Ryan’s sleeping through work (more than usual) and the Gavinator’s been coughing since they got back. Idk but that’s exactly how my experience with it went.

Gavin speaks about this all the time. What exactly is this refering to? Is it about the states splitting up?

I could not fucking finish the most recent live show. This isn't a new problem, it's been shit for a long time but this was the worst it's ever been. What the fuck is wrong with this cheap ass Scot and his nip sidekick ??? PAY FOR REAL TECH STOP USING SKYPE

How is it that Gavin and AIU can manage to crank out content left and right and The Schpiel hasn’t put a thing out since July 3. Did they quit?

UPDATE: On the Sept 7 GOML, at around the 1 hour mark, Gavin Sr mentioned that Gavin Wax is working on Curtis Silwa’s NYC mayoral campaign so I guess we won’t see another episode of The Spiel until mid-Nov at least.

Who is the split screen dude during live shows that barely talks?

And I heard this before I unsubbed for a bit, but still don’t know the origin. What’s the “on your feet soldier” story? Ryan always cringes at it but I don’t think I heard the actual tale.

Anyways, good to be back

On last week's live show, Gavin did a sponsor read for a conservative dating app called Drom (I didn't catch tonight's live show yet; maybe there was another read). I started creating an account, and then got a weird feeling. With people being labeled domestic extremists for disagreeing with covid regulations, or questioning election results, Gavin's audience is pretty much right in the crosshairs. He's come right out and said he knows the show is being monitored. What if the new sponsor is the FBI dangling the promise of meeting sexy ladies in exchange for us volunteering our names, emails, phone numbers, etc? They'd have a self-reporting group of "domestic extremists" served up on a platter for easy surveillance. What do you guys think?

I wrote in to the mailbag to see if Gavin knows the Drom developers, or can somehow vouch for them. I don't think he's seen the letter.

I remember him saying a while back he was thinking about it, so he didn't need to go through the hassle of not being able to watch baseball games.

Did he follow through on it?

Gav's WAP (media.gavinmcinnes.win)
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In 2009 they said she had dementia in the initial paperwork to get her under a temporary conservatorship. However no paperwork was filed with the upcoming hearing making it permanent in support of the claim and never has. She has choreographed her own Vegas shows and been instrumental in their success working 7 days a week for years.

Docs say she has dementia in order to get her under conservatorship: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f6faddf8ed7155b91ae16a7/t/5f9dc101501b164da39ba9fb/1604174082314/Dementia+doc.jpg

Court docs for permanent conservatorship (section 9) do not claim dementia here, unmarked. They say she can’t feed, shelter, maintain physical health…while doing that for herself and dozens of others? https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1q3MNYIPTTRaZhQv-dg6NNau_KQxfh13l/10dYI08mdHE7ILFJYfuiWXnSukVEqfueN/1lkCyvOR6fwR6hyylOlZO1ObxaEWGnrsG?usp=sharing&sort=13&direction=a

Lynn Spears has filed paperwork in support of Britney in an effort to remove Jaimie Spears as Conservator. Britney has not had a relationship with Lynn in more than a decade. Lynn Spears says, Jaimie has microscopic management over Britney and has, denying her simple shit like coffee. Lynn wants Jaimie out. However, Britney wants her entire family investigated for living off of her. She has requested a CPA, professional conservator estate planner, and forensic accountant, Jason Rubin to review all of the accounting for the past decade.

Why did the Judge not grant the end of the conservatorship in June. Her Court appointed lawyer, (Sam Ingram III) of 13 years didn’t file the paperwork as required, even though he had been instructed by Spears. Sam made $6,000,000 off of Britney and is nothing more than the equivalent of a whore in the street as far as attorneys are concerned. He has no formidable reputation and was even allowed to hire Loeb and Loeb another law firm to assist him, while never doing as his client instructed. Instead. He was keeping it going.

The judge had no motion to rule on, therefore, keeping the current status quo as the status quo. Judge Penny said as much, there needed to be a motion. Sam Ingram has since quit and Britney has for the first time been able to pick her own counsel. A former and very well known Federal prosecutor Rosengart.

From 2014-2021 Britney made HUNDREDS of millions of dollars more. This is only a recap up to 2014 regarding her money. But her fortune has remained flat even though she’s made hundreds of millions more since 2014. $100 billion on fragrance sales, only 35% is a royalty to Elizabeth Arden or Brand Sense. Britney is the LLC not the person. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f6faddf8ed7155b91ae16a7/t/5f9dc54d9e7da9554f332e7e/1604175192936/2011.03.30+Brand+Sense+Lawsuit.pdf

2014, Spears revealed that her estate had a value of $46 million. That disclosure came about in court documents when her net worth was placed in conservatorship, basically to protect her from herself. Doing the math on all Spears’ earnings from 1998 through 2016 tells a very different story however. All else being equal, Spears should have a 2016 net worth of $267 million. That may make it seem like Spears lost $205 million, but because of tax calculations, she actually lost a much higher $290 million.

The Britney Spears net worth total comes from $324 million in concert earnings, $44 million from albums, $6 million from singles, $19 million from YouTube and $140 million from merchandise like her 19 different fragrances. There’s also $132 million in endorsement money. If that seems like a lot more than we stated above, it is. Including acting and Vegas money, Spears has earned a grand total of $670 million in her lifetime. Taxes and regular expenses chop out $337 million. Extravagant losses take away a staggering $290 million.

2014 Albums$44,351,244




Britney Spears YouTube Channel$22,325,842



Business Deals$4,000,000

Total Britney Spears Earnings$672,587,422

Britney Spears Salary (average)$35,399,338

Britney Spears Salary 2016$20,980,269




Britney Spears Net Worth$64,993,868

While having dementia, Britney has:

2008 Just one month after being deemed incapable, Britney goes back to work.

Does a MTV DOC; For The Record airs and Britney says that her life is “too in control.”

Britney’s sixth album, “Circus,” is released and a world tour is announced. Britney embarks on the “Circus” tour, which lasts for 9 months and 97 shows.

2011 Britney’s seventh album, “Femme Fatale,” is released. Britney embarks on the “Femme Fatale” tour, which lasts for 6 months and 79 shows.

2012 Britney appears as one of four judges on The X Factor.

2013 Britney’s eighth album, “Britney Jean,” is released. The Britney: Piece of Me residency begins in Las Vegas.

2014 “Britney: Piece of Me” residency continues.

2015 “Britney: Piece of Me” residency continues.

2016 Britney’s ninth album, “Glory,” is released. “Britney: Piece of Me” residency continues.

2017 Britney performs 11 shows throughout Asia. “Britney: Piece of Me” residency ends after 4 years and 248 shows.

2018 Britney tours the U.S. and Europe, performing 31 shows across both continents. It’s announced that Britney will start a second Las Vegas residency called “Domination” in 2019.

2019 She refuses to work if her father has any more control.

Why read any of this? This should shock anyone. Specially anyone who likes reading legal docs. Plus, legal docs have been sealed for years and still are, it’s clear someone is leaking them now because it shocks the conscience.

That intro song he played was cool when he subbed for Gavin last week. Anyone know the song for that intro? Ryan said it was "Hallowed" who I guess produced that particular show. Thanks.


WTF. Make the Wrong OP episodes downloadable just like GOML, FNAR, Man Up etc. I want to watch these episodes offline.

Our favorite chinaman has a new show up on the site. Asian Gavin McInnes is back!

Resubbing tonight! Will watch the show with the family! Even if it sucks thanks for the effort

Edit: We got a new episode from Gary! Ryan saves the day !

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