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Probably already came with the funding when they sponsored the film.

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media would blast the reviewers doing a blackout on this as antisemitic, if it wasn't for the fact that this movie bombed because it's just a shitshow of radical jewish hate speech. can't have people noticing too much.

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Well they wouldn't want to signal boost this since it portrays (((them))) in an incredibly dark, hate-filled light during a Christian holiday season.

Oy vey! The goyim are kvetching about that schlemiel Rogen thing. Always with the Jesus and the Christmas with these schmaltz goys. No mosser! Nisht getoygen, zol zein shah!

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The thing is, with just the title, the show practically writes itself.

Santa Inc.

Cool, so basically make a show about the commercialization of Christmas and how nobody even knows what the spirit of Christmas is anymore. I guess kind of like Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, only you know, not the absolute most retarded thing ever made. The concept of Santa being a Bezos-esque trillionaire heading the Santa Toy Company or whatever, that he doesn't deliver presents because it's all distributed by Amazon, etc.

But unfortunately that wouldn't be a Jewy subversive message so it could never happen.

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Not only do white women exhibit remarkable preferences for white men and against black men, Asian and Latina women also exhibit preferences for white men and against black men


You should probably consume less pornography; it’s warping your perspective of human sexuality. Try dating women in the real world. Despite what MGTOW claims many of them are quite pleasant.

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White people race mixing with Asians is fucking disgusting and disgraceful by the way.

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Inside of the confines of marriage, yes. But every Aryan should breed an Asian before starting his white family.

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Because they know we're the actual master race, objectively, in every way. We have fewer hereditary diseases and defects, we have far more beautiful and attractive diversity of color instead of being another disgusting black-haired shit-skinned brown-eyed clone, we invented democracy and all of our nations were extremely peaceful when they were occupied only by our kind, our people and culture progressed the farthest and the fastest compared to everyone else, etc.

It's "racist" when I think all black, Indians, and Asians look alike, except, they fucking do. You all have the exact same fucking hair, skin, eyes, etc. You really think I can tell one orc from another from behind?

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Well I'm not sure I'd call the British Broadcasting Channel satisfying. I don't think they even air episodes of Monty Pythons anymore.

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They fired Jeremy Clarkson for fuck's sake.

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And they protected Jimmy Saville for decades.

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Jeremy Clarkson is a pubic haired bloated bitch.

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And yet the most popular man on British television.

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I mean, he punched a dude. That's generally a fireable offence.

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He had it coming

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They saw those YouTube comments and knew the goyim would rail on whatever review they wrote. That's hilarious

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The elves are scared, the toyim know!!!

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Oh, there is one review. One that is alleging that Santa, Inc. is antisemitic and not sufficiently anti-Christian:

"Mira Fox of The Forward gave a negative review, criticizing the massive amount of raunchy humor and Holocaust jokes, poor plot, lazy stereotypes of Jews, and ultimately poor message of the show, saying "You might think that this Christmas series made by two famous Jews would have some greater message about antisemitism or Christianity’s hegemony in the U.S. But instead Silverman, too, has reduced Jewishness to a handful of hackneyed stereotypes in “Santa, Inc.”

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Most of them are super into that, actually.

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What a truly tiresome people.

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Disgusting New Yotk sloth kike. Martin Luther wanted to force them all into labor jobs and I agree. For a jew to do hard work is worse than death.

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Oh it's a series? I thought it was a movie. Hopefully this outright failure of a propaganda shitpile ends his career. Silverman's too, obnoxious kike bitch

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Rogan has produced a steady stream of financial failures in recent years

He has his job due to nepotism, not because he's a profitable talent.

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Fair enough. Seems that's the entirety of the "entertainment" industry

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4% is still too high.

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I thought we had to dunk on Seth's show when it was unveiled.

Turns out Seth dunked on himself.

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Needless to say, this is as low as humanity can go. (imdb review)

Jews be like: Hold my shekel

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If this doesn't show the average MAGA dipshit (who are probably non Euro with a ton of juden, like all russians and poles etc in America, nothing will.

You cannot criticize them in any way, or face financial ostracization.

Ask a Russian or Ukrainian in their home countries why they don't come to America. All of the representatives from their home countries are juden in America. Its common knowledge to everyone but dipshit Muricans.