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My current choice would be 'IS Defense.' It's a beachhead clone in which you defend Europe by blowing up waves of ISIS. Mindless, but pretty fun.


It's set in Japan of course and I have no idea what their politics are over there, but man..when i was playing the game, it's one of the few times I had a great time just taking out an enemy that I could relate to.

"Bleach Japan" might as well of been Antifa to me.

However, I could have it all wrong and seeing the game as something else...and I'll proudly do that. Great game.




Hey guys, So part of the reason why we haven't gotten the gaming clan stuff up and running yet is simply because my old laptop isn't up for it. I've had it since 2015 or so and it's a worn out piece of junk at this point. The paint is literally worn off of the A, S, and D keys.

Anyway, I obviously need a new one, and once I have it and the work season has slowed down, I'll get to work starting that Rust clan (or whatever game we really want to get into once that time comes. So I figured I'd make a little community project out of it: what recommendations would you guys make for a new laptop? We have a budget $2,000. Go.

BTW with how much I travel, it has to be a laptop. I'd prefer a desktop, but that's not a workable solution for me. Sorry. Also, I cannot take gifts or donations, those will be rejected.


Jade Empire is one if the best rpgs of all time and I recommend you play it! Its never talked about but it should be


Ho Lee Fuck

Time has no meaning, sleep has no power, clocks are indecipherable, what day is it again?

There's going to be two major negatives in most people's mind so I'm going to review those first.

Early Access: This is the single most complete and finished feeling game I have played in years. And I'm not just comparing other EA titles. In ~40 hours (some of that offline) I have encountered ONE bug. One. Uno. 1. Singular Bugasaurus Minimus. That's fucking unheard of, from any game in any time period. Pong has more bugs. It does not feel incomplete in any way. There's no point where I went "Ah, the devs will have to add [this] and THEN it will be great!"

It's Chinese: This originally kept me from buying in spite of massively positive reviews from the day it came out. It is however, what qualifies as a Chinese Indie game, made by a small studio of five guys. Not Tencent as far as I can tell. It's far too well made for that. In fact it's far too well made, period. It's absurdly well made.

What is it:

In essence it's a Factorio/Satasfactory style game, except across multiple star systems, in 3d, on planets with full orbital physics and gravity simulation (Slingshoting is entirely possible). So much much bigger. First you're building a factory, mining resources, researching new technologies, then you're exploring other planets and building mining facilities for resources your home moon doesn't have, then you're building interplanetary logistics, then flying to other star systems and finding rare resources, all so you can pump materials into building a Dyson Sphere around your star. It's pretty epic, and very long scale. The Sphere isn't just some "wonder" you pump resources into and it magically finishes on it's own and then the game is over. You actually get to design it yourself, and it generates more and more power to fuel the ever increasing demands of your interstellar factory/empire. And I'm pretty sure you could just go on to build more spheres around more stars.

Flying between stars: this caught me by surprise, I didn't realize from the trailers until actually starting a new game, that your random seed creates a network of 50 or so stars (with different stellar types, and black holes and white dwarfs I haven't been to yet). Eventually you unlock warp, and can actually fly to these other stars and planets with no loading screens. You even manually steer your warp flight between them.

It's at that point, about 20 hours in that I went "Ho Lee Fuck" it's all one open universe???

It's pretty damn impressive.

The game itself is under 3 gig! Personally I can't even comprehend how this game functions as smoothly as it does, I am at a loss for how it was even made, let alone with Unity of all things. No slowdowns yet, even on a 30+ hour save. With half the starter planet covered in factory, thousands of satellites creating a Dyson swarm around the star, and three planets running additional mining and factory operations, one of them in another star system, and hundreds of automated ships flying materials between, the Autosave hitches for about 400 milliseconds. Game still runs smooth as butter.

There's a statistics panel that tracks all sorts of things in real time, including CPU and GPU usage, and even file size of the save with graphs showing what is using more or less resources. The kind of thing that usually exists as a dev tool and is not included in the game.

The interface so far is great, building and expanding factories is incredibly streamlined. There's even a whole tech line for "Blueprints" which let you copy and paste entire sections. No complaints other than the one bug I've encountered. (Sometimes the inputs on large storage containers bug out and I have to move the conveyer belt to a different port. They have twelve ports. Mildly annoying, seriously the only bug I've encountered.)

What's it missing?

It has no combat, which is apparently why it's in EA in the first place. The developers are currently working on adding combat and enemies (and associated defensive and offensive technologies) like other Factorio-type games have. To be released as a complete system when they are happy with it, not piecemeal. Still to be optional, as the game is great just as it is. (But I'll be happy to play through it again once they add the combat.)

They also stated a plan to add Steam Workshop and Mod support. (Ostensibly after they have added combat.)

Point reviews usually suck and are pointless, but this is certainly a 10 out of 10 for me. If they add combat, and it's as good as the rest of the game, it'll just be an 11 out of 10.


I'm not talking about ooo spooky zombies or ghosts or cheap tricks with jumpscares. I'm talking the kind of stuff that keeps you up late and makes you wanna buy a night light. The kind of game that doesn't leave you even long after you've finished.


This particular story is inspired by the round of D&D me and my friends played last night (me as DM), but any game would be acceptable.

So, for my own story:

My party has spent the majority of the campaign tracking down a Demon cult that wants to release the Demon armies to destroy the entire timeline, and have managed to track down their lair to an island that is known as the pilgrimage site for most of the worlds religions (using it to hide in plain sight essentially). They began looking around town to see if they could find any evidence, but the Bard in the party got distracted by the temple dedicated to the Bards goddess. He attempted to convince several of the other bards to help them....and rolled a Nat 1, leading to him being laughed out of the temple tavern. In order to have something to help heal his bruised ego, he hit up the magical infinite tap of enchanted wine and filled the remaining space in his Bag of Holding with the wine (about 700 lbs worth).

Eventually, the found the location and came up with their plan. The bard would use his Actor feat to disguise himself perfectly as a member of the cult and sneak into their hideout. Meanwhile, the rest of the party would be ready and waiting inside the magical orb the party has that has their own personal island and castle in a pocket dimension (they would be watching and jump out when the time was needed). The bard managed to BS his way in ("The adventurers we were supposed to be watching for?! They are here! I only barely escaped with my life, that is why I seem off. But luckily, they dont know where this location is."), and moved to the sacrifice chamber, ready to disrupt their ritual and save this timeline from Demon destruction.

The party pops out, ready to throw down, but the cult starts the ritual, which luckily for the party takes 1 minute to complete. The bard, still in his one surprise round, has a high enough passive Arcane knowledge to know how the circle works (at least on a basic principle), so he cast dimension door over to one of the people bound to be sacrificed and attempts to distract the cultist. He does this by......turning out his Bag of Holding and launching the wine at the guy.

...all 700 lbs...

Oh, did I mention that, as a magical substance, by my house rules the wine would be able to destroy the arcane circle (magic damages magic, unless otherwise hardened against such events)? I actually paused the game because I was laughing so hard, and I explained to the party that they just guaranteed the world was saved since the ritual now could not be completed. At which point we all started laughing. All because a bard filled a room about calf-deep in wine, for no other reason than "Lol, memes."

So, what are some instances for yourselves of situations that caused you to pause and say "That was so stupid, but somehow it worked."

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