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Anyone who saw after the 2020 election knows this.

Anyone who visits "funny" (the most unfunny place I can imagine)...knows this.


Like 4chan's /pol/ they just keep it around to monitor "us" and squash positive unity and keep it shitty and uninteresting. Think I'm bullshitting?

Lookie here:

"One such tactic would be gradually making these boards less interesting for their users."

So what we have is what's called the "Democrat-Media Complex" (Andrew Breitbart), or "The Cathedral":

The great power center of 2008 (ed. how much more has it grown since then?) the Cathedral. The Cathedral has two parts: the accredited universities and the established press. The universities formulate public policy. The press guides public opinion. In other words, the universities make decisions, for which the press manufactures consent. It’s as simple as a punch in the mouth.

The Cathedral operates as the brain of a broader power structure, the Polygon or Apparat—the permanent civil service. The Apparat is the civil service proper (all nonmilitary officials whose positions are immune to partisan politics, also known as “democracy”), plus all those formally outside government whose goal is to influence or implement public policy—i.e., NGOs. (There’s a reason NGOs have to remind themselves that they’re “non-governmental.”)

(If we did not have an existing category for the press and universities, we could easily think of them as NGOs—in particular, the system wherein journalists are nominally supervised by for-profit media corporations is purely historical. If the Times and its pseudo-competitors ever fail, as they may well, the responsibility of funding and organizing journalism will fall to the great foundations, who will certainly be happy to pick up the relatively small expense.)

..."manufacturing consent" (Noam Chomsky). Etc etc.


The Democrats have sites to organize and lol with tongues out and enjoy...

What are other sites besides Win that you enjoy?

If we spread far enough out they can't monitor everything, all the time.

And if this post gets any traction I'll maybe share a few I've found myself...

Until then...

Fare thee well and FUCK HUMORLESS CONFORMISTS!!!!!!<3<3



Upon reflection...I'm not satisfied with the "GOOD NIGHT and GOOD LUCK" ending there. What they want is for us to get offline. To quit organizing. To just be silent. After all that's the entire point of infiltrating and shitting up the forums. So...

We either stay on forums that are shitty and just try and find non-bots and "real" people and just ignore the 90% rest of the forum. That's one option. Not ideal as they'll still be seeing and learning from everything you're doing and have the full power of the media to subvert your messaging before anyone else hear of it. They can just steal your ideas and no one will know it was you and yours that thought of them. The first normies will hear of it is "today on Joe Rogan!! (whatever)..."

Another option, can be done at the same time ...but not organizing offline. And by that I just mean letting the Sun's ray hit that newt belly skin that hasn't seen the light of day in a year or two (speaking for myself at least)!

So, move to a based place, this is the one I've chosen, a place that I know and am willing to defend with my life should worse come to worst, and/or just hang around places in your chosen spot where Trump supporters or like-minded people are (use your brain anything we post here will be recorded), wear a shirt and do what you need to do to attract people like you to you, meet a few friends hopefully, eventually lol, and link them back to some small, forgotten corner of the internet away from prying eyes where you can share memes, music, review movies, talk politics, etc.

We're going from the ground up again.

Because what they want is for us to "disappear".

From the internet and from this country.

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Tourgen 7 points ago +7 / -0

yeah. there are obvious shills shitposting what used to be decent forums here into oblivion with nigger/tranny/faggot/progressive hate-bait. Any real discussion is drowned out. If you post anything like a real discussion you could very well get banned - KiA2 is doing this.

KonyHawk_ProSlaver 3 points ago +3 / -0

c/consumeproduct turned into just that. It was my favorite board before...

CommieDefenseForce 6 points ago +7 / -1

You are correct. I am on account number 10 now in the last 2 weeks. I am constantly banned from TDW now for posting exactly how I posted over a year ago. It is extremely noticeable how the average IQ has decreased on TDW since January 6th. The quality of content has decreased. The quality of discussions have decreased. The overall narrative went from questioning to system to submission to the system. Anyone who questions the system and its narrative are immediately banned.

TDW is clearly compromised and has been hooked into the uniparty. The people on TDW are not being told the truth and are completely isolating themselves from true discussions. It is becoming the very "cult" of delusional ideas the leftists always accused it of being.

The reason the left can easily organized is because it's allowed and encouraged by the system. If you try to organize on TDW you're immediately accused of being a glowie, of inciting violence and being a racist. These conservatives don't understand that they're doing the system's bidding by believing that. Preventing organization is not helping the right. You don't beat the system by following the rules laid out to you by the system.

90snonconformist [S] 3 points ago +4 / -1

It is extremely noticeable how the average IQ has decreased on TDW since January 6th.

account number 10

Fighting the good fight I see. Heh. I did the same

Many times


Must've run through at least a dozen accounts, 2018-2020, trying to "meme magick" that outsider creative spirit from 2015-16 back into "the movement".

Because it was creative and outsider at the beginning and turned into...boring shit.

Take for example this Japanese Trump ad from 2016:

And compare it with this:

How many millions did that one Japanese ad convert? Just by showing that "hip", "cool" people were on Trump's side and so you yourself, hip, cool person, wouldn't be out of place?

Metapolitics 101

"politics is downstream of culture"

For years I plugged away.

"DefendtheWest" was one account I remember.

Got to the point where I looked around and didn't see anyone else doing it. I was the only one left from 15-16 it seemed. I remember starting a thread asking for people to post proof that they even supported Trump in 2016 ...and was banned! Ha ha ha.

Got so pissed that I posted a big "fuck you" thread with this picture ... telling them I had just made a Bernie Sanders donation!.

It's complicated but I really did/and do want the best from both parties. I really do want an end to the Uniparty and want to have a choice between two good candidates. This is the real issue and may be behind the ramping up of partisan division?

Funny aside? I went to the SandersForPresident Reddit around this time and made a thread about being disgusted with what Trump had come to represent and that I'd just made a donation for Sanders and that maybe my story could help Sanders win the primary by attracting more ex-Trump supporters.

Sort of the opposite of what (essentially "3rd Party" Trump did in 2016:

The fucking mod over there deleted my thread and, if I recall correctly, just started another about ex-Trump supporters. Like, asshole, why shit on me for being a Trump supporter? An ex-Trump supporter?? lol. Is Sanders really a shoe-in and doesn't need all the help he can get? We all see how that turned out.

Anyways, back to being controlled...for years...I posted a thread about Western civilization being the only on the globe that didn't have slavery...again, banned! They put in that "new member" tag on profiles and that was the end of that. Every new post I did was immediately shit upon.

This may have been the case from it's inception.

I remember T_D on Reddit talking about closing down and actually closing down a day in protest and then three top mods were sacked (CISWhiteMaelstrom, JesusWoreNikeSlides, and another I forget the name of)...YourIvaginaryGirlfriend was the only OG mod allowed to stay.

Then, we all went over to this new place!

Who owned it? Who created it? I still don't know.

The entire thing is just an old trolling tactic though.

You take the message of your target group and boost the signal to an extreme degree. They can't defend without looking like they don't support whatever cause and you just run people out of the forum. Take a DemocracyUnderground account and start calling everyone a racist, ableist, blahblahblah.

Or, take the "Hee Haw" contingent of MAGA which was largely absent during the 2016 run-up, and make the entire movement about them. They love it and will do 1/2 your work for you.

Same thing happened to "the Alt-Right."

In 2016, "the Alt-Right" was anyone opposed to the DNC that was also opposed to the GOP. "Rightwing" politics had very little to do with it, from what I saw, and it was the best collection of outsiders and misfits that I've ever been a part of online. About 1/5 of it were actual White Nationalists, who everyone just tolerated.

Trump wins the election and the usual media outlets all boost the signal of Richard Spencer, whose claim to the term was starting a blog with the title, as The Leader of the Alt-Right. Again, WNs loved it and ran with it, and 80-90% of the rest of us sadly ran from the term and didn't fight for it and so now had no umbrella handle through which the rest of America could see what we were about. Eventually being labelled (by, for lack of a better term, "the Left") ..."Alt-Lite" some shitty Lite beer. Not the real thing, not the main thing just a lite version of some racist fuckers. lol.

Anyhow, I could go on for days about this shit.

It's complicated af but one part was that I wanted a choice! The Democrats continue to run shitty candidates because, "Whaddaya gone do? Support Literally Hitler??? You have to support our Uniparty candidate in the DNC primary otherwise Literally Hitler will win!!!"

You hear that DNC shills watching this post???

You're fucking your own progressive movement!!! lololololo

They squash any creative, positive voices of "their enemy"...boost the signal of the shittiest version of them, which of course will catch some of them up in it and sway normal people over to it, thereby creating the very thing they hate...then crush the entire thing.

4chan is a great example. It was the only place to go for "free speech."

First, they cancel or shun you on their platform (FB, Reddit, etc) for questioning the narrative. For not being pure enough.

This doesn't stop you from thinking whatever you thought!

So you go where you can ask that question and think aloud.

Usually to a "free speech" site.

But these sites are notorious for being flooded with racism, bigotries, etc.

In part because they already own them and they're honeypots.

They've taken them over already, boosted the racist signal same as ever, and are busy insta archiving any attempt at regular, positive themes:

Archived shortly after:

"POST RED-PILLS /POL/ REFUSES TO SWALLOW" (I call out CHANG. Thread gets archived...)

Well God damn! You're lonely, it's a pandemic, what the fuck you now have one place that won't ban you and ...of course you're becoming more and more like the cartoon villain they've made the site to represent.

Or, you're left totally ass out and with no forum at all.

They're creating the very thing they fear and are paid to attack and crushing any sort of middle ground or competitive option that would benefit both parties and the country as a whole. It's really quite sickening.

It's absolutely adding to the divisiveness and shittiness of US politics.

To the violence. To people getting killed. To insurrections and protests and etc.

And I don't see an end to it.


"What Biden & Trump supporters want the other side to know" (Pew)

Anyways, I've been saying this for fucking yeeeears now.

I'm most likely dying of lung cancer after 20 years of 2-3 pack a day habit (just too chickenshit to get checked), have never held a job in my life...they can't really cancel me...I'm being cancelled by life itself, lol!

But because of all this...all the shit I'm describing here...the corruption of true free speech and limiting of open dialog...the world is a much worse place. The US is a much worse place.

I asked about racial crime stats and was banned and etc.

The only place to ask was /pol/..where I was told it was genetic and etc.

Took me fucking years to figure out on my own that though there's a higher % crime and "13% accounts for 50%" etc etc...there was only a tiny % of the Black population that was committing the GD crimes! lol. A simple explanation would saved me! Are Whites being exterminated and facing extinction? A simple explanation would've told me "there are more White people on the planet than ever before in human history." Etc.

I don't understand it. The only people I see benefitting from this censorship and division is China. Maybe the Uniparty but of what good is worsening partisan rancor if they're ruling over a complete shithole and the parties are at physical war?

Anyways, feels good getting all this off my chest. Took me about an hour to find those fucking picks of the old screenshots. lol.

I could go on even more but...I really have been saying this (in pieces) here and there for years. I don't see things getting better and it's a damn shame. For the entire world. Maybe God is taking me outta here before the whole shitheap goes up in flames, lol. Who knows. Thanks for readin' there. Take care!

90snonconformist [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

LOL! So of course one of the mods for "was a Cruz guy"! Aaaaahahahaha. Didn't even support DJT during the primary!

Holy shit I'm dying laughin' over here. The face behind all those bans! Ahhh

"Inception of The Donald.Win"

From when he bugged out after the election:

Anyone else remember the days after the election? Democrats swarmed and were running anti-Trump threads right up to the top of "Front", to the top of every other thread on "Front"

and the mods were nowhere to be seen!

Sooo glad they hired the best and the brightest to mod!

Not someone without a fucking job history but who actually understood the internet and why The_Donald was attractive to begin with, waaay before fkn "August of 2016"! Wheeeew, shit. Tears of laughter! I'm coughign up my lunghs over here

This fatfuck (edit: in part!) cost us the election! ahahahajajahaaagahaha

I wonder what other mods are still over there shittin' up the place?

T_D should've shuttered and Trump supporters left en you can see from that "cuckservative" post I posted above, awfuggit here it is again:

What's his endgame?

...this is what Leftist / DNC / Cathedral / FBI shills really fear as then we regroup somewhere they don't control.

"the possibility of migration to other platforms, such as Discord servers, also exists. While one such migration (everyone leaving T_D at once as the three mods suggested) is easy to implement, multiple migrations inevitably incur costs and risks to their extremist [sic] users: internal strife may erupt, user bases may fragment to more than one successor platform, enthusiasm may wane."

These were all things they wanted. Not one big exodus!

As they banned me for trying to make it a laid back cool place that'd attract, you know, people like me, relative, sane moderates to vote for Trump!

Hoooo, shit.

That place went from a bunch of fun-lovin criminals and shitposters to




Just the ugliest shit, seemingly designed to chase away moderate voters!

I'm sure if you did a search through their threads, right around that time period, a few days before and a few days after the'd see the difference I'm talking about. And for sure I was there telling them, "told you so! I predicted this shit, you dumbfucks!"...for all the good it did anyone. :(

ShowNoteBot 3 points ago +3 / -0

I haven’t visited td since about that time. When they became I knew then…

CommieDefenseForce 4 points ago +4 / -0

Yeah, the government obviously took note of the website on January 6th and spooked the owner of the domain so much that he left. The other admins decided to stick it out but by "cleaning up their act" which meant doing things exactly how the government wanted, which means now the website is government approved, which means it'll never truly be a website where you can question the direction the government is taking and make no mistake. The government takes the same route whether it's republicans or democrats in power. The parties are just for show.

Strongocho 2 points ago +2 / -0

I also get a lot of pushback for criticizing the Q-tards on there and their absolutely retarded ideas and fantasies. Between the Q-tards and glowies, TDW is a shadow of what it used to be. the original group on reddit before it was banned and all wrongthink was purged was awesome. my favorite place on the internet. I was on reddit from 2010 and it was my favorite site. Over the years I watched it turn from a haven of free speech into a chinese owned propaganda machine and echo chamber designed (like all other social media) to make people feel like outcasts and conform to the left in an attempt to be part of the "in crowd". .win was AMAZING at first (up until around the time of the name change), but has been going downhill and being filled by commie trolls and glowies.

Cynic 2 points ago +2 / -0 is the natural evolution of T_D. The latter was compromised by a cuckservative after January 6th.

ShowNoteBot 3 points ago +3 / -0

Yep! It is and the mods know it and we don’t really participate here and we sure as shit DO NOT trust it and we’ve even emailed this to G-Dog… after the meandering honey pot.

deleted 1 point ago +1 / -0
ShowNoteBot 1 point ago +1 / -0

No one uses it…

deleted 1 point ago +2 / -1
chopchopslop 3 points ago +3 / -0

Same shit happened to the Canadian sub on .win. Shitty mod banned all the good users for "reasons" but it was basically cause he was a shit mod and we shat on him for it so he banned us for hurting his feels. We all migrated to a new forum hoping to get a sub on the dot win network but never heard back from the admins. They didn't do shit about the auth lefty mod running the Canada sub either.

If you want based Canadian content come check out It's more of an old school style forum but it's not too bad.

Strongocho 3 points ago +3 / -0

Everything we do is compromised, glowies everywhere. Even the Proud Boys allowed a damn FBI informant to become the leader as an affirmative action hire. The best thing we can do is laugh, have fun despite them, and not let the feds trick us into kidnapping Governors or meandering around the capital. Be vigilant, anyone you talk to on here could be a fed trying to trip you up.

GreenHairedFaggot 2 points ago +4 / -2

lol im not sure if its comped or just overun with shitty low Iq t-party rednecks lol same as the donald after election lol good link about /pol though. it's all demoralizing the west lol and info warfare ovr thereand has ben for months a few of thes are good many many o thes places much better thn dot win

of corse lol anything you or i say on a comp'ed platform will soon be comp'd itself as we're living in stasi commie times with china literally taking over by 2049, the centennial of the chnese communist revolution lol normalcy bias nd internet addiction has the west blinded to te real threat and stck in loop of shrt erm likes and upvotes are yu still active on peraltrees? there...about 2 days worth of content on that account worthy of viewing wold take a year + to read all the links and understand would take years lol thx but see a ton of sjws and progressives organizing there currently so not sure that is a good alternative to this place social bookmarking hm minds and thnkspot...a few others i wont mention herelol they go after any o that stick out so its basic jst linking up one to one and a few ppl just sharin and creat from the bttom up for now 'read old books' 'star a fam' 'make your own media' share things in small groups 'this may ...never happen just enjoy your life lol is wat im doin at least anthr tactc iz writin shtty lol so must ppl lol won reed wat yr sayin lol

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wonderfreeheromale 0 points ago +1 / -1

Why is this long ass post pinned cluttering up the page?

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