This man speaks properly and logically despite having a different philosophy or interpretation of the world; I think he does have some wishful thinking and a lot of what he thinks are hypotheses that need to be tested first, but ultimately I enjoy reading his views and even end up agreeing with a lot of his points.

When I see him get debated I usually see him be the bigger man and actually speak properly while the other guy acts triggered the whole time. For fucks sake, we're better than this.

Form a proper thesis, followed by the contentions that back that up, provide evidence for the contentions with conjecture thrown in there, and wrap it up with a conclusion. That is how you formally prove a point. In a book those contentions are called chapters, in a short form discussion those contentions are 1-3 paragraphs. Just repeating yourself over and over again without doing any of this is the shit that niggers do - be better than a screeching sheboon at McDonald.

Who is the Prime Minister?

Rishi Sunak

Who is the Mayor of London?

Sadiq Khan

Who is the First Minister of Scotland?

Humza Yousaf

Sodomy is Sodomy (
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I want to see their manifesto.


Jews and niggers not allowed to respond, we already know what your answer is

The 20th century (
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