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I am looking into buying a moore version 2 jig borer off of ebay. Apparently the tooling for these is very expensive. So I can find the correct taper for boring bar tool holders for decently cheap. If I got say a half inch boring bar holder would that also be able to hold endmills or fly cutters? I.e. once you get the tool holder on the spindle the holder-to-tool connection is it just a cylinder with a setscrew and you can stick anything that fits in it? Also would I need a collet chuck?

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I can't really answer about tooling compatibility, but it seems like your idea might run into tolerance stacking issues, less tolerances is better if you want any real precision.

Edit: Also, depending on what you want to do, Taig (good tools, Made in U.S.A.) sells some inexpensive benchtop mills and lathes.

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I've been looking into those actually I will probably get the lathe from them

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Morse and Jacobs toolholder tapers are an example of the self-holding variety. With self-releasing tapers, the male will not stick in the female without a drawbar holding it there. However, with good drawbar force, it is very solidly immobile. NMTB/CAT, BT and HSK are examples of the self-releasing variety of toolholders.

Yes, a self-holding toolholder is secure against extreme force, far more than a set screw.