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Why did I spend 4 years learning how to code, so that I could build a Search Engine?

You might say that I kind of just fell into it, having a job that provides me with a lot of Free Time, and Solitude. I have to choose Purpose and Productivity. I sacrificed wealth, success, and power so that I could learn to code.

When I started to learn to code, I was not quite yet Racially Awakened, so I went into it with boredom and a profit motive.. However, when I am not coding, I am usually studying or reading to learn more about the problems of the World, and the Natural Law that drives us to greatness, or despair.

One of my Heroes of our Race is William Luther Pierce, He was a Physician, and a Rocket Scientist, He may have been the next Von-Broan, or the next Jordan Peterson, If he would have played it cool, and if He would have concealed his Power Level, He could have had an incredibly successful life, but He gave it all up, and He made the Preservation, and Supremacy of His Race, his Singular Purpose.

You could even argue that Henry Ford did something similar, for a time the Ford Motor Company was one of the Primary National Socialist HQ in the USA. These Great White Men risk all of that Mammon to speak the Truth, and to Preserve their Race. There are countless other examples of Men, and Women who have placed their own lives, on the line to Stand for Justice, and Racial Kin.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would be another example, or how could we forget William Dudley Pelley? We owe these Men, and their Progress is Ours, and Ours theirs.

And so this is why we struggle, this is why we give all for our People. Racial Pride and Preservation should always come ahead of National Pride, or Preservation. As National Socialists, we view the State and the Race as synonymous, and we view the State as a means to Preserve the Race and Grow it. When the State becomes a burden or when it desists in its Duty of Racial Preservation, it must be Abandoned. The Race should not only Protect the Race, it should Protect all persons, and animals living within its borders.

As it is Today, it is not so easy for an individual to walk away from the Economic System of Interest Debt Slavery, they are shackled by Wage Slavery as well. The Marxists are wrong in their Class Struggle, and the doctrine of Economic Equality, or Equity.

There should be only one class of citizens, namely the Worker|Owner. Our Leaders are humble servants of the people, they should have open-door policies, and they should not be revered or adorned with any special treatment.

In order to Break Away from the Tyranny of Usury, we must build a new Prison inside of our Prison. We need to use the Laws still in place to battle the system, within the rules of the system. Until that time when we can legitimately defend against the State, or until it is rendered Null.

We do this with Economic Solutions, as it is today there are no Political, or Violent Solutions. There are no Individualistic Solutions either.

We are Socialists, we are National and Racial Socialists. We are not concerned with linking the world under a single system of Leadership, and conformity. Nay, we are concerned with our Nation, and all other White Nations. it starts in your own nation first though, until the Nation is close to Autarky, it should not involve itself in the Preservation of any other State.

So, as it concerns Economic Solutions, we must Discuss Search. Look at what Google has done, with an outdated, censored, and antiquated search engine. What can we do with Superior Search, Censorship Free, and Modern?

Google promotes Degenerate Progressive Ideals, but we will promote Eugenic, Neo Luddite ideals. We will direct business to Conservative, Patriotic, Constitutional, organizations. Refuse to Demand the Vax from your Employees? One month of Free Top ranking search boost. Constantly striving for the right causes, 75% Discount on PPC Ads.

For the Genuinely Special organizations, we will include them in our Organic Search results. And so, what we do is provide Economic Exposure to those organizations that fall into our Formula for Search. But we will focus on real-world data, more so than Page Rank, and Backlinks.

Small & Conservative Organizations with less than 100 Employees will receive a large boost in Search Best Match.

Our Products will be designed in a way so as to profitable to our Federation of Cooperatives, but we will simultaneously boost the Revenue of Culturally aligned organizations.

Think Cancel Culture applied to Degenerate Businesses, Politicians, and Non-Profits. Think Signal Boosting for Truth Speakers, Patriots, Military, Police, and KKK.

Fellow Federated Cooperative will have deep integration into the search like Google Integrates with all of its other web properties, we will do the same for all cooperatives, who utilize Labor Based Currency, and pay their 25% Membership Dues.

What I mean to say is Search is the Solution.

We will establish a Temporary Dictatorship based on the Principles of Führerprinzip, and we will have proven experts and true believers in each field as Fuhrer. We will also take Inspiration from Linus Torvalds, and his creation of Git, and Linux. We will establish an ERP Operating System, and all branches of Government are to also be a File, a Program, and a Link. The way that we will organize our Pseudo Planned Economy, is the OS. We will call it Temple OS 2. It will manage the hashing of our Laborrency, it will Handle Job Postings, Job Management, and Job Grading..

Imagine if you will a system Partially UpWork, and Partially Uber. All worker-owners will have a private Worker Score assigned to them, and this score will determine which Jobs are available to them. Proven Success, and Skills, and Qualifications are the determining factors that open new Job Opportunities to the Worker / Owners.

