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Have any of you chosen to watch someone else play a game instead of buying it and playing it yourself?

I just recently finished watching "The Untouchables" with Costner, and I can't get the itch of this time period out of my mind. I just recently started a no commentary playthrough of LA Noire to see if it would scratch, and man, does it ever satisfy.

I've never played through LA Noire myself, but it's been a blast to watch this dude play:


I love all the accents and lingo, the cars and the way people dressed was just the toppest of tops. I understand this game probably has more of an affinity for being watched than other titles, just given the nature of the gameplay and story, but it's certainly not the first game I've done this with.

Another good one I can think of is Until Dawn. Every Halloween we throw on a playthrough, because no film seems to capture the atmosphere as well as the game.

I'd be greatly interested to see what others enjoy passively watching. There's probably dozens of games that read just as well as a movie with a competent player behind the wheel.

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Its sequel, The Two Jakes, is good too.

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Very good movie. Extra bonus points for the Ssss-mokin' Red-head Meg Tilly and the luscious Madeline Stowe. The plot is convoluted. I recommend to pause the movie once in a while (or switch on the subtitles) to catch all the details. You may also want to read the spoiler-filled Wikipedia Plot Outline.

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I don’t remember it being any more complicated than Chinatown. Movies back then didn’t come with training wheels.