Marjorie Taylor Greene now on Telegram!

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to show the world all the support that he gives to Donald Trump, and all the news you will follow on his channel !

🇺🇸Are there Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene supporters here? 🇺🇸

JOIN : https://t.me/RepMarjorieTaylorGreene

... and Gavin McInnes has just found out how f*cked up Jordan Peterson is.

Welcome to the Past.

I wonder if Gavin will manage to finish the book. I tried reading 12 rules for life and put it down after 30 pages 🤣.

Is this happening to you, too? It just started after my AppleTV updated itself yesterday and everything else still works. The only thing that won’t play are vids from Censored.TV

Android 10 Nokia 7 Plus. When I turn on battery saver mode on the censored.tv google play app, I immediately get taken out of the video and into the select video menu.

Please test and see if you can replicate it on other devices.

I posted my mask panics on here a while ago and even sent two letters to the mailbag about kids wearing masks and they were ignored. I'm about to go to my local school board for the second time today.

do something Gavin, you're putting your kids in masks every day and yer ok with this

would crass be ok with this??

I'm trying to find an old interview of gavin by a french journalist. I can't find it anywhere. It may be french canadian, but I think it was a frenchwoman. I don't know the name of the company/channel, but i know it was held in his house library.

Ryan’s sleeping through work (more than usual) and the Gavinator’s been coughing since they got back. Idk but that’s exactly how my experience with it went.


I could not fucking finish the most recent live show. This isn't a new problem, it's been shit for a long time but this was the worst it's ever been. What the fuck is wrong with this cheap ass Scot and his nip sidekick ??? PAY FOR REAL TECH STOP USING SKYPE

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