All Jobs in the Laborrency Job Board will payout to all Worker / Owners with the same system of Pay. There are 6 Variables that determine pay.

  1. Time of Labor.
  2. Danger of Labor
  3. Skills and Qualifications necessary for Labor.
  4. Importance of Labor to Federation.
  5. Supply and Demand of Labor Position.
  6. Quality of Labor Output.

There shall be 3 Interchangeable designations for Labor types. There is the Task Creator who manages the Projects matching their Experience, and Expertise, and then there is the Task Performer, and finally the Task Grader.

Only the best Workers may qualify for Job Creation, and only the best Creators shall be eligible for Grading.

The 3 Processes of Labor are to be Random, and mostly anonymous when possible. Graders should be assigned to other Graders, and also Task Creators.

As I have stated before, our Plan of Building a Parallel Economy, and State is a Multi-Stage project.

First, we need a Strong Software, Data, Marketing, and Finances team.. We build 5-7 new Tech Platforms, and we begin to control the Flow of Data, and Commerce.

With the Profit and Influence garnered with these tech platforms, we will begin to acquire Land, Silver, and more Businesses. We also will expand into offline Ventures with the profit from the Tech Enterprise.. We will establish teams of Architects, and Builders, Gardeners, and Masons. We will build new Victory Gardens, for Victory is surely ours.

With Online, and Offline Success then we start to establish small cities, and villages that are Politically controlled by our Federation members, we are to also Form Para Militaries in these regions, and Store up resources for Emergencies, and Crisis.

As our landholdings increase, and our Profitability, then will we gain the power of Lobbying, and Eventually, as our Propaganda does its part, we will begin to draw more followers and supporters.. Maybe everyone does not work in the Federation, but still, they will see the Intelligence behind our Design. And many of them will invest in Laborrency, through the Purchase by other Owners. No Person may purchase Currency directly from the State, as Laborrency may ONLY be created upon the completion of Productive Labor by a Federation Worker / Owner.

All owners of Laborrency may save it, trade it, or trade it in for its share in hard assets held by the Federation. In our System, Labor Creates Money, and Taxation stabilizes its real value. This is what we refer to as Honest Currency. There is to be ZERO Personal Taxation, only the Cooperatives are required to pay a Flat, and Direct membership fee of 25% to the Laborrency Cooperative Bank.

All Worker / Owners shall be eligible for an Interest-Free Home Loan, in a Racially Separated Land Cooperative (These are referred to as Ethno Villages, or they may choose to live in a Non-Seperated Cooperative, these are Eco Villages. Worker Owners may also receive free continuing training and certification so that they may increase their earning potential.

When real Hunger comes to this Nation, the American People will demand that I be made Fuhrer.

“In The Descent of Man he gave some powerful pages to illustrate its proper, wide sense. He pointed out how, in numberless animal societies, the struggle between separate individuals for the means of existence disappears, how the struggle is replaced by co-operation, and how that substitution results in the development of intellectual and moral faculties which secure to the species the best conditions for survival.” ― Pyotr Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: a factor of evolution

thank you and have a nice day. o/

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BasedMan000 3 points ago +3 / -0

Lemme know when your search engine is done.

RightSideFunding [S] 0 points ago +1 / -1

The foundation is already built, and launched. Right now it allows the user to search for Non Profits, or Federal grants, The NExt stage is to start scraping Non Profits to find live Grant Data, and from there once scraping is in order, we will begin to scrape non-Funding-related websites.

We will also likely integrated the data from Common Crawl, a Non Profit that has scraped the entire web, and they offer the data free of charge to anyone, though the common crawl dataset does pose some unique challenges.

This is the First Version of the Search Engine : https://chr21328.com/

My expertise is not in Front End HTML, or CSS, and my primary expertise is Data Engineering and automation. The Site does not look great, but google did give the site a 100% Ranking for speed, and usability, which will help SEO rankings on Google, and other current Search Engines.

I will be establishing a to do list soon, and open the project up to other Open Source developers,

BasedMan000 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thanks, can you keep me updated? I really look forward to it.

RightSideFunding [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Sure, I will continue to post updates. I am getting very motivated now, since it is finally materializing and becoming something more than a dream. I just try and accomplish 4 to 6 tasks a day, and make sure that those are the most important.

When I am able to partner with someone that knows Legal and Economic matters I will be able to bring on Cooperative partners.. Have to do it all by the book.

The interesting thing about a C Corp is that it can generate an unlimited amount of shares, and I think that Shares will be the best way to initially distribute Labor Reimbursement.. Essentially trying to merge the Open Source model, with a cooperative model.


DEPORT_DOOMERS 2 points ago +2 / -0


RightSideFunding [S] 1 point ago +2 / -1

Search is the most important type of business for Counter Economic Revolution.