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Greetings once again Anons and Researchers!

I present to you Chapter VIII of the Department of Defense Law of War Manual — Detention: Overview and Baseline Rules — An Audio and Video Translation


For those of you who have not been following this series, this is a cointinuation of my DoD Law of War audio video project. As mentioned in previous threads, in translating this manual to audio and video, I hope to bring more researchers into the discussion of the Law of War manual.

This manual is a quintessential document for Q research, and should be read, or listened to in its entirety by all members of The Great Awakening board. Indeed it is nigh impossible to understand the inner workings of Devolution without a tertiary understanding of The Law of War.

Please use this thread to discuss any pertinent or interesting findings in Chapter VIII of the Law of War manual as you listen along. It is my intention that these sticked threads be places for for Anons to gather and conduct Q research relating to individual chapters of the Law of War and any connections to the Q postings that may be found within.


Chapter VIII of the Department of Defense Law of War Manual covers the following topics

8.1 - Introduction

8.2 - Humane Treatment of Detainees

8.3 - Security Measures

8.4 - Interrogation

8.5 - Adequate Food, Drinking Water, and Clothing

8.6 - General Conditions of Detention Facilities

8.7 - Segregation of Detainees

8.8 - Medical Attention

8.9 - Administration and Discipline in Detention Facilities

8.10 - Contacts With the Outside World

8.11 - Religious Exercise

8.12 - Intellectual, Physical, and Recreational Activities

8.13 - Adequate Working Conditions

8.14 - Procedures for Detention

8.15 - National Accountability for Detention

8.16 - Criminal Procedure and Punishment

As always, remember Anons



It is our duty and responsibility to read and understand the Law of War. Q coded this manual into their postings for a reason. They wanted Anons to find it, to study it, and to disseminate its core tenants far and wide into the Patriot community.

Make no mistake Anons, Nuremburg 2.0 is coming.

[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]is [C]oming.

Enter The Storm prepared with the knowledge of the Law of War at your side. The enemy is counting on our ignorance so that their criminality may go unnoticed, unpunished, and so that their war upon humanity may linger on in the shadows. Do not let our enemy hide in the shadows of ignorance and uncertainty any longer. The Law of War is a gift that the Trump Administration bequeathed to Anons in order to guide us through these dark times.

I would urge all Anons to take part in the analysis of these chapters. To that purpose, I will outline the methodology in which these chapters can be connected to Q postings below. This methodology was first expanded upon by Carl, also known as Majic Eyes Qnly.

When MEQ analyzes chapters of the Law of War he attempts to find numerical connections that can be formed between Q postings and numbers found in the chapter of the Law of War. The easiest of these to identify would be the chapter subtitles. In today's chapter, the following Q posts may apply to the chapter subtitles for analysis...

Q Posts 81 - 89


Q Posts 810 - 816

Additionally, it is worth looking at the chapter footnotes for additional connections to Q posts. While these footnotes have been omitted from my audio series, they can be found in the PDF of the Department of Defense Law of War Manaul found at the following URL:


The original thread with links to all audio / video recordings can be found here.


The associated Rumble channel, ElevenDotThree, can be found here.


- Qanaut -

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PepeLivesMatter mentioned on Monday they may make an announcement about Roe v Wade that could start a planned riot/FF.

Trump posted "22" on Truth with NG all around him.. He retruthed another poster commenting "Civil War" after an El Salvador president observation about infiltration from within.

Interesting stuff! 🧐

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Maxey said it best in his interview concerning the laptop from hell. Every single member of congress knew about Hunter's laptop and the contents and did NOTHING. They all knew about the Russian hoax and did NOTHING. They all knew about the Wuhan leak, the stolen election, January 6th, the vaccine lies, the Ukraine laundering, the child trafficking, 2000 mules, and now they all know about the WHO treaty and they've done NOTHING! Unless they can show actual receipts of where they did their part to try and put an end to any of this, they can hand in their letter of resignation. Their services (rather lack of) are no longer needed.

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