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Anyone want one?

So I enjoy the pretaped episodes and but I wouldn’t feel offended if Gavin went on break and left us without episodes for a week or two.

I’ve been constantly complaining about Crowder going on fifty million breaks ever since his ‘daily’ show started and I feel I haven’t gotten my former subscription(s) to CRTV and BlazeTv have moneys worth but at least Gavin tries.

Nothing insulted me more was when Crowder was suspended off YouTube and all of a sudden that mug club wasn’t good enough and stopped the show.

I thought the purpose of mug club was if crowder was banned or suspended off YouTube the show would keep going?

If Gavin has been proven anything it’s he values his customers (unless you call in 😂)

I can’t say the same for Wayne Dupree who went on vacation on his first fucking day on the network.

The Atheist guy constantly and consistently puts out content worth watching.

Soph I’m not into but from the videos I seen she is always putting out good content.

Jim not a fan of his show but I honestly feel like his show is a live show that’s always on in the chat with him getting mad at everything. The Jim Goad chat experience is the show for me.

Jacob delivers his show weekly with amazing information.

Wrong Opinion is pretty decent and worth a watch.

Rude Britannia I’m not into personally I don’t care about Canadian or British politics unless it’s coming from Sargon or Rebel Media. What’s weird is I hate listening to Crowder or Gavin talk about Canada but The Rebel actually makes it palatable.

Do they still post the links to articles and videos Gavin discusses on here? I’m looking for the Build Back Better video he showed.

China (
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Anyone have the episode that they watched Dhar Mann for the first time?

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He kissed a man


…disabled kids ain’t normal; there’s been a disproportionate intervention medically (MMR Vaccine)

Ryan's best impression (
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