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CDC Now Recommends Binkies to Wean Democrats Off Masks 😷 👶 ( 🤡 Clown World 🌎
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Think 🤔 🧠 🤡 🌎 ( 🤡 Clown World 🌎
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Aaron Russo revealed his conversations with Nick Rockefeller. He told us what those conversations were about. He was told almost a year before 9/11, that there would be an "event," and the result would be the "War on Terror." But there were never any real terrorists. It was all a hoax to instill fear in the People. These people are the real terrorists.

Here is a brief snippet of his interview on this subject:

(The interview was done by AJ. If you don't like AJ, so what? He served a useful purpose here.)

Here is another excellent clip of a BBC documentary that seems to have been scrubbed from the net:

Just like there were never any real terrorists, there was also no real virus for Ebola, Zika, Covid, or Monkey Pox.

There are no (or very few) real mass shooters who are magnified in the media. Those who do kill multiple people for real are primarily drug and gang related shootings, and the fake news propaganda media ignores them -- because those people are not part of the fear agenda.

It is all very simple, when you look at it from that perspective.

The real terrorists are the people pulling these strings. Those are the people to shine the light on, and to prosecute for their crimes. We can start with Fauci and his handler(s) and their puppet masters (Hello, Mr. Gates and Mr. Schwab and their co-conpsirators!).

COVID 2.0 er attack on da family? (
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What is space? How do you describe it? It's much easier to think about than to put into words.

Are we sure the freemasons are the bad guys?

What if the freemasons made this movement, are they still the bad guys?

Are there even bad guys or is everyone just putting on a show?

Grand Architect = GA?

Should I shut up?

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