Its fine of course if it's from working/ sports outside but just lying in the sun to darken your skin is weird to me. Like you are ashamed of your nice white skin and purposefully trying to be dark.

Even worse is women who use tanning lotion, spray tan and tanning beds. Just looks trashy, gross and unattractive. Plus, you can tell that women who over-tanned when younger get also these wrinkles and weird leathery skin on chest. It's gross.

Lightly tanned doesn't look bad and sun exposure is good but seems so many people over do it.

Sometimes you even get these white women who tan so dark and then braid their hair so that they try to appear as a light nigger.

It's funny when most of history for women being pale was desired but then it all changed in the last 100 years.

I blame the jews.

It's like working for a boss who refuses to pay you, and telling the world "I don't believe in money" so the ugliest prostitutes on planet earth don't get mad at you for turning their bad offers down and refusing to be extorted.

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