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I started smoking when I was 14, I smoked multiple times per day for 10 years. I have taken maybe 5 breaks, ranging from 3 months to 1 year. The first 3-4 years, it seemed harmless. Sure, my memory wasn't as sharp but it was still fun.

After I turned 18, I started realizing I was over-staying my visit. It was no longer a social activity, I started preferring to smoke alone. I started feeling more distant and melancholy, where weed would only give me temporary relief from these feelings. I also started to realize that it was preventing me from reaching my potential, which bothered me. I was still able to graduate college, and more or less live a normal life. Deep down I always knew that I wanted to leave a mark on this world, and it bothered me that I wasn't on the trajectory to do that.

Fast forward to 110 days ago, I took on NoFap. NoFap gave me more motivation, increased my libido, and even made my vision more clear. It made my emotions much stronger and as time went on, smoking became very anxiety inducing. I would smoke half as much as before and feel way higher, but I would feel a deep sense of dread. I knew it was time to stop.

74 days ago, I stopped smoking weed. I didn't have many physical withdrawal symptoms, the first few weeks were smooth. I felt great about myself, on top of the world. However, Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) started to set in around the 1 month mark. The symptoms include (for me): anhedonia (lack of joy), brain fog, lack of concentration, lack of will-power, and generally feeling melancholy. These symptoms come in waves, and the waves get less intense as time goes on. I am still experiencing these waves today, and I expect that I will experience them for 1-2 years due to my usage at an early age.

This year is going to be a year of recovery for me, and I am okay with that. I am paying back the "loans" I was taking out for so long. It will take a while for my brain chemicals to rebalance, in the meantime I will do everything I can to speed up that process. This means working out, meditating, socializing, creative work, career work, hobbies, journaling, keeping a clean diet, getting good sleep, keeping a to-do list, etc.

Never touch this drug Kings, it seems so harmless at first but the negative effects really sneak up on you.

In 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after launch, killing all the crew members, including a teacher, who was being watched in every school in the US, for obvious reasons.

In 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded upon its return to Earth's atmosphere, killing all crew members as well.

In both cases, computers, CPUs, mainframes and supercomputers and their simulation and testing software were much more powerful and mature than in 1969, when man supposedly went (and came back...) to the Moon in an aluminum cage...

This means that even today it will be very difficult to send a crew to the Moon.

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I read a Q&A in another thread, and it made me think about the topic.. Here is the Q&A

Original comments

u/Insurgent, it sounded like your process with them didn't go so well?


Idk, I told them I wasnt interested. They dont have a legitimate roadmap, plans, whatever you want to call it to actually achieve what they talk about. Pretty disappointing. The way the guy I talked to described it was like they were already accepting defeat, and were just a way to cope with it. Toothless.

-- Insurgent

My response

PatriotFront looks great!

I don't think that they are a total Psy-Op, but that is not the concern. Sooner or later many of you will get this point, and I will continue to make it until you do.

There will be no (Useful) Mass Awakening. That is not to say that Millions will not Learn the Truth, it is to say that Nothing will come of it.

We have to view the matter logically, and strategically, not from the stance of what we Hope, or Believe will happen.

I am making the assertion that Movements intended to "Wake People up" are useless, and even harmful to where we need to be. A time will come when these Movements are beneficial but now is not that time. Before I continue, I am not discouraging people from trying to wake people up, rather I am advising caution in those who would dedicate all of their Time, Energy, and Resources to such a venture. I would also be cautious about linking yourself with these movements unless the primary purpose is in networking.

First, the question of plans. What is our plan?

To secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Whatever it takes to achieve this end should be done, and we should start NOW.

PatriotFront may share this ultimate goal, but what is their short-term strategy?

From their activities, it would seem to me that their plan is to bring about a Mass-Awakening, of White People.. To gain Followers also, and it goes without saying that Thomas Rousseau's plan is to be the next Fuhrer.

What are they going to do with the Followers? Well, who knows what their plans are Internally. It probably involves Bloody Revolution or a Populist revolt. Or, maybe they have not even thought that far in advance.. Maybe they think that Awakening will just take care of everything.. I have heard from many others that everything will be different when "enough" people are awake. I have heard that something magical will happen in the world when enough people are "j-pilled".

