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Wasn't sure where to ask this but this sub seemed full of good ideas.

I have a tree that grew up next to corner of house. A storm knocked it over onto house. Tree cut and removed but stump left (I wasn't part of this situation nor if I had known would have allowed a tree to grow there).

Couple years later tree is sprouting. No one wants to remove it as it might damage foundation. I have poisoned it, drilled into it then poison again, poured salt on it, set it on fire as well as drilled into it then on fire again, covered it from light/water and cut roots on top of ground. Gone on for a year.

It WON'T DIE. Any suggestions that doesn't include ripping it from the ground.


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There is Epsom salts. See talky article for more details. If the tree has a vibrant root system magnesium will dry it out and finally kill the tree for good. You can follow that up with stump digester.


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You've found an immortal tree. Either this is the work of God, or of Satan. Sprinkle some holy water on the tree and see if anything happens. If it bursts into flame, then your tree is evil. But if nothing happens, then God has put that tree there in order to try to tell you something.

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He might just be saying you need a little physical labor.

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You have to hire someone with one of those stump removal machines. They won't damage your foundation and if it does, you have bigger fish to fry because those systems aren't so big that they should ever do that. I speak from experience because I had a 100+ foot 30+ year-old oak tree right in the middle of my gravel driveway (which was flush to a bowing basement wall at the time). The guy brought the thing over, ran it for about 30 minutes to grind down the stump and about 2-3 feet down into the whitewashed rock gravel driveway right next to the worst bowing wall I had. Not a single problem came from it, and trust me, that says a lot for the basement I had then.

So if your foundation goes down from the machine I had my guy use, then you have bigger problems to deal with.

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Yikes! On that tree in that location, and another vote for a stump grinder.

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My father removed a stump by drilling some holes, pouring oil in, and lighting on fire. Something like that. Google it, it’s a thing.

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I have tried the drill hole and set it on fire three times over past year. That is normally how I handle stumps. Quick, easy, and no fuss way. But this tree is just keeps on trying to come back.

BigOT 3 points ago +4 / -1

stump grinder from the rental yard, be sure to call around and see if any of them charge 1 day for weekends. Sunbelt Rentals where I am does this and I always plan big projects around 3 day weekends while paying only 1 day rent fee

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What kind of tree is it? Some trees are actually connected to each other under ground so it can still get energy from elsewhere.

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Ive heard drilling deep holes then pour in Roundup works, but i have not done it personally. Last stump I had i put a fire ring around and had bonfires for a couple weekends and that took care of it.