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JeremiahKassin 8 points ago +8 / -0

Some of us haven't given up on being human yet.

TheImpossible1 2 points ago +8 / -6

You're just asking to be damaged then.

Just look at social media, at their voting record and at what they support.

Your expectations need to be so low they nearly hit the ground, and even then they still might crawl under it.

The average woman under 30 is a dumpster fire, and I've met enough in enough different places to confirm that.

JeremiahKassin 3 points ago +6 / -3

You're missing the point. If those are your expectations, then you're already damaged. Get help. Go to church.

TheImpossible1 3 points ago +8 / -5

But I'm not damaged. I'm realistic. If you expect kindness, empathy and loyalty from people who openly tell you that they have none of those things, you are going to get burned.

Eventually, your expectations get so low that you realize they aren't worth your time.

JeremiahKassin 3 points ago +4 / -1

You're like one of those deaf people that says they're not really handicapped, because the only real handicap deaf people had was inability to communicate, and they have sign language and their own culture, now, bigot!

Your lowered expectations are proof of the damage because they're part of the damage.

What you're saying is like, "You can't hurt me anymore. I had my nerves severed in an accident a long time ago."

You can still be injured. You just won't realize it until it's so massive it incapacitates you.