Hey everyone, I've created a discord for our growing community. Everyone is welcome to come in and start playing their games! New, permanent invite --> https://discord.gg/y9YTStdGUb

Edit: Since it's already been mentioned several times that Discord is a bad idea, this Discord is a temporary solution to the necessity of establishing comms while we set up something new, probably TeamSpeak. I'd like to hear other suggestions though.


This community is for gaming.

Posts about other topics will not be permitted.

I advise the use of c/shithole, which will be included on feeds, for content which does not fit anywhere else.


Recently reached the end of my latest gaming list and I'm still craving new games. My usual are single player RPGs. I've already taken looks at most of the mainstream stuff like Skyrim and Witcher.

Are there any hidden gem RPGs I might not know about? I've already played kcd and taken looks at stuff like assassin's creed. Stuff along the lines of the previously mentioned games.

I like things that involve building something up whether it be a base or a whole village (kcd pribyslavitz) or a whole kingdom(kingmaker). Nothing hardcore country management though.

And preferably single player, I like to mod my games.

Anybody have any good places to start for a DND solo module. I tried to get into DND but for some reason it doesn't click as much as a 3d game. I would like to at least try it again though.


If I hear White Orchard's melancholy music I honestly don't think I can handle it. I've replayed it about 6-9 times. And Novigrad's theme? All the characters are so deep, seeing them again would be...It's hit the point of nostalgia to me and I have such fond memories of us. It's the kind of game that will hold up after years, though..

And Toussaint? If I hear that music walking through the city, I know I will break down in tears. It sounds silly but man...I have the fondest memories of that game. Sounds silly but I don't think I could ever replay it, or even listen to its music...TOUSSAINT IS SO BEAUTIFUL


Who else besides me thinks that Bethesda should be working on the next elder scrolls and fallout games instead of Starfield.


Not once did the thought come to my head, but the internet slapfights are really fucking embarrassing to come across when you're browsing discussion threads.

"durrrrr PC bros suddenly are ok with 64GB memory and 720p now"

"tendies assblasted how will they ever recover get the copium"

How about "you both are ten year old fags who don't work for either company?" I don't give a shit about either company making money, $NTDOY is stagnant for growth and no retail investor is getting into Valve. I just want to do some cool shit with the device targeted specifically at my interests, please actually do some productive shit with your lives like contributing to the ongoing audits.


Yeah, I know, Steam needs yet another Group like I need a hole in my head, but someone suggested it in another thread and I thought "Hey, why the hell not." So I created one. Feel free to join up and add your suggestions as to which games people should play.

Group Name: Gaming.WIN

Abbreviation: Gaming.WIN

Group Link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gamingdotwin


Actsolutely based. Liberals/leftist faggots all over Reddit and other like minded propaganda centers are feigning outrage and tears for the next limp dicked attempt to cancel a gigacorp.

I for one have a renewed interest in supporting this hardworking game dev during this unwarranted persecution by my traitorous State of California.

I've never really used GOG. I think I've bought like 5 games there ever.

I know you have more ownership over it, but what is that like in practice? Can developers censor the games with an update?

I know the games on the store can always be censored, or removed, but if you've already bought the game, can it be censored?

Also some games on steam have Steam workshop which conveniently allows you to download mods.

Can you make a GOG version of a game use steam workshop or is that impossible?

thank you.


Have any of you chosen to watch someone else play a game instead of buying it and playing it yourself?

I just recently finished watching "The Untouchables" with Costner, and I can't get the itch of this time period out of my mind. I just recently started a no commentary playthrough of LA Noire to see if it would scratch, and man, does it ever satisfy.

I've never played through LA Noire myself, but it's been a blast to watch this dude play:


I love all the accents and lingo, the cars and the way people dressed was just the toppest of tops. I understand this game probably has more of an affinity for being watched than other titles, just given the nature of the gameplay and story, but it's certainly not the first game I've done this with.

Another good one I can think of is Until Dawn. Every Halloween we throw on a playthrough, because no film seems to capture the atmosphere as well as the game.

I'd be greatly interested to see what others enjoy passively watching. There's probably dozens of games that read just as well as a movie with a competent player behind the wheel.


Hello there! I have been lurking here for some time; but I have recently been making an effort to get more involved with communities covering topics I enjoy. I have discovered just how fun it can be to connect with fellow patriots who enjoy discussing the same topics I do...

So on that note, here is my formal introduction into the world of gaming.win! I have been a fairly involved gamer for well over a decade now (I'm only in my early twenties). I play/watch a wide variety of games, though I would have to say platforming is (very narrowly) my favorite genre. I'm a console gamer. My favorite series are Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

I hope I can contribute some fun to your discussions here! To start things off, here is my "top three games of all time" list. This is off the top of my head:

(3). Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Very mixed opinions on this one; but I will always love it. Also, the Tails/Eggman levels were great, regardless of what mainstream reviews may claim.)

(2). Super Mario 64 (Yeah, I know it's cliche. But the reality is that few Mario games ever gave me the sense of wonder that this one did. Mario Odyssey came very close; but this one takes the cake! I have also never played a platformer with better design than this one.)

(1). Super Smash Bros Brawl (Yes, I do play Ultimate. No, I will not change my mind. This was my first Smash game, so I may be a bit biased. Objectively, other Smash games are more mechanically sound; but I will never forget the first time I popped Brawl into my Wii. Endless tournaments with my friends. Truly an epic game for the ages! Wario will forever my main, by the way.)

Feel free to leave comments with your favorite games down below. I know a good deal about many series other than the ones I just listed (Half-Life and Resident Evil are two other personal favorites), so feel free to elaborate on whatever genre you want :)

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