"dad bod" is just the modern day "milf" psyop: degenerate slang imposed onto population to make them ironically fruedian. i recall during the 2000s and 2010s that the websites would promote the term "milf" and basically call any woman this no mater her age or maternal status. Likewise, those same websites promote other forms of incest today, labeling any couple as siblings no matter their familial status. however the term "milf" rarely expanded outside of the digital ghettos they resided in, and the imposed slang never truly caught on. the same cannot be said for this newer slang "dad bod". that term has pierced the generation z slang lexicon. why did "dad bod" catch on but "milf" did not? they are basically the same term, older person they find attractive. It is important to note that the group who created these terms within the pornography industry are (mostly) open pedophiles and/or sodomites. These terms were/are meant to impose sabbatian frankists culture onto the youth. Nonetheless, I'd like to explore why one slang term was rejected by society yet the other became adopted into language of young westerners. One explanation would be that women are more susceptible to influence than men are. Another would be that women have more hormones influencing their susceptibility to degenerate behavior while men have less due to pharmekia and modern diets containing high amounts of estrogenins. These may be factors but I believe the reason to be simpler. It is the language. "milf" means mother however "dad bod" does not implicitly mean father, it means "body like a dad". So the term can be used without implying incest. The incest is not the focus, the "bod" is. When asked, a modern westerner would describe this body shape as a standard healthy physique that contrasts the unrealistic models of the media. To be specific, this means a man who is not skinny or gaunt but also not fat or overweight but also not prominently muscular. When shown examples of what the "dad bod" looks like, something is made very clear to us: the ideal shape that modern women are attracted to is how EVERYONE LOOKED BEFORE PROCESSED FOODS. Image-search any beach in america followed by "1970s" and you will see that every man in those photographs possessed a "dad bod". This slang goes even beyond the physical appearance, which we all know is only a factor in what determines attractiveness to women. Modern women are longing for the time when their men were healthy and had normal levels of testosterone. Their only memory of a strong man who they'd trust was of their ancestors. Hence the term "dad bod".



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Layer 144: you are here right now

Quest: defeat the jews, take the goyim for yourself, save the world

Layer 143: you were here before you were born, you will go back here when you die (on layer 144)

Quest: develop empathy through trips to layer 144 worlds, build a stateless, classless, moneyless utopia

Layer 142: you were here before you were born, you will go back here when you die (on layer 143)

Quest: ???

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