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Look into DWAC if you can.

DWAC is the company making TMTG (Trump Media and Technology Group) public. It is the start of a company meant to rival various things such as Facebook and Twitter, but not limited to them.

Do your research! It's up to you to know what the company is valued at in your mind. It is currently sitting under $60. As always, this is not financial advice. I am just here to spread the word.

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Last I heard, this company hasn't even released a product nor a business plan yet. Whether they're going to sell advertisements like most other social media companies—which might prove difficult for a company with Trump's name on it—or charge a subscription fee.

You're just gambling if you buy this stock.

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It's an SPAC, meaning a blank check company that will take Trump's company private unlike an IPO, if you don't think it'll do well you don't get Trump's influence, even fractions of Twitter's market share and it'll be worth it. It's a bet queer bait sometimes they pay off and in this instance I believe it will. 88 DWAC @ $25

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