1. Daily covid deaths hit zero in Sweden, which never shut down, just as other nations are bracing about new lockdowns https://fee.org/articles/daily-covid-deaths-in-sweden-hit-zero-as-other-nations-brace-for-more-lockdowns/

  2. You are now more likely to be murdered in Chicago than to be hospitalized for covid https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2021/07/21/lets-stop-the-panic-over-delta-variant-says-medical-doctor-n1463649

  3. Mississippi’s attorney general asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/new-mississippi-attorney-general-asks-supreme-court-overturn-roe-v-wade/

  4. Hardly anyone watched Biden’s CNN town hall … for the president who got the most votes in history? https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/07/22/ratings-nightmare-fox-news-msnbc-overshadow-cnns-biden-town-hall/

  5. George Soros’ largest political donation of election cycle was to Defund the Police movement https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/soros-defund-police-movements-violent-crime-surge

  6. Obama’s White House ethics chief slams Hunter Biden’s plan to meet with potential buyers of his “art” in Los Angeles https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hunter-biden-attending-art-shows

  7. Woke insanity as California women’s prisons are handing out birth control because men identifying as women were forced among the women inmates https://www.theblaze.com/news/california-women-inmates-housed-with-men-condoms

  8. Kamala says she’s spoken to leaders on both sides of the aisle about voting protections, then when pressed for names of GOP leaders she has spoken to, she comes up short https://nypost.com/2021/07/21/harris-struggles-to-name-gop-senators-shes-spoken-to-on-voting-rights/

  9. Good compilation of 13 bizarre quotes from Biden’s mouth during CNN town hall https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/07/22/thirteen-bizarre-quotes-from-joe-bidens-cnn-town-hall-in-cincinnati/

  10. 29 victims rescued and 363 arrested in Florida human trafficking ring https://breaking911.com/operation-breaking-chains-29-victims-recovered-363-human-trafficking-arrests/

  11. Mark Levin’s new book on communism in the US debuts at #1 on the NYT bestsellers list https://www.mediaite.com/print/mark-levins-american-marxism-will-top-new-york-times-bestseller-list-with-400000-copies-sold/

See you tomorrow.


Some may know that the Lockdown strategy in Australia has been right out of the NWO playbook.

The State of Victoria, Australia's answer to California, is run by a State Premier (equivalent of a governor) who is openly extremely cozy with the CCP Chinese Communist regime.

Last year, Victoria experienced the most severe Lockdown conditions of anywhere in the world (perhaps with the exception of Israel), when we experienced a few hundred C19 deaths. In the end, around 800+ "C19 deaths", around 85% of which was directly attributable to the governments "quarantine" program that was so badly run, it ended up being the MAIN cause of the majority of C19 'cases" in the state.

The Victorian Lockdown conditions:

  • Only 1 hour of exercise allowed outside per day
  • Only 1 hour for shopping allowed.
  • All shopping must be done by only 1 person in the household
  • All schools shut down
  • Only "essential" businesses allowed to operate (takeaway food, food and groceries, big conglomerates, etc)
  • City wide curfew 8pm - 6 am
  • No travel outside a 4 mile radius allowed (except with special permissions)
  • Mandatory masks anywhere outside of the home
  • No visitors allowed at home

This went on, month after month after month. Two weeks ago, Victoria went into its 5th Lockdown when 20 cases in a population of 5,000,000 were 'detected'.

Those with an awakened sense could sense that Victoria was the testing ground and model that would then be used in other states.

That came true in the last month, with 4 other states beginning now to implement measures that are just as ludicrous and just as draconian. Now, reportedly, New South Wales, the most populous state, slightly larger in population than Victoria, are floating the idea of having the military roam the streets to keep everyone in lockdown until "everyone in the state is vaccinated".

Australia is in its winter months. States are loaded down with only a tiny number "Covid19 cases" being detected.

(Sydney is in Lockdown with only 1000 active cases, and NO data on how many of them are actually sick. 2 people have reportedly died with C19 in Australia this year).

The suspicion that Australia is actually a NWO testing ground appears to be reasonably well-founded.

Anyway, today, even in Lockdown, defiant patriots and freedom fighters went out. In Melbourne, between 10-15 thousand.

That might not seem like a lot, but previous rallies have garnered only between 2 and 3 thousand, even during no lockdown.

Corporate and State Media are naturally reporting "thousands" whereas video footage and boots on the ground show tens of thousands.


For those of us in the fight for 18months+ now, this is a great breakthrough.

Frens, keep Aussie patriots & freedom fighters in your prayers. Australians may have been slow to pick up the fight, but it looks like the Great Awakening has finally made its first opening choruses heard.

I remain optimistic. I continue to organize, network, and fight. Today I felt, if only for a few hours, that even here, nothing can stop what is coming.

