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Heard the game ran like shit on launch. Anyone have experience with it recently? is it worth picking up now?

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DigitalFulcrum 4 points ago +4 / -0

The game does many things good for BattleTech and a few bad things. It's more good than bad.

The wokeness is only really at the start and doesn't matter. Some people lose their minds when House Marik is described as "Diversity is their Greatest strength and weakness". Hate to tell everyone this but that is what BattleTech Master Rules have in the book as well, decades before the wokeness was a thing. So I dismiss that one. However they He, She, They thing is lame. What I find more offensive is the active discrimination to blonde hair blue eyed males (I forgot the actual word) and don't make that as a cosmetic option for your character. That actively cuts off a whole lot of House Steiner.

The combat and mechs are very good. They are the real stars of the show and present themselves as avatars of war and destruction very well. They do a pretty good job to immerse the player in the BattleTech world. I do kind of cringe at the whole story of the princess loosing her kingdom and hires mercenaries to take it back. It's basically the same story as MechWarrior 4 except they play it safe by using a "pocket empire" faction who's caught in the middle, as opposed to MechWarrior 4 where it's about a duke to House Davion, an actual large important faction to BattleTech.

Edit:. Get the same on sale definitely. You still get the game and the SJW creeps don't get as much money out of the deal making it a bitter acquisition for them.

Edit Edit: this is also the only BattleTech game I'm aware of that actually permits MELEE COMBAT. One of the DLCs include an Axeman battle mech. You will not see one in any other MechWarrior/BattleTech video game.

J_Darnley 4 points ago +4 / -0

I've not played it for a few months and I didn't find the performance to be too bad but the devs have ceased work on it so it won't get any better.

There are a few technical problems:

  • It chugs a bit between each turn in battle
  • I think I remember some small pauses other times
  • The linux version has a massive problem with audio balance
  • It is a memory hog
  • I've read that it doesn't selectively load things meaning it gets slower when you have more items and also save games (for some bizarre reason)

It also has some "political" problems

  • Made by SJWs
  • "they" pronoun options
  • All the women are ugly

Despite that I would recommend it. Buy it when its on sale if you want. It has a good selection of mods even if many are locked up on steam and nexus. (Your opinion on those places might be more forgiving than mine.) The campaign story is decent but other than the tutorial it isn't needed and you can start the career mode.

I think it is a better game than the new Mechwarrior 5 (if you have seen that) but less exciting due to its turn-based play.

Kaarous 4 points ago +4 / -0

As far as performance goes, You have to trim your save files and keep your total inventory down. Due to a peculiarity with how the dumbass Unity engine works, the game loads every single item and graphical artifact from ALL of your save files before you can load any save file or any map.

Keeping your inventory down and capping yourself to five or six save files solves most of the game's problems.

As for the SJW bullshit, I don't know if it's still around or not because the devs decried it themselves and got it banned from Steam Workshop, but there's a mod to cut that nasty Muslim tranny bitch out of the game completely and replace her with a scuffed graphic of Cortana from Halo.

J_Darnley 3 points ago +3 / -0


That mod example is why I hate how centralized mods have become. A place for people to bitch and moan about things they don't like and ensure nobody else can use.

P.S. Are you having a problem upvoting this thread/submission and having it stick?

Kaarous 2 points ago +2 / -0

Upvotes in general are broken today, something about the database for the site I suspect. Report it to the admins if you haven't already.

Drcm [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

muslim tranny bitch? finding a mod to remove her will be my day 1 priority

disgruntled_patriot 2 points ago +2 / -0

It's a solid Turn Based Tactical RPG. As good as they come. The mechanics are rich and deep. LOADS of options in battle. Commanders are afforded a lot of leeway on how they approach battles. It actually requires you to think! Heaven forbid, right? Much much more than other turn based "tactical" games I've played, which are little more than move to this square and press the "win" button or constant RNG fail.

That being said, once you've accumulated some better mechs and leveled up your pilots enough, the game does become pretty easy. I kind of miss the challenge of the early game some times.

Its performance is lacking, but it's playable. It will chug. MIND THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. I get stuttering even on my fairly top of the line PC. Load times exist but they aren't atrocious. And I haven't encountered any bugs or glitches. It's fairy stable.

Graphically, it won't be winning any awards. But it's not hard to look at. Presentation is somewhat lacking, but it's a middle market title. How many times have I said that I would rather have a functioning game than a polished turd? So I don't mind the production quality, especially when it suffices. Although I do sometimes wish that explosions looked better to show off the carnage in combat more, but it's still plenty satisfying to blow off chunks of enemy mechs with railgun shots and LRM barrages.

As for the woke stuff? Eh... I'm just not seeing it. Is your crew a diversity fest? Yeah. So what? Are the women ugly? Sure. So are the men. Are there no blondes in the future apparently? For some reason, yes. But the story isn't shoving obvert woke bullshit in your face. So I guess it just depends on your level of tolerance.

I can't compare the video game to the tabletop game. The video game is my first exposure to Battletech. On its own, I can give it a solid recommendation.