Remember the story about Epstein being a professor at Harvard University for a short time. Epstein donated $6.5 million to the science department at Harvard. In return a Harvard professor named Martin Nowak gave Epstein a office in the research department and unrestricted access to Harvard University.


This is my own opinion because the article does not say what Epstein was doing while he was at Harvard University. What was Epstein's interests at Harvard? What did they have that he needed? Young, attractive women for trafficking.

The article does say after a investigation Harvard gave last remaining $200,000 from Epstein's donations to groups that support victims of sex trafficking and assault.

Why would Harvard donate money to groups that support victims of trafficking? They never say Epstein was procuring young women from Harvard, they act like it was the relationship between the professor and Epstein that was controversial. Read between the lines to get the whole truth.

Here is a excellent webpage from someone named Jasun from January 2020 that ties all the connections together. https://auticulture.com/jeffrey-epstein-edge-foundation-mit-media-lab-ted-talks-the-scientainment-industry/

This article drops many names including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Many different scientists and leading intellectuals.

Epstein gave donations to many different universities and science foundations; I assume he was procuring young women from all of the places to sell to his elite circle and also use these women in honeypot situations to blackmail politicians and Hollywood elite.

It was like a big sexual ponzi scheme that fed itself and grew bigger and bigger. Over time so many big names were involved, so many people being blackmailed and voluntarily partaking, it became a world underground that controlled the government and even our justice system. It became so pervasive they did not fear being exposed, everyone was involved.

Remember the story about the Ambassador who ditched his security detail to have sex with underage kids? Rumor has it, Hillary Clinton who was head of the State Department at the time stopped the investigation. Here is a video that talks about the incident and has a young Jen Psaki protecting the pedophiles. You see why she got the position as sleepy Joe's White House communications director?


Did you know Epstein was one of the founding donors to the Clinton Global Initiative? https://www.foxnews.com/us/billionaire-sex-offender-epstein-once-claimed-he-co-founded-clinton-foundation

We learned through FOIA requests that Epstein's first visit to the Clinton White House was one month after Clinton's inauguration in 1993, he visited the White House 17 times. (17)

The visitor logs were obtained by DailyMail.com from the Clinton Presidential Library under a series of FOIA requests. There is a good infographic here detailing the visits to the WH. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10235499/Epstein-Clinton.html


The article above from Jasun, talks about a billionaire's club, it was called "The Edge". Here is their website: https://www.edge.org/dinners

Look at all the attractive girls they have at their dinner parties. I can only assume it was Epstein who was providing many of these girls. If you look down at the bottom of the page, look at the pictures from year 2000, you see a picture of Epstein with someone named Nathan Myhrvold. The picture of Epstein appears first, then afterwards the pretty young girls start to show up.

Nathan Myhrvold spent 14 years at Microsoft Corporation. In addition to working directly for Bill Gates. https://www.edge.org/memberbio/nathan_myhrvold

Here is a video of Bill Gates being questioned about his connections to Epstein after Epstein was prosecuted for child trafficking, watch him squirm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNAwUxZ5nfw

How many CEO's have we seen step down since the start of the Maxwell trial? What did Q tell us to watch? CEO resignations. What was a big part of the information drops on the Q board? Child trafficking!

Why did Trump step away after being the most successful President of all time? To coordinate the sting operation to bring down the election stealing pedophile rings of the elite. Its why Silicon Valley and shady politicians stole the election, to protect themselves. They had to blatantly steal the election to protect themselves (the pedophiles) and in doing so got caught. They thought the pedophile Joe Biden would protect them. Rumor has it though, that is not even Joe Biden, Biden is dead.

Here Trump calls Biden a vehicle and says Biden is shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXe4MWaJiqA

What is one definition of a vehicle: A medium through which something is transmitted, expressed, or accomplished.

Trump brought back the firing squad and is destroying families with his execution spree. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2020/12/opinion-trump-brought-back-the-firing-squad-and-is-destroying-families-with-his-execution-spree

They put their faith in sleepy Joe but now he has developed Alzheimer's and forgot who his friends were. Tisk, tisk. Does this explain the behind the scenes infighting at the White House? Talk of installing Hillary? Sleepy Joe isn't panning out for them. Maybe they are just realizing they have been had.

How many times have we seen Biden on what looks like a movie set? Maybe it's a clue that sleepy Joe is really a actor? Q asked us "What makes a movie GOOD"? GREAT actors? https://qanon.pub/#461

The election theft will come out in due time, right now we are getting a glimpse at the pedophiles. Everything has been timed out, each phase of the plan is playing out in correct order. Just be patient, it will ALL be exposed, just enjoy the show.

Look at Q post 4904. https://qanon.pub/#4904 What do you see?

  1. Guardians of the Pedophiles

  2. Panic in DC


Playing simultaneously but they will play out in the order listed. The pedophiles will go down first and then Durham will come in. Once the public has seen all the evidence and the Supreme Court refuses to hear Lindell's election fraud case, the military will step in. The judiciary needs to fail the American people before the military gets involved. Every avenue needs to be pursued to overturn the election fraud before the military can legally get involved and we know who the military supports, yes that would be DJT.

The Q operation is progressing forward nicely. Nothing can stop what is coming.

I could go on all day tying pieces together for you, it's fun in a way. Helps keep hope alive for me, hope it does for you too!!!

Stay safe my frens!!!



Aussie veteran and former techie here. I have just bought myself a 2T van and started working as a contract driver/courier in a complete change of career. One, because I am older and own my own home so don't have the need to be raking in the big $$ anymore, and two, because I don't want to play office politics or deal with any vax mandate bullshit. I am working for one of the largest logistics companies up in Queensland. There is no vax mandate for us and I don't think they will put one in place because they know that the majority of drivers are not vaxd and the whole logistics tail is already dragging. If they took out a large number of drivers the whole of Aus would collapse. Everything is so freaking far apart and we don't have a good rail system to move goods, so everything goes by road. My experience of dealing with covid bs is that I have not had any issues doing deliveries to anywhere. I don't see anyone using the QR codes to sign into businesses and less than 1% of people would have a mask on, even in medical and dental clinics I deliver to. From the 17th of this month our dictator Anastacia has implemented the lock out of us dirty unwashed antivaxrs from restaurants, pubs, clubs, sporting events, etc, but we can still do essential shopping. They are supposedly going to force shop keepers to monitor customers QR code logins and check that their digital vax certificate is valid. Good luck with that, I don't sign into anywhere, I just walk straight in and have never been challenged. Most of the shop keepers I have spoken to about this say that they don't have the time or inclination to do it and don't want to turn away any customers. I am sure that there will be the obligatory news article about a random shopkeeper who was fined for not doing the right thing to try and scare the rest in to compliance, but seriously I think this is all just going to fall over. They are promoting this as, "if you want your freedom, then get your jab" in the hope that it will make people just take the shot so they can do stuff again, I think it will have the opposite affect. People who haven't taken it now are not going to be swayed into taking it because they can't go to a restaurant or pub. Fuck it, I will eat and drink at home and not pay exorbitant prices for some wanker to slap some meat and veggies on a plate when my wife and I can most likely do a better job. Will provide more info after 17 Dec once they have implemented this bs.

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I mean, the media says men can also be women. So using their logic, I don't see anything stopping men from going further beyond


I’m sorry to say he passed last night at the hospital from a massive heart attack. I’m shocked and confused. His heart was In perfect shape. I just wanted to thank you for your prayers, kind words, and offers of hope.

Peace and love to all
Thank you again.

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