It occurred to me while cooking dinner last night that Twitter allows legit murderers on their platform but somehow "racists" like Gavin are a bridge too far. They're even allowed to sell merch. Michael Alig for example, Before he offed himself with a heroin OD in 2020, Was allowed on Twitter and he straight up murdered a chick over drugs.

It's not even that it just seems like racism is worse than murder anymore. Racism is objectively a greater social taboo and cross to bear than literally taking another persons life.

Just my $0.02 on the current state of🤡🌎

I have always been the biggest defender of the Japrican when people would talk shit, but the past few episodes of GOML have me rethinking my position. He is fucking up VERY basic stuff and doesn't even sound like he cares about the show. He seems to be just phoning it in and doing the bare minimum to stay employed. That is cool in most jobs, but Ryan is working a DREAM job and doesn't realize it is not the kind of thing you half-ass. GOML should be a passion project. If I was in his shoes, it would be my fucking life, I would not be spitting in the face of the opportunity of a lifetime like he seems to be. The past two episodes ("the lying episode" and "they make great pets") almost made me turn them off because of his depressing and apathetic attitude draining the soul from the show. Why is a fucking millennial being taught how to do basic internet searches by a 50+ year old alcoholic? Aren't you embarrassed? And the whole shrimp thing... I would have been up all night researching that shit, hanging out at a pet shop, and surprising Gavin with a rad setup in the studio out of my pocket with a little underwater punching bag and all that, not reluctantly being involved and talking him out of hit because he is lazy. wtf Ryan. Grow up.


I really want to hear Gavin's thoughts on QOTSA. Unfortunately, the episode won't play. Is it archived anywhere else that I could hear it?

To be specific, i am not talking about the audio podcast named "On the inside, i'm a four"

Recently(October maybe?) a caller from the Live Show asked him a question about steve and their friendship and Gavin sorta made a nice monologue about friendship that i would like to revisit and listen again.



Attention People Of Georgia!

There will be a protest on January 6 at the CNN center in Atlanta to protest their lies about our freedom fighters, our leaders, these jab mandates and so much more. It's at 2 pm! Come join and fight for the truth 🇺🇸

well, thats my question. pls help.

That cracked me up so much.

Now I must stay home for 10 days. I have only been 24 hours in quarantine and have watched a complete season of a Netflix series and read a book. Now Im binging some GOML episodes I missed.

Any recommendations for the remaining 9 days of confinement?

My room is super small, so dont send me fitness videos because I dont even have space for pushups 🤣

Spreading the word (media.gavinmcinnes.win)
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