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This particular story is inspired by the round of D&D me and my friends played last night (me as DM), but any game would be acceptable.

So, for my own story:

My party has spent the majority of the campaign tracking down a Demon cult that wants to release the Demon armies to destroy the entire timeline, and have managed to track down their lair to an island that is known as the pilgrimage site for most of the worlds religions (using it to hide in plain sight essentially). They began looking around town to see if they could find any evidence, but the Bard in the party got distracted by the temple dedicated to the Bards goddess. He attempted to convince several of the other bards to help them....and rolled a Nat 1, leading to him being laughed out of the temple tavern. In order to have something to help heal his bruised ego, he hit up the magical infinite tap of enchanted wine and filled the remaining space in his Bag of Holding with the wine (about 700 lbs worth).

Eventually, the found the location and came up with their plan. The bard would use his Actor feat to disguise himself perfectly as a member of the cult and sneak into their hideout. Meanwhile, the rest of the party would be ready and waiting inside the magical orb the party has that has their own personal island and castle in a pocket dimension (they would be watching and jump out when the time was needed). The bard managed to BS his way in ("The adventurers we were supposed to be watching for?! They are here! I only barely escaped with my life, that is why I seem off. But luckily, they dont know where this location is."), and moved to the sacrifice chamber, ready to disrupt their ritual and save this timeline from Demon destruction.

The party pops out, ready to throw down, but the cult starts the ritual, which luckily for the party takes 1 minute to complete. The bard, still in his one surprise round, has a high enough passive Arcane knowledge to know how the circle works (at least on a basic principle), so he cast dimension door over to one of the people bound to be sacrificed and attempts to distract the cultist. He does this by......turning out his Bag of Holding and launching the wine at the guy.

...all 700 lbs...

Oh, did I mention that, as a magical substance, by my house rules the wine would be able to destroy the arcane circle (magic damages magic, unless otherwise hardened against such events)? I actually paused the game because I was laughing so hard, and I explained to the party that they just guaranteed the world was saved since the ritual now could not be completed. At which point we all started laughing. All because a bard filled a room about calf-deep in wine, for no other reason than "Lol, memes."

So, what are some instances for yourselves of situations that caused you to pause and say "That was so stupid, but somehow it worked."

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IamM 5 points ago +5 / -0

Was playing Fallout NV a few years back, decided to do a melee-only run on the hardest difficulty. Was stuck trying to do the super mutant mountain part, even while attempting to use stealth. Decided to drop some extra grenades on the side of the mountain since I had no use for them, realized you could "climb" on them. Ended up going up the east side of the mountain using the grenades as little foot-hold things, ignoring all of the combat for what was one of the most difficult sections of the game.

VoteCyborgTrump2040 1 point ago +1 / -0

Things like this are the reason why people don't altogether ditch Bethesda games, even though they're so buggy.

IamM 2 points ago +2 / -0

Oh, I'm still under the impression new vegas is their best creation by a wide margin. I'd argue people only buy their games now not because of bugs or anything but because much like m night shllamallamalan they've released so much garbage that they want to be that "first" guy to tell you how they finally fixed their reputation.

VoteCyborgTrump2040 1 point ago +1 / -0

I would wholeheartedly agree with you about New Vegas, and that is because Obsidian developed it. But the bugs were there because it was made with Bethesda's buggy engine, and they only had 1 year dev time.

covok48 5 points ago +5 / -0

I played old school Command & Conquer and I simply could not beat the Greece campaign level as GDI. I first had to destroy a heavily guarded base just to get a beachhead and then they would rush me from their second base.

One day I was so pissed off that I just walled off the entire map with a chain link fence and wouldn’t you know it the AI just sat there with it’s thumb up it’s ass at the wall I just built and clearly weren’t programmed to just run over it or fire at it. I could build up and then demolish their base.

TechParadox 5 points ago +5 / -0

Original Red Dead Redemption - There was an achievement you could earn by killing a bear with your knife. After multiple attempts at it (and being horribly mauled by the bears multiple times), I found out that you don't have to land every hit on it with the knife - just the killing blow. I ended up chasing down the bear on my horse, blasting it several times with the shotgun, and once it had been weakened I hopped down and landed the last whack with my knife. Sure it was dumb to waste all that time only to end up using the regular weapons in the game, but it just shows how easy it is to get stuck in a one-track mind when you should try and think outside the box.

MagmaCoffee 4 points ago +4 / -0

I bought the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection a few months ago at release. I played the original xbox version and Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360 many times. I beat them on master ninja and they are two of my all time favorite games.