Aussies: Network locally, fight strategically, show leadership to others, and the People will join. We fight with truth and freedom, not with lies, not with intimidation, not with manipulation. Share the truth, and the truth will set them free.


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some tips re: how to have a close, connected relationship with my wife who's asleep. We have been drifting further apart since I started waking up since November. Do any of you have a GOOD STRONG CONNNECTED relationship with your spouse who's asleep? Any tips?

I'm not looking for tips on how to wake her up because often my attempts to red-pill has caused even more disconnect. I'm looking for tips for how to have a GOOD STRONG CONNECTED relationship despite the awake vs. asleep difference.

For context of our difference, my wife was double-vaxxed ASAP and disregards my conclusions about anything when people in authoritative positions say otherwise. We're both Christians, but it's different now. I think I was spiritually woken up and I see the world differently. She's asleep and not interested in waking up and I feel like she wants me to fall back asleep in order to connect. Problem is.. I don't want to go back to sleep. Any tips are appreciated!

I will not be bullied. (media.greatawakening.win)
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Jim Stone receiving on-the-ground info that thousands of Chinese commuters died in subway flooding. www.jimstone.is

Wins of the Day: July 23, 2021 🏆 WINS OF THE DAY 🏆
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  1. Reporter asks Psaki at press conference, “are you trying to hide something?” https://thepostmillennial.com/watch-psaki-refuses-to-provide-number-of-breakthrough-cases-of-covid

  2. Texas begins arresting illegal immigrants https://www.theepochtimes.com/texas-begins-arresting-illegal-immigrants-for-trespassing-as-part-of-gov-greg-abbotts-border-security-plan_3915083.html

  3. NSA tries to say they didn’t spy on Tucker Carlson but they admit they unmasked him https://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2021/07/23/entirely-unacceptable-fox-news-rips-the-nsa-over-a-new-report-that-says-tucker-carlsons-name-was-unmasked/

  4. Rep. Banks was planning to call head of Capitol police union before the Jan. 6 committee, which is probably why Pelosi kicked him off the committee https://townhall.com/tipsheet/juliorosas/2021/07/22/so-this-could-be-a-reason-why-pelosi-kicked-jim-banks-off-of-committee-investigating-capitol-riot-n2592942

  5. Texas Gov. Abbott signs bill to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned https://www.dailywire.com/news/texas-gov-abbott-signs-trigger-bill-banning-abortion-if-roe-v-wade-is-overturned

  6. Vaccinated persons make up 75% of new covid cases in Singapore https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/07/23/report-vaccinated-comprise-75-coronavirus-infections-singapore/

  7. Dr. Ronny Jackson predicts Biden won’t make it through his four years before being removed for dementia https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/former-wh-doctor-rep-ronny-jackson-predicts-biden-will-removed-office-mental-health-video/

  8. Arizona Senate calls to decertify election results https://twitter.com/EscanorNew/status/1418649675146702850

  9. Trump to hold rally in Phoenix tomorrow https://greatawakening.win/p/12jcckK3F7/trump-rally-tomorrow-pheonix-ari/c/

  10. Moderna admits its mRNA “vaccine” leaks outside cells and spreads out of control https://mobile.twitter.com/DrPeterMoloney/status/1410355177886978049

See you tomorrow.


Cat died, can't do anything until morning, when animal control opens. But frens, don't stop fighting for what is right.

Died right in my room so it's gonna be a bit tough, she was 10 though, and we knew she was on her last leg this past week. Wanted to take her into the vet but it was $500 just to get her in.

God bless you all, keep the fight going and keep the faith.

I don't usually do this kinda stuff but my family is in need for some prayers at the time. Thank you frens, and god bless.


Take it for what it's worth, but if you know me I have been around since before Voat - same name. I am pretty low key I think but judge for yourself.

Anyhoo, my husband got a call from his brother, former Commander in the Navy. He is hearing that things are going to get a little crazy in around four weeks and that people should have four weeks of food and water just in case. Be able to sterilize water too. Something to do with panicking deep staters trying to block ports and food supply. This brother is really smart - many engineering patents to his name in his post military civilian career. Retired now but was literally considered intellectual property when his company was bought and sold, etc. The regular Joe brothers tend to think he's a right wing nut, and he is absolutely right wing but so am I so that doesn't really dissuade me. Not gonna lie sometimes I think he's a little out there. But he still has friends in high places and he knows people think he's nuts but feels it's important to share. Thought I should too and let people do what they want. His point is if you spend $600 to stock up and nothing happens, you still have $600 worth of food and water. If you don't and you end up really needing it....you don't.

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Where's my money, CIA? (media.greatawakening.win) 💩 SHITPOST 💩
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