New Lin Wood ? (twitter.com)
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I was raised Catholic. In time I hated God and then thought it was a stupid, foolish idea that only idiots could believe. I felt that way for over 10 years. What you say doesn't sound ridiculous at all, it sounds like the beginning of something special. God truly is the brightest light in our lives.

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I feel there is a massive wave of faith and turning back towards god. My experience is similar to yours and many other's!

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The Lord uses all pathways to spread His truth.

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I've always gone to church and been an okay Christian, but naturally you question God. You question not only him, but also his very existence. Ever since 2011 when I first started hearing and learning about satanism, gnosticism, and seeing how religion is taught vs reality and how mainstream movies and TV were pushing certain agendas, I never looked back from God.

So you're right to feel what you're feeling now, because it's the same for most of us, we all just learn it at different times.

What's often overlooked is the fact that the very people at the highest levels preaching nihilism and atheism are themselves, NOT those things. They know God exists. Demons know God exists. Simply knowing God exists doesn't make you a Christian. These people want to take your soul away from God and give it to Satan. Think of how disgusting that is. They are taking God's baby and giving it eternal death.

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Constantinople is now known as Istanbul. God allows us to deal with earth problems I think yes.

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Istanbul was Constantinople. But now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople. It's been a long time gone, Constantinople.

Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks.

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This made me think of Toad the wet sprocket

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But I was wrong and it’s they might be giants. LOL I’m an idiot.

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As America goes so does the entire world. We are the last bastion of hope for peace on this planet.

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That is damn good hopium.

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Lin sounding like hope-porn in that video

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Trump's finally playing his big cards, and the game is about to change.

Biden/Harris won't be President.

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Either Lin is just reading everything else we are reading.
Or he knows something we don't.

Whatever the play is. Only God can save us now

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Lin Wood has WWG1WGA on his Twitter profile