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My trim and hand rail are in desperate need of paint. Most has chipped off, and i scalped the rest. Do i need a special primer to gave any chance of lasting a while? I have some waterbased kilz outdoor primer here from when i did the balcony, but that was all new wood. Good enough?

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If you can get rid of nearly all the paint just use a solid stain instead (that way you don't have chipping problems in the future).

If you're going to prime, I'd just use what you have there... & Similar to what u/saltymainahkracken said, you're going to want to use a water based paint over it (though you can use a water based paint over oil primer too, just not the other way around)

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How sure are you of that order? I believe it's the other way around. I'd argue but all I have is anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

No homo, but I've gone both ways, on plywood skiffs. Just scrape and whatever paint's around, but if we're looking for a quality finish that will last in a trim and deck rail environment, for a house, isn't it cover the porous latev with sealing oil?

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I've professionally painted for going on 20 years.

I'm not sure if what your complaint actually is, please feel free to reiterate... But, what I'm saying is:

Whenever possible, use stain & don't use oil based paint over water based primer... Honestly I've never actually done that so I'm just passing along what I've been told, but i have used oil based primer with water based paint & I know that works

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>> isn't it cover shit with oil sealer?

On wood or masonry you want a strain or sealer. Only with paint will you need a primer

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No complaint.

Short research shows I'm probably wrong.

Exposed wood trim against a stuccoed building is where I picked up that guidance.

Desert temperature/humidity swings imply lin seed and shade all wood.

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I'm kinda drunk, but just fyi stucco is weird af. You're only supposed to restucco it with a tinted stucco, no paint/stain/etc has something to do with the way it breathes

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All I know is a water based primer for water based/latex paint, oil based primer for oil based paint. Kilz does have the mold, etc, killing agent so maybe it would be fine. Sorry. I'm no painter...obviously.

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Test for lead.

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If your goal is to make it last, I'd throw on some penetrating resin/epoxy, (if it's real dry wood it will slurp up quite a lot, so you'll probably need several coats). Then sand it down back to the wood, prime it with whatever you want, and paint it with whatever you want

It essentially won't be wood anymore, but it will make it last a whole lot longer