It’s anecdotal but I haven’t seen a single pregnancy announcement in the last few months from anyone I remotely know. It’s odd.

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Are you kidding? They are all over the place. Remember that idiot nurse posting all over twitter bragging about her vax? What was it, a week later that she announced her miscarriage? Of course "no causality" (/s). Just Vaers alone lists almost 1k miscarriages. It was one of THE prime reasons for halting certain varieties for a time in several countries.

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There are two types. Those that announce are also those who posted about their mucus levels and are insane about TTC. (I have been on boards with these people and let's just say they are difficult people.) The other type hides in the shadows and quietly mourns - you probably didn't even know she was pregnant.

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I think it means pregnancy not recommended, doesn't meam the vax is stopping women from getting pregnant.

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It states its position as if they expext a decrease in need.

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Leng Youbin of Feihe apparently let this slip...

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ItS pRiCeD iN!

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There are other adjustments to the economy planned for that also reflext an expected decrease in population.

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Is something big about to pop? If so, what will it be? Massive vax deaths? I will say this - a lot of people in the U.S. are claiming there are supply shortages - people in trades saying they cannot get electrical parts, paint, - the chip shortages for cars (totally synthetic, there's no way that is real) - inability to get parts for everything from air conditioning units to dishwashers - lumber prices through the roof - why would this be going on? It is NOT REAL. Everything is totally and instantly available in Mex, you name it you got it, so why is the U.S. being cut short on everything?


Because if "they" know about an upcoming disaster that "they" are going to stage (or have already set in motion with the shots), why bother with feeding the peons with parts, supplies, cars, or building materials? ...if "they" know they are not going to get paid for that car because the guy driving it is dead

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Don't worry, the kids after that will be deformed to all hell thanks to the vaxx

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This will surprise no one here, but just for the hell of it, I searched for the string: "since many women cannot bear children within six months of coronavirus vaccination - and thus delaying births" in both Google and Duckduckgo.

The former has absolutely nothing on this story in the first several pages of returns (i didn't go past 5 pages). Quite the contrary, all results point to articles "debunking" concerns over pregnant women taking this "vaccine".

Duckduckgo on the other hand, I was able to find articles on sites like The Defender about the story in the first page of results. Along with "fact checking" sites debunking this specific story.

The moral of the story here? I'm telling you a bunch of bad stuff about Google that you already knew.

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