I bought the Master Collection thinking that the people complaining about the "Sigma" versions were just salty. Wrong. I could go into an endless tirade about how broken they are.

Anyway... wanting to get all the trophies, NG Sigma 2 has a mission mode where you are put in various combat scenarios to defeat bosses and enemies at increasing difficulty levels. When Sigma 2 originally came out on ps3, there was co op to complete the missions. It is absent in the Master Collection. To "balance" this, Team Ninja "nerfed" some missions. I put balance and nerf in quotations because neither of these things are actually true. You just get an unpredictable AI partner that's 95% retard and 5% unstoppable machine.

But I digress... one of (apparently) the easiest Master Ninja missions in the ORIGINAL Sigma 2 was overhauled. You fight a couple waves of dumb enemies followed by the Black Dragon- a crap boss that replaced Quetzocoatal from Ninja Gaiden 2. Only in this mission he is buffed to the point of being the most damage resistant and powerful boss in the game, if not the entire Master Collection. For real. So. I watched video after video trying to study this thing. Nothing worked. Insta kill after insta kill. The AI doesn't help. They're running circles at the edge of the map. No guides help. They are all about the co op version. At this point I've spent more time on this single mission than the entirety of my mentor, master ninja, AND chapter challenge playthroughs on all difficulties on this one challenge.

I come home from work one morning. Put some extra rum in my coffee and say f this. No strategies worked before. I make it to the dragon and just spam an ultimate technique, over and over, and over again. With the lunar staff. The dragon keeps trying to stomp me. The AI partner is running circles against the invisible wall. For 20 minutes straight. The dragon dies.

I get the platinum trophy, turn off the ps4, and never touch Sigma 2 again.

CisSiberianOrchestra 2 points ago +2 / -0

Shit, it's been a few years, but there was a mission in Metal Gear Solid V where I had to infiltrate a base to extract a hostage. I failed a few times using a stealthy, meticulous approach. Then, mostly out of frustration, I just charged into the base guns-blazing like a madman, setting off alarms and alerting guards. I grabbed the hostage, Fulton-extracted him, and ran far enough out of the base to where the helicopter could pick me up.

DivvyDivet 1 point ago +1 / -0

Final Fantasy V crystal boss. This boss features 4 identical looking crystals that all have a specific element (water, fire, earth, air). Upon low HP each crystal will start using super powerful attacks based on its elemental. Younger me couldn't figure out a strat. I was targeting each one at a time as you should, but would get destroyed upon the bosses low HP super attacks. Didn't think to use element defenses.

I had a Samari class in my group and found out that coin toss is an incredible powerful attack in the game. Tore through the boss with ease. Proceeded to mow down the rest of the game with a group of Samari throwing coins at everything.

Rov9000ish 1 point ago +1 / -0

DND game. We were raiding the BBEG lair. We go to the lower floor of her fortress, only to realize her personal chambers were there, where there was a pit full of ballistae to experiment summoning demons, and a long straight corridor that connected her personal room to the pit.

We enter her room, she's sleeping. We cast Silence to get in unnoticed. Then we realize that the biggest ballista can be pivoted 360... straight to her face. So we tie her up WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING and then my psycho sorcerer went "Rise and shine pumpkin!".

She woke up tied in bed, surrounded by 6 people, and a ballista bolt the size of a tree staring at her at the end of the corridor, ready to fire at the word "Ananas". Also, we picked clean her treasure chamber a session before.

That thing did 154 damage to her when we shot it, Impaling her to the wall. Then we brought the entire castle on her head to finish her off

Wallace 1 point ago +1 / -0

Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC

I was near death during the final boss fight, so I ran behind him and just kept on punching until he was dead. My buddy remarked, "I can't believe that worked."

GilaMonsterous 1 point ago +1 / -0

I recall one pathfinder game. There was a fortress held by the enemy we needed to get into. After various talks of flying in from above or tunneling in from below, we eventually decided to smuggle ourselves in. We got the biggest bag of holding we could find, a massive sack of air crystals, and a lot of cabbages. Most of the group clambered into the bag of holding, while the sneakiest of our party added the sack to a food shipment headed for the fortress, before getting in himself. We used the cabbages to hide our presence in case anyone actually looked into the bag. It was a tense period of waiting, especially when a bunch of the cabbages were taken out by the cooks of the fortress, but in the end, it worked. We had made it into the larders of the fortress undetected.