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That's why she's teacher of the year!

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All my best teachers weren’t awarded anything.

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"Lee admitted to a police officer Friday that she used the N-word while reading the novel Of Mice and Men to her class."

A student, who was not named due to her being a minor, commented on the post about Lee using the N-word in her classroom. The student wasn’t a pupil of Lee’s, so she asked to speak to the girl in-person about the comment she posted. The student told police that when she arrived at the classroom, Lee reached across the table and hit her several times."

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Real life Peggy Hill

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My mother inlaw with glasses and less ambition. Awww wait. My mother inlaw started wearing glasses at some point. I only just realized it. Jesus, I bet it was at least 10 yrs ago now that I think back. I bet she’s still bitter I didn’t notice. That explains a little. Not a lot.

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Well I think it's safe to say his questioning was justifiable.

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