We're rapidly approaching Oscar territory here, if we haven't gotten there already.

I am a firm believer that AAA studios can't make innovative, exciting titles anymore. Anything they have is either built on legacy or other peoples recycled hard work.

All the newest genre's of the last 2 decades have come from the indie market, and all AAA studios can do is play catchup.


Soooo, the weekly game discussion winner this time wasn't a game. This is understandable since it's pride month (apparently this is a thing?) and publishers are busy pumping out rainbow flag icons and other pandering bullshit instead of releasing games, so you'd be forgiven for not playing much of shit right now. It's all so tiresome...

Did WoW put a rainbow into the skybox in Azeroth yet? Wouldn't surprise me. Perhaps a rainbow-maned unicorn mount? Bonus points for the brony community who will soyface.jpg at the announcement...

Anyway! This thread is now about The Ragequit™️. You know it, I know it...believe me; we've all done it.

What makes you ragequit a game the fastest? The easiest? Never fails, always happens, rage-inducing, shit that just ruins a game for you.

I'll start - I fucking haaaaaate missions in games that rely on some poorly programmed factor out of your control not working correctly, forcing you to restart the mission over and over and instead of focusing on the mission and enjoying it, you end up focusing on trying to carefully do this dance around a clearly broken aspect of the game in order to just get past it, sometimes dozens of times. Good examples are timed missions with an NPC to escort or protect (or any escort mission, really), timed race missions in general (just hate them), shitty broken mini-games (Vice City RC plane mission, anyone? Spent hours on that shit...), etc. Generally if I find I am having to redo a mission over and over, I will often just say "Fuck this shit game." and turn it off.

I also hate playing games online with people who speedrun shit and then get mad when you're new and haven't memorized the map and the location of everything and then kick you or rage at you. Fuck those guys.

How about you?


You start out at your house at age 15. Your mom wakes you up to tell you that your dad is dead, he was killed on his way to work by a mugger but the police won’t release the description of the assailant due to harmful stereotypes. Your first task is to go to his funeral and run off the Black Lives Matter protestors that show up after the cops gun down his murderer when he pulls a gun during their attempt to arrest him.

Open world sand box type mechanics where all vehicles and objects can be used, bonus awarded if you use his casket to get a multi kill.

Your next task is to get a job to keep the bank from taking your home. However the only job available is at target and riots are a coming. You must keep the shelves stocked while looters run around the store stealing everything they can. You can not engage the looters or you lose your job and dodge all incoming objects, fireworks and racial slurs hurled at you. Finally after your shift ends you can go out to your car to leave but your magnificent 1995 Honda Accord is burning.

Next task is to get the fuck home. All you have is a box cutter, 7.25 in cash and an e-cigarette. It is 12 blocks to your home and the streets are filled with rioters who are yelling kill all white people ( oddly they are all white people) sand box mechanics again all objects are useable including the few cars that are not on fire. If you find the Saint Kyle holy relic at the local pool you get a companion who guns down a rioter every 20 seconds that’s in your path.

Next task defend your home.

You made it home!!! But it seems the mob has taken issue with your white privileged ass and they want to burn down your house. Luckily your deceased father was a Fren and had built up an arsenal before his death. Tower defense mechanics and build mechanics used here. You can summon the allfather donaldo trumpo once every 2 minutes to send in black hawk choppers to pick up groups of rioters and drop them from high altitude.

Once you win and all rioters are dispatched or have run away the swat team shows up and arrests you. The DA calls for the death penalty because you killed peaceful protesters and some one heard you say die faggots as you were shooting into the riot mob.

Game over screen appears and mayor Lori lightfool gives a speech about tolerance and destructing white privilege.

ELDEN RING - TRAILER (www.youtube.com)
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Message Received: DICE Releases Balls-To-The-Wall Battlefield 2042 Trailer After 'Woke' BF5 Crashed And Burned

EA chief creative officer Patrick Soderlund, who told everyone who hated the BF5 fembot trailer to "either accept it or don't buy the game," left DICE (or was forced out?) in 2018 after being with the company for 12 years.

Sounds like they may have changed from the outside to in to out. Customers can have an effect.

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