Yesterday, the plastic handle on the bathtub temperature mixing valve broke. Inconvenient, so off to the hardware store.

Easy repair, right? Just take a broken piece of plastic off and replace it. Except now, when you twist for Hot water, it's Cold. And visa-versa. It makes no sense!

Have you ever done a repair that left you scratching your head afterwards?


Anyone got any adcice for tearing out oul caulking and cleaning out mildew? Also anybadvice for applying new caulk? I wanna do this project myself but have 0 experience with sealant.


I am looking into buying a moore version 2 jig borer off of ebay. Apparently the tooling for these is very expensive. So I can find the correct taper for boring bar tool holders for decently cheap. If I got say a half inch boring bar holder would that also be able to hold endmills or fly cutters? I.e. once you get the tool holder on the spindle the holder-to-tool connection is it just a cylinder with a setscrew and you can stick anything that fits in it? Also would I need a collet chuck?

i been wanting a large sterling engine and cant make it myself... its actually vary simple but i don't have the skills to make it. something like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bY9aPuJhhw if your interested fell free to message me and we will talk.

I don't want to make an account for some kind of novelist site or whatever and i figured if i'm going to become a long-term, involved member of the community (after i get over the culture shock, Reddit migrant; see post history of curious), i might as well share my hobbies/"creations" with you folks :D