I am building a device that requires some gear reduction to get the speed/torque required out of a small motor. The form factor of commercially available gearboxes are not great for this design, so I am looking to produce my own. The device is portable, so minimizing weight is a perk.

How does one go about deciding the modulus/pitch of the teeth, and the material used, so that the teeth do not shear off during operation? A smaller tooth size would allow smaller gears, thus a smaller case, for overall less weight. Plastic gears would also obviously be lighter, but would need a thicker gear or larger modulus for the same strength. Plastic would also be cheaper. These will be straight cut spur type gears.

Are there charts that can tell me the capacity of a variety of gears to help me decide? If not, does it make sense to simulate in Fusion360? This would cost me some amount of AutoDesk credits that I would rather not spend, especially to run numerous simulations to optimize, but I need the data.. Seems like the sort of information that should be in the Machinists Handbook or another reference material?


I've always loved South Park and it was one of my favorite shows however the recent seasons and specials have been painfully disappointing so I have took it upon myself to write a new Vaccination Special in the spirit of the original, non-PC, offensive South Park.

Several of my friends have warned me against "giving away my content" but I don't care who takes credit, I miss the good old days of South Park. I'm pretty good at writing and I can voice act a few characters, what I need is feedback and volunteers to animate and voice act as well as a few other things (I'll make a quick list at the end of this post). I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to add to this or make something of your own, here are the first few scenes of my self written South Park episode.

Black screen. White text disclaimer fades in

"The following should not be viewed by anyone"

Opening sequence, only it's covid edition

Scene 1

wide shot of kyle's house, jingle intro to episode (do do doo do do doo)

cut to kyle's living room

kyle is sitting on the couch wearing a mask

Sheila broflovski (also in a mask) finishes up vaccumming and begins setting up tablets pointed towards their television

Gerald Broflovski enters through the front door and takes off his coat

Kyle's mom: "Gerald! What are you doing?!"

she rushes over to him and pulls a mask out of her pocket

Mr Broflovski: "Come on honey we've been over this, there's no need in our home"

the big fat bitch: "I know but we are having a zoom party today to watch the election. We can't let anyone see us without them"

Gerald takes the masks, half rolls his eyes, sighs, and then puts it on

Kyle slouches forward and gives a bored, annoyed face

kyle: "Mom, is it alright if I play video games with stan for a little bit? They say the results can take a while"

Kyle's mom: "No you sit right there! We HAVE to make a good impression"

tablets on the couch sequentially change their screens from a rotating semi-circle to streams of their neighbors who all say something upon connecting to the group

the ipad next to kyle has Mrs. Cartman (masked) in her living room. Behind her you can see cartman walk down the stairs and towards the kitchen, he is unmasked and wearing pajamas and a gaming headset.

As he walks into the kitchen you can hear him laugh loudly and say [into his headset] "That was sooo sweet, good game guys"

he leaves frame and then immediately returns back in the opposite direction carrying multiple bags of chips and a 2 liter of soda. he looks over and sees kyle on his mom's tablet

Cartman approaches: "Kyle! Kyle! You have to get online right now dude!"

Kyle looks to his mother but before he could ask again she says "I can't have you eating up our internet, you're gonna sit right there Kyle"

Scene 2

Wide shot of tegrity farms, sounds of gunshots and children's laughter

cut to stan's room, he is sitting at his computer with a gaming headset on and he is very involved in the shooter he is playing

Stan: "Wow great shot Clyde" he laughs a bit

Cartman [over the headset]: "Yeah Clyde that was pretty sweet"

cut to clyde's room

Clyde: "Alright guys I'm going to bed, I can't believe how late we stayed up"

cut to an alarm clock that displays 4am or something (whatever time they gave election results i forget)

cut to Token's room

Token: "Yeah I'm calling it too guys"

cut to Stans room

Stan: "Alright seeya--"

Randy barges into the room, slamming the door open

Randy: "Stan! Did your friend steal the election?!"

Stan: "What? Dad!?"

Randy: "Stan! I know your friend hid ballets one time, but did he do it again this time? Or did he teach someone else how to do it?"

Stan sighs and looks over to his computer

Stan: "Cartman."

Cartman: "Yes, Stan?"

Stan: "Did you steal thousands of ballets from swing states during this election?"

Cartman, with chips in his mouth: "No not this time bro"

Stan looks over to randy "He says he didn't do it"

Randy grunts and stomps out of the room, stans mom follows him downstairs

cut to the living room where randy and sharen are sitting on the couch, randy is hunched over with his hands on his head crying about the election results

Randy: "It's just not fair, it was so close"

Sharen: "Randy why are you acting like this? It's not the end of the world that Mr Garison won't be president another four years."

Randy: "You don't understand! You don't know anything!"

He raises his voice towards the end, gets an angered look on his face.

"I didn't vote for Mr. Garison. I don't know if you noticed from all this weed around us, Sharon, but we are libertarian. Everyone knew he was going to win, he was the lesser of two evils, Sharon! Everyone knew!"

Randy stands up and slowly approaches a window. It is raining and the soundscape is mournful.

Randy: "If I had voted for him, maybe this wouldn't have happened."

Sharen: "I thought this is what you wanted, this should be good for business, right?"

Randy: "Perhaps... but at what cost?