If you try and get some clarity from these Mass-Movement leaders, generally things get very mirky. How many people need to be awakened? What will be done to compel the Awakened ones to action? What next, what next, what next?

Just Shut Up and put the sticker on the Lamp Pole!

I used to be like them, I used to think,., "We just need to wake enough people".. "We just", "We just".

Then I examined the movements that came before us.. Specifically in America,. I would say that the Largest Pro-White movements in modern US history were :

  1. William Luther Pierce (National Alliance)

  2. George Lincoln Rockwell (American Nazi Party)

  3. William Dudley Pelley (Silver Legion)

All 3 of these Men were absolutely brilliant, charismatic, and very determined to awaken the Lemmings.. Where are their movements today?

The Silver Legion had millions of active members at one time, back when the Nation was less densely populated. National Alliance may not have had millions of members, but surely Pierce reached Millions, many of whom agreed with His message. Rockwell made big waves as well, likely reaching millions.. Where are their movements today? The deeds of these Men live on in their Words alone. They also left us an Important Lesson.

Movements of Lemming Awakening will not work.

If you ask, why? I will tell you.

  1. It costs lots of Money to reach lots of people,.
  2. Extreme propaganda is targeted at a very small minority of the Nation, and most people cannot go from a Normie to a Nazi after reading a single flyer or watching a debate.
  3. Many simultaneous Movements ( All driven by Power Hungry leaders) splinter the potential followers, and they reduce the max reach and organization.
  4. Any hierarchical movement that shows potential will be Smashed like a Bug. The Leader will be killed, or imprisoned, the members will be threatened or persecuted, the publishing processes will be shut down.
  5. The movement will be subverted, and the subverters will work from within to drive chaos, and division. (Often leading to new Splinter movements)

These are a few of the issues with establishing a Movement based on Awakening.

The next issues are a consideration of the issues facing a Movement that has succeeded in Waking lots of people.

William Pierce spoke of this often, and Robert Jay Mathew witnessed this First Hand.

Pierce spoke about all of the Men that He had reached, and how deeply influenced they were.. But yet, very rarely could He get them to do anything about their newfound knowledge.. They would just keep saying "I will wait until it gets worse, then I will do something".. , most of them were Cowards, and almost all of them were too Lazy to act.

Robert Jay Mathews was one of the few members of the National Alliance to actually act.. He thought that He himself would be the spark that initiated the Turner Diaries.

He formed the Order with a few other National Alliance members or close allies. They traveled from City to City and engaged in recruitment. They would make contact with all of the Racially Awakened people in the area, invite them over, when the potential members arrived, Mathews and the Order would demonstrate a large cache of Automatic Weapons, Grenades, and Stacks, and Stacks of Cash.. Mathews would tell them, "We are starting the Revolution!... are you in"

Most of the Men would act very enthusiastic and say something like "Yes, I am in., Let me first go home, tell my Family, and make some preparations".. they would never be heard from again, and they would not permit any additional contact with the Order.

In the End, Mathews fought a small Army himself, and perished for His people alone, in a fire set by the ZOGBOTS.

Sure... some will say, "Today things are worse, it would be different", but they fail to recognize that the Men today are also worse, and very few have any Honor left in them or desire for Greatness.

However, what would have happened if Mathews was successful in putting together a Force of 10K Men? In order to acquire the funds for the Battle, they had to rob banks and engage in other forms of Crime against the system.. They gathered a Few Million, but if their numbers were much greater, they would have needed Hundreds of Millions... And today, a Fighting force would need Billions, or support from a few other Nations. I mean, Germany was one of the Strongest NATIONS, and they ran out of funds.

I will leave it here, for now, this is Part 1 of a Series of Essays on the Failure of Lemming Awakenings.

Thank You

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(((They))) have every angle covered and want us to believe the narrative is collapsing, so they can usher in something even more sinister.

Don't be a fucking boomer Qtard... EVERYTHING is planned. EVERYTHING. They are in FULL control.

I say no, because I'm not a boomer faggot. But what say you?

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For realzies!

The protagonist was a Chinese immigrant in a dystopian future U.S. I don't know if it went anywhere, but it had a number of pages and was somewhat popular. Have to imagine that someone here grabbed it.

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