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  • Did you know that gain of function research took the RNA for the spike protein only from a beta coronavirus circulating in the wild and implanted it into another coronavirus?
  • Did you know that they proved that the spike spike protein RNA alone is transposable and can create new SARS viruses?
  • Did you know it worked on humans?
  • Did you know the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines inject only the spike protein RNA into you in large quantities?
  • Did you know it's a scientific fact that RNA can recombine naturally in a human host?
  • Did you know that many new SARS viruses emerge through recombination?
  • Did you know that coronaviruses are RNA based and that they can combine with the RNA from the vaccine?
  • Did you know 20% of colds are from coronaviruses?
  • How many are from beta lineages?
  • Did you know that some humans who happen to be in proximity with bats carry beta coronaviruses from bats that don't work very well in humans because of their spike protein?
  • Did you know they want to give hundreds of millions or even billion people multiple doses of the RNA spike protein?
  • How many of them also have colds due to beta coronaviruses?
  • How many cells injected with the spike protein RNA will also contain compatible beta coronavirus RNA?
  • What if a resulting chimeric virus from recombination with the spike protein RNA presents?
  • What if a weakened immune system such as due to age prevents the stop of the new virus?
  • Who do we want to vaccinate the most?
  • Are the vaccines fully effective?
  • What if someone has ADE and a new recombinant SARS virus?
  • What if the spike protein recombination is partial so it completely escapes existing immunity?
  • Did you know the vaccines are gain of function research on a large scale?

I'm not going to answer each question with another question but I think we need someone to start answering these questions for real, fast. Before it's too late.

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I reposed it to conspiracies because I don't think it will easily gain traction here. It's a bit downer if it's true that it was a British spook like Steele, though makes sense if you think about it.

CrimsonSentinal 2 points ago +2 / -0

Okay, thanks, I’ll finish reading it over there. My phone refreshed and it was gone. Onwards and upwards fren, I like the dig!