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When this sub was formed, one of the defining talking points was self improvement. After the past few years, improov (if you listen closely you can hear "MUH IMPROVMENT THO" echoing off the wall's of insurgent's gimp dungeon) has become something of a meme instead of a defining tenet of the ideology. Constant self improvement, however, must be a cause sought by anybody who is serious about changing the current state of affairs. First, I'll address a big misconception and follow with why.

It seems like people believe that hitting the gym and eating right will immediately garner success. To be totally frank - it may never accomplish anything to that matter. The desire to become successful, which itself is relative and objective, depends on the direction within your own heart. Simply put, the feeling of success is an internal phenomenon, defined by your own asperations and achievements. Clean living and exercise is a means to help you achieve success more easily, and is not success itself.

Now onto the 'why.'

  1. It is not individualistic, but required for our movement. We need fit, clean living men who by first impression command respect. Out of shape, greasy slobs can not argue or convince the commons as effectively as a fit man with clear skin. (Ingesting seed oil by the gallon causes blemishing and a red face) Becoming fit and living clean will make you admirable. People will want to know where you stand on things, and they will listen to you.

  2. If you are eating clean and in shape, people are more likely to take example from you. In this world of fat slobs with inflamed skin, an even vaguely fit man is a beacon. Other men will see you and admire you. From the subconscious level, they will be more likely to take your advice and adopt your positions. You will be physically intimidating, more attractive and your body alone, if nothing else, will provide an excuse for people to actually consider your views.

  3. The personal attacks by the slobs will not be able to stick. When gossip is told about you, what can be said? They can only tell lies, because otherwise they are promoting the truth by connecting it with you, thereby doing your work for you. They can say you're stupid, although one conversation will prove otherwise. They can say you're on steroids, call you bigoted, call you this or that, but at the end of the day, you look like you do, and they like they do. You are the subject of envy, where as they are envious.

The chad meme, I believe was inspired by a video of a roughly 25 year old Dutch man around 2016. He was fit, cool headed and articulate, being interviewed by some reporter. The reporter asked "Are you racist?!" The man, without hesitation, responded with a smile and said "Yes." Who can touch him? He is unapologetically opinionated, and looks better than most in a society where looks mean everything.

  1. We are in a generational struggle. Unfortunately, the great revolution probably will not happen while we are still young, or alive. Your primary goal is to raise children with your positions and to convince everyone you can that your way is correct. Simply put, "we have to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." You secure that existence by procreating, and you ensure the future by assisting in the creation of that future. To resign yourself in woe is to betray your race, your people, and your bloodline. To allow jewish poison to taint your body, mind and soul is to defile the temple of God which is in you.

  2. Clean living and exercise keeps your mind sharp, motivates you and eventually stabilizes your mood. If you are prone to bouts depression and laziness, the fault lies in your lifestyle. You are not promoting self growth. You have to have structure and fulfillment or else the mind becomes dark. An exercise routine has many benefits, which I won't get into here because it would be redundant. You know what the benefits are.

So with this, I implore you, if you are seeking to make a difference in the world and change things for the better, take the first step. Go for a walk and contemplate things. Read Xenophon's Anabasis for example on what it is to be a man, read St. Augustine's Confessions to understand what it is to better the soul. Understand that the future truly does start with the individual, and although things may seem hopeless now, that may not always be the case. It may so happen that one day you will be called upon to lead, or to be led. If fate is not so kind to us in our lives, then you must spend it struggling to ensure that the next generation be capable and ready for what will come.

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Time to move. Im broke but I have to do it for my family. Will be moving within a year. This sucks

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