One of my friends, good level headed guy, his 12 year old daughter is so freaked out over Covid she is seeing a shink. The thought of locks downs, not being able to go to school, see friends has her living in fear.

Last week my 10 year old sons basketball game was cancelled because the other team was scared of getting Covid.

As an unvaxxed I got queried by my dumb ass cousin whether I would be vaxxed for Xmas day because he was worried for his kids. Xmas over for me, thank fuck I need a rest.

As we all know, kids are not likely to get it and the odds of them getting seriously ill let alone die are so small that there is more chance of being in a car accident.

But the fear porn that the Governments and media have pushed down peoples throats is now having serious mental health issues and kids seem to be really suffering. Thankfully my kids don't seem to give a fuck but they have been bought up to be independent thinkers.

And of course we can't forget the dumb parents who do not take personal responsibility and just follow like dumb fucking sheep.

Study꞉ 56% of White Liberal Women Have a Mental Disorder!!! ( 🤡 Clown World 🌎
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Donald Trump Jr Truth Bomb ( 💥 B O O O O O M 💥
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"Shout!...and Don't Let Go!!!" ( ✝️ Scripture 🕊️
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you thought I was offering, didn't you?

any clever pedes wanna put this together?

maybe a canadian version as well?

call it vaccine_passport.pdf, for the keks

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First of all, if everyone moves here, it will be way too crowded and it is already crazy with literally the entire country fleeing here now prices are out of control.

Second, the rest of the country will be full of libs. So basically we get Florida, and nothing else during the elections.

Stay home, please, change the political situation there. The other states need you. The union is counting on you.

Trying to escape white hats? (
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Weird shit today exfill from DC to LA. U2 over LA by the time they got there. Two E6 in gulf running circles . Let me kow what your seeing.

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