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You know most things in google news it's because that's their agenda. So things you'll see it's just letting us know what's going on. I guess the cops it's like these other workplaces where you hear shortage of employees. What do the cops really do though around here. They only show up when there's trouble somewhere. I very rarely see them in the parts of where I live and go to work. When I used to drive around for work, they used to be downtown a lot and the north end where more natives live. They're always patrolling around there. Over here, they don't drive around like I'll never see cops. They got the helicopter though going all over, more on weekends.

So what happens if the cops were to quit. There's not really all that much trouble. They only show up when there's crime. If it's minor nobody cares.

It's kind of like firemen these days where it's not that much wood, metal and concrete, less fires.

I don't know though.. you gotta wonder if this thing in the google news about the cops.. it's because of some later objective. The illuminati runs the cops.. so it's part of their plan. For whatever reason.

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Just like the post office, they want their essential services intact.

I mean, if "good" cops quit, I don't think they'd care, they'd still have the higher-ups that are under control AND they'd be able to hire more "bad" cops.

Or bring in the "National Guard" (I say that because there's certainly some specious elements to it), or even bigger if they'd plan to go with big false flags or something.

Once police stopped foot patrolling and engaging with the community, their usefulness dwindled immensely. As soon as that happened, neighborhoods just started to crumble, at least in my city. There was almost no need to respect the law because the law was never around

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The police and military are being weakened. A bunch of F 22 pilots just walked off. China must be thrilled.

funturistic [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

This shit is set up by the Illuminati for whatever outcome, eh. Like what's the one for this shit? It's what they do after. Cause a problem, come in with what occurs after. You take out the cops.. I figure military, right.

This holy fuck shit though in Italy where you gotta get the vaccine or test to work even a shit shoveling job. I ain't doing no swab either eh. So gonna move to the bush if we get that shit here in Canada. Sounds like it'll be sooner than later. Whatever though.

I wanna hang loose a few years to see if there's trouble with those who get vaccinated. We'll see, eh.

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The police reputation is shit. They will need someone to enforce their agenda. If not the police, they could have someone else in mind.

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