The Cure- A Forest (1979) (
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Just moved to the are a couple months back and haven't made any solid friends yet...

Mine is "Enjoy your ADE. No REFUNDS!" with a picture of Fauci giving a thumbsup.

Greta... (
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Luckily the local theater here doesn't require masks, yay me. Saw Dune today, it wasn't woke at all and I liked it better than the 80's movie of the same name.

Was epic in scale, beautiful worlds, and went by pretty quickly considering how long it is. Can't wait for the sequel.

Some ex-political doctor in Montana came on NPR today and said that its a travesty and a threat to democracy because parents are "colluding and coordinating their campaign of harassment".

In other words, if you believe in "non left" values, you cannot coordinate. You can't have a movement where people make plans to show up. You can only be a flash mob that comes together. You can't behave like antifa, and certainly can't be bussed in like democrats do.

What is the difference between an Uncle Tom House Slave and Shabbos Goy?

Remember. Yes. Even you. (
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