We all know it's coming again. There's clearly business opportunities, and I'm not talking about sewing face masks.

Deck builders and other home improvement services made bank. Motorhomes are sold out. Bicycles and exercise equipment are only now coming back. Bars in South Dakota had their best tourist season ever.

What's your take? How can I take advantage next time around?


I'm pretty handy with this stuff and have a bunch of education. PST if you know where I can get some training in western washington.

We have a raised bed, 8' by 4', that I prepped for the fall garden. These beds are 3' deep and have logs and limbs at the bottom, then wood chips, then dirt followed by 16" of "Super Dirt".

"Super Dirt" is our variation of "Mel's Mix" of the Square Foot Garden fame. So there's three types of manure include cow and mushroom, worm castings, peat moss, dirt, and vermiculite. Holds water and grows great veggies.

Layer the manure, castings and dirt on a large trap, mix, then add one bucket of this mix, one of peat moss and one of the verm to a cheap Ryobi cement mixer, moisten, mix, pivot, dump directly in the bed and spread.

Rained the day after the big mix, so the dirt is ready for the early fall planting of peppers and tomatoes and maybe some root vegetables later on.

I also had to put out more traps for varmints because the squirrels want to dig and stick their nuts in the dirt. (Pecans, which grow in the area, not parts of their anatomy...). Also rats from some of the vacant houses and lots. We will add screen to this bed next weekend, but so far I've "relocated" four destructive critters in two days.