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adipemanatidaephobia 20 points ago +20 / -0

A modern oven running at maximum capacity can cremate one body in 90 minutes. If it runs every single day 24x7 it takes 16 bodies per day, or 5840 bodies in a year.

Each cremated body leaves behind 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs) of bones and other parts that simply cannot be consumed by the flames, this has to be cleaned out, which means the oven has to be turned off, cool down and then someone can clean it.

Realistically, we can therefore assume 10 bodies per day and per oven, assuming it's stopped and cleaned after 30 bodies, which means 24kg of bones and stuff that needs to be cleaned.

If the oven runs at all time, never stops and burn 10 bodies per day during a 3 year period, that's 1000 days it would take at least 600 ovens. And leave behind 14 400 metric tons of waste in terms of bones and other parts that cannot be burned, which would have to be disposed of in one way or another.

With the density of bones being similar to water, even if they crushed the bones the volume would have been 14 000 cubic meter. One shipping container holds about 28 cubic meter in volume. So the Germans would have needed about 500 shipping containers in volume storage for the bones.

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That's a good text. I'll save it.