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Brutal hangover

Went to DC. Had a vacation by myself. This is why I hate traveling. It swallows up entire days. I drove for about 10 hours. Could have banked a month of shows.


HUNTER BIDEN The laptop isn’t his - maybe 12

This is women and politics. It’s about how the "FEEL.” 13

TWO TOP CONTENDERS FOR 2024 MATT GAETZ Accused of sex crimes Why is Matt so popular? I get Ron but why Matt?

RON DESANTIS Attacked by 60 Minutes 14

abortion guy

COVID Dude gets attacked 15 is the Asian on his side or not? He doesn’t have a mask on

we need a carrot to get people to get the vaccine 16

angry canadian pastor

ANTIFA/BLM Their blood is black because they have no souls 17 Note how they immediately call 911?

RACISM Turns out the jogger excuse was his goto lie 18 This obviously doesn’t justify murder but it does justify their suspicions

Eddie Huang movie 19 what is he talking about?

Ta-Neshi Coates “whites walk around like they own the joint” NOPE but black women sure do 20

TA-NESHI COATES Whites walk around like the own the place. Really? I see that more with black women.

Georgia Democrat demands to be somewhere she isn’t allowed to be 21 (also black women on the steps of the Georgia capitol with their heads in the cops bullhorn)

Black woman in drugstore says Asian knows Kung-Fu 22

Attacking another woman on the street in Philly 23

War on Asians continues to Tacoma 24 they are a different type of Asian. Cambodian refugees. TINY RASCALS (Long Beach CA)

Bad timing to mock this movie 25A but really?

More weird pedo shit masquerading as LGBT awareness 25B

REDDIT HIRING PEDOS is Discord next? 26

reddit mod caught chasing 13-yr-old girls

Reddit censors run by pedo 27 “she’s” now fired 28

more pedo shit PEDO ALERT 29 getting bad vibes from this Noah Berlatsky dude. He seems really into letting kids fuck. Look at his face.

He’s attacking Dan Savage and some liberal dude for not being trans friendly enough. Dan defending Jesse Singal 30 Gay civil war going on. Lesbians don’t want men in their gang. Gays don’t like women dressed as boys coming to their bars. We are erasing gay culture the same way cochlear implants erased deaf culture or abortion erased retards.

THESE PEOPLE AREN’T CANCELED, THOUGH. We allow pedophiles but not someone who MIGHT be racist. We’re more worried about offending blacks than we are about kids being raped. 31 ME AND LOOMER AND MILO ARE CANCELED

FINAL VIDEO Is this real? 32 what’s with the dog’s ears? They’re human ears.

Superhero fight 33

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CalvinCoolidge 3 points ago +3 / -0

I am DISTURBED by the fact that neither of the guys thought to get Jimmy a chair the whole fucking time. My man stood for an hour and a fucking half holding that mic. Cmon guys.... BE BETTER

ShowNoteBot [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

I know, I thought the same thing!!! He’s ancient you fucking assholes!!!

mavingcinnis 3 points ago +3 / -0

Great episode. Jimmy is a great guest