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sun_wolf 23 points ago +25 / -2

“You see what happened? You idiot serfs. We gave you a little bit of the old normal this summer and you little idiot wage-slaves fucked it up. This is why we have to take over everything under a full dictatorship. Because you are all a bunch of worthless scum.”

Yeah, that could definitely be a message the corporate media pumps out to the world. They will frame it so that their NPCs identify not with their friends and family and neighbors, but with the dictatorship. That brings them strongly into a genocidal authoritarian mindset.

It’s also possible the corporate media knows this magnet challenge is going viral and now wants to memory hole the whole Covid pandemic as quickly as possible, the same way they memory-holed “Russian Collusion” after Mueller came back with nothing. Whenever the Democrats or the media is caught in an indefensible position, they memory hole it and go, “Pfft. Why are you still talking about THAT? That is old news. Asked and answered. It’s time to move on.” Look at how they got out of Jussie Smollett? Memory-holed. What about Avenatti? Memory-holed. Epstein? Memory-holed. Impeachment 1.0? Memory-holed.

DrMcCoy 2 points ago +2 / -0

They are planning the next pandemic right now.

Bill Gates said: "The next pandemic will get their attention".

huhWHAThuh 3 points ago +3 / -0

The first was a beta test aimed at culling the old and those with already compromised health issues. Next likely tailored generally to white Anglo-Saxon genetics. Better living (actually dying) through designer microbes.

If you won't do it. (it meaning submit to the slavery of your Marxist Overlords), somebody else will - and that would mean the hoards of millions of illiterate starving massed at the borders, who would happily accept your place in order to have daily food (and your comfy home to live in). Their program couldn't be clearer.

ChunkStyle1 2 points ago +2 / -0

These are eugenics people. They're trying to target Africans.

huhWHAThuh 2 points ago +2 / -0

They are Luciferians. In their writings THEY SAY their goal is the extermination of Jews and Christians - also known as Westren Civilization. They refer to THAT as their "Great Work." They even refer to Hitler as "a disciple" because his actions resulted in the annihilation of many multiples of millions more Christians than Jews.

They have no particular love for Africans, or any other racial group. And they have their own extermination program in order to confiscate their resources. But what they call their "Great Work," is for Western Judeo Christian civilization. They make no secret of that in their writings.