Randy's eyes reflect raindrops on the window.

Randy: "At what cost?"

ominous music

Scene 3

Mr Garrison is having a reelection party with strippers, blow, drinks, loud music and disco lights etc

He takes a bump, then he takes another

"Two scoops, bitches"

He takes a random drink from a person and starts to look around the room, his eyes seem to lock on a point

"How you feelin Rudy?"

cut to a Rudy Giuliani lounging out on a couch. His eyes are bloodshot, he has a drink in one hand, a blunt in the other and a prostitute on his lap. He doesn't respond or look away from the hooker. He teeth fall out but he manages to catch them and put them back in.

cut back to Mr garison, he smirks. A secret service agent walks up and says something into his ear

Garison "What?!"

The music stops, he is handed a cell phone

"What the fuck is this? What do you mean I didn't win, I fucked them all to death!"

He slams the phone on the ground and begins to leave

"This is bullshit I gotta get to the bottom of this"

cinematic music, scene of garison on a jet

cut to the front of the white house, there are protestors outside and garison comes into frame but he is stopped by a small group of incredibly gay male strippers wearing fur and other pompous crap. They are all holding selfie-sticks. The short shirtless faggot wearing horns speaks with a very feminine voice "Hey we can't let you pass and mess up our seige of the capitol!"

Garison: "Who the fuck are you guys?"

Horned faggot: "We're the insurrrreeectionists!" and he says it very emphatically (gay)

Garison: "What about all those people you let past?"

Another insurrectionist: "They have guns so we--

Garison slaps him in the face and walks right on past, the insurrectionist squeals like a girl and moves

very close to another insurrectionist. Leader then says "Well he incited my erection"

cut to front doors of the white house, there are people standing peacefully holding signs that say things

like "stop the steal". Mr garison walks past them but is stopped at the front door by a fat officer who

says "You can't go any further, your not the president anymore"

Garison: "the fuck I'm not!"

Garison turns around and farts into the man's face, the officer falls to the ground and dies terribly.

Garison then breaks the window by the front door. Next, he grabs onto a woman and uses her as a human shield to get through the window and she gets shot dead in the process. Once he in through the window you can hear the sounds of commotion as though Garison is only a few more kicks, punches and farts away from finding out who took his presidency. at this point the music should have been building up to the climatic end as we see Garison enter the oval office

His jaw drops, the camera slowly zooms in, he takes a few short breaths

Stuttering: "Mm. mm.. mm. Miist... Mister.. Mister Sl- slave?"

cut to a shot of Mr Slave behind the desk, he is wearing a wig and lipstick.

Mr Slave: "Do I have your attention now Mr. Garison!"

cut to black

I have a lot more written but I just wanted to get some feedback and possibly some help on making this an actual animation someday. Here are a few spoilers for you guys:

  • Butters gets kidnapped by Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Dr Fauci is a drug dealer selling vaccines in the ghetto part of town. He kills Kenny.

  • Mr Slave gets a BJ from Kamala but his master is the leader of the CPP (literally Winnie the Poo)

  • The kids get trapped on pedo island where they meet chef and NAMBLA

  • Chef sings a BLM song

  • Qanon is revealed to be Keanu Reeves

  • Finale is a meme war with popular meme characters literally engaging in weaponized warfare

  • Pepe the frog saves the kids

Tye Dye Tapestry (media.communities.win)
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Okay, full disclosure, I know as a general rule, it's illegal and unethical to clone Somebody Else's phone due to invasion of privacy, etc., but If I wanted to do so for my own personal use (convenience, backup, etc.), is it legal?

If so, is there a way to do so straight from a dual sim android phone, or do I have to purchase a copying tool for PC?

I ask, because i'd like to use a burner phone for work and keep my good one at home, but I don't want to have to keep swapping the SIM card back and forth all the time.

Thanks in advance for any answers, even then snarky ones, lol.

Edit: to the mods; if this is the wrong community for this question, please point me at the correct one, and I'm sorry for wasting your time.


Any instructions on how to do yourself?


So some of my friends have expressed an interest in buying a couple of motorcycles, learning to ride them and going on a road trip. I've never rode one before and im curious about what i should look for in a bike for a long trip and how i should prepare. Trip is not til next year or two(supposedly) so i have time.


spiral both around the split headband parts, joining them together. Chose whatever tape you want next to your head.

I need to apply some labels and they need to be as difficult to remove as possible. I want something that tears and leaves nasty residue so I can tell if someone tried to remove a label. I can't afford to do this commercially due to the variety of labels required. If the glue permanently damages the surface, I would consider that a bonus.


I'm looking to build a closet sized cabinet for an air compressor.

Doesn't have to be "studio quality", would just like to make something less than absurd.

Clearly there needs to be some form of air vent to allow for the compressor to get rid of heat while it's working, and ..this is where I'm sort of stuck.

You can't just leave the top open and put a fan there, as it sort of defeats any sound dampening material on the walls of the cabinet.

I ran into this issue when considering a custom built cabinet for my computer as well.

Is there some sort of trick than can be used that let's you maximize the sound dampening without then compromising it by having a completely open side for such a build?


I would like to learn basic carpentry & basic welding maybe. What are some channels that you can point me to that teach these kind of things

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