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I own a commercial roofing company. We’re small around 20 employees. One of my foreman just found out yesterday that his 49 year old wife has had a stroke. She’s in ICU and needs some prayers. As my foreman was talking with one of the nurses working on his wife the nurse told him that they’ve been seeing a lot of this happen lately and call it “Covid Strokes”. Our office manager’s dad also had a stroke a week after getting the jab. I now know more people who’ve had strokes from the Vax then people who died from the Rona. It’s so common that they have a name for it...... let that sink in...”Covid Strokes”

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The chinese virus itself turned out to be a dud - maybe a little bit more dangerous than the flu, primarily for old and sick people (which is also true for the flu).

Turns out the experimental injections are much more dangerous than the virus (but not an automatic death sentence like some people are saying). The DS media are trying their best to put the blame for the health problems on the virus, not the injections... and THAT is why there is such a desperate push to force everyone to get the injections.

Those of us that do not get the injections are the control group, which will eventually expose the fact that it is the injections that are dangerous - not the virus. That is why they are so desperate to make sure there is no control group. Their whole plan for their great reset falls apart if there is a control group that exposes that it is the injections themselves that are causing the health problems.

Now we see the genius of President Trump's warp speed project. He boxed in the DS scumbags. If they did not rush the release of the injections, he would push treatments to make the injections useless. By rushing the release, insuring that the injections were voluntary, he made sure there would be a sizeable control group, ruining the DS plans for universal vaccine passports and social credit systems. Game Theory.

In addition, the sheeple pay a personal price for their mindless belief in the MSM propaganda - which should force most of them to finally wake up. This is a war, and the sheeple are "useful idiots" helping the bad guys. They must pay a price for that, and learn to change their ways going forward.

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White hats can’t be in control of everything while simultaneously allowing people to be killed by a vaccine. Doesn’t work like that.

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You know, everybody and I mean everybody had the chance to know what is going in for the last five years.

Thousand knew this was all bullshit and we took care of ourselves appropriately. We didn't wear the mSk, we didn't get the Vax, we researched hcq and other alternative therapies etc

Many people called us nutcase anD slowly they came around. We SPOKE the truth and were laughed at, ignored or fear just got the better of those whontook the jab.

People now waking up too late. Trust God as he said no weapon formed against thee shall prosper. Trumps team can not force you to pay attention, some simply learn the hard way. Doesn't mean Patriots are not in control.

nautica 2 points ago +2 / -0

We are in a war of a global scale. A war of the minds also. I have been out for years telling people about my findings on vaccinations. I have known about Fauci and his Aids campaign.,

The strange thing is, people "know" something about vaccines and other stuff, but they have never even spent one hour of research. I have done research, but I did not know how utterly evil this cabal is: especially the dumbs, adrenochrome and child trafficking was new